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    RCouture, you are right that San Sebastian is great for the food!  The pintxos and the pastries really were a delight, and there were some cracking little bars in the old town.  Regarding the marathon there were some really good points - the organisation is good, medal and shirt were nice, free transport, a good price, it’s a quick course (it is my second fastest time still), quite a big event but still plenty of space to run, San Sebastian is great to visit, and I had a really nice time there.  The course is two laps, which may not be for everyone, and there was one 3-ish mile section of each lap which didn't have much support, with not much to look at. I distinctly remember on that section I was very happy to get in a group and work together to get it done each time.  We were over there for about a week or so, and went to Bilbao for a few days afterwards (as it happens, Bilbao has a night marathon if you are interested, but I've not done it though).
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    Big G - Sounds great. I’ve always wanted to visit as heard it’s great for eating. I’ve not got much experience but the marathon abroad+food combo is quite magical. Not sure I mind the two laps either based on how I found my first race at that racetrack. That’s priority now for next year unless a successful major ballot entry knocks it off. Presumably it’s not too tricky to get into either. 
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    RCouture, I just paid my money and entered - no ballot or anything.
    We had a runner on here a few years ago who did Bilbao.   He collapsed and didn't finish so had to go back another time and complete it, which he did.   I remember we used to refer to 'collapse roundabout' where he DNF'd.

    Rcouture - there's so many marathons out there to do  :o  Fortunately very few are balloted, although there are a few that fill up quickly.

    One thing I've missed about not having many marathons to do in the last couple of years are race t-shirts.   Most of them are too big and I can't wear them but I've missed not having any new ones to add to my stock.    Cork marathon have emailed and if we don't want a shirt and we want to save the planet we can amend our entry and they will plant a tree instead.   Shirts have in the past been good, fitted well, one was even an Under Armour one which I wore a lot.   Anyway I want a shirt not a tree  :)

    8 miles this morning, very cold and frosty but the roads are dry.   Too cold for my poor legs and not a comfortable run.

    Stretch class and gym later.
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    I did 7. It wasn't frosty when I set out, just cold, but I stuck to well lit main roads with good lighting. It was only when I got to Streatham and turned off onto a side road that I found frost...not sure if it was the surface or if the frost had formed during that time (this isn't the first time this has happened). The side road, despite being a bus route, was also poorly lit and I had to slow a lot.
    I was going for 8 miles this morning too but my colon suddenly decided to surprise me with an encore so the last mile was taken with a sense of considerable urgency.  :#
    Cal - most of our pavements are very poorly lit, since they changed to lower energy bulbs a lot of areas especially the pavements are really gloomy and impossible to see if there are any potholes or frost/ice.   The new bulbs light the road better than the pavement so if I'm out early enough I can run mostly on the road and just hop on the pavement if traffic comes along.
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    RCouture, it doesn't really bother me and it was fairly efficient to get the number, but the expo was very small.  It wasn't really an expo, just a handful of of stalls really.  One good thing was that before the start, we had an indoor stadium so we were inside before the start, which was nice.

    5 miles this morning.  It was cold when I was out at around 7am, but it is warming up now.
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Yeah I guess that's the problem, Shades...hadn't thought about it like that. I run in the road if I can but this being London, it's only an option on the quieter residential roads. 
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    3 miles for me at lunch and had a totally pain/feeling free run for the first time. I had a meeting cancelled this morning and fell down a an internet rabbit hole of exploring anterior pelvic tilt. I looked at some of my race pics and not only do my hips drop low but my backside pops out and my back archs. My knees also knock into each other often. Helps explain or is a function of my lazy glute. I focused just a bit on keeping the pelvic area in and stable and seemed to make a difference. Won’t claim victory yet by any means and it could just be that the area has calmed down with time but it certainly feels great. Presumably these kinds of adjustments need time to bed in but it’s something I will run past the physio as seems to explain a lot of issues and we are meant to do a belated gait analysis next time anyway. Rest tomorrow. 
    Rcouture - that is progress having a totally twinge free run.   :)

    You've had a very self critical day on your posture.

    I too have a very pronounced anterior pelvic tilt.   My instructor at the gym who started me on my fat % reduction journey mentioned it when he checked my posture and we were going to deal with it when I'd got to my target fat %.   The instructor has left the gym so I don't know what he had planned.  However, my pelvic tilt hasn't caused me any running injuries, I think I've had it since I used to do a lot of horse riding in my teens.  But I did have a weak lower back but that is now much stronger mainly due to Pilates.

    But I don't have knock knees.   ;)

    Will be interesting to see what your physio says when you have a gait analysis.  Wouldn't knock knees lead to over pronation?   I don't know.
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    Shades - Yes I thought the knocking knees were a function of my overpronation but having shifted to neutral shoes, I don’t actually seem to overpronate much anymore. I think it’s more due to wobbly hips. I’ve always had crap posture to be fair so this anterior tilt doesn’t surprise me. My lower back is pretty weak and I often have tight psoas and TFL post running which are also symptoms. Ultimately there are so many variables and possibilities but I’d like to explore this one as it makes a lot of sense in explaining both the ITB and bursa issues and certainly made this run feel a lot better. 

    Oh and my cadence was much higher than normal at my glacial MAF pace without me trying which is presumably a good sign? 

    Did you ever have ITB issues in the early days of your running? 
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    I have one and used to ride too...not sure how that would affect it...any idea Shades? I do have knock knees though. I remember in Bikram yoga we were supposed to stand with our feet together, but I can't because they are wider apart than my knees. Not much I can do about it as that's just my skeleton. I'm surprised I haven't had more knee issues but most of my running problems have been around the pelvis (groin or high hamstring, and TFL) or the achilles.

    My shingles has popped back up which might explain why I didn't feel so hot on Tuesday. Probably a stress reaction to the boob scare, or maybe the long runs. Or both. Fortunately I don't get it badly enough to warrant going on antivirals - it's just a small patch at the top of my bum crack. Annoying but doesn't affect me really unless I want to do lying down exercises.
    Rcouture - good news on the higher cadence too, seems like you're relaxing back into your usual running style.

    I had  an ITB injury training for my first marathon, I still do a little stretch daily for it but it's never caused me any problems since.

    So maybe the knocking knees does not lead to over pronation.

    I think for most of us we adapt to our minor imperfections, running can lead to injuries because of our varying weaknesses but that doesn't mean we can't adapt, hence we all have our own running style.

    Cal - riding encourages you to sit deep into the saddle and use your seat and I'm sure that encourages pelvic tilt.  Such as in this photo.

    It seems that your shingles is causing you less problems as time goes on.

  • Sorry been off for a bit, busy times! 

    Cal hope your shingles behaves! Glad your hospital trip went well! 

    Shades found a lot of races have been reducing shirts, nice bit of greenwashing saying they’ll make donations or buy trees not trees (similar to London) I’d prefer the choice of a shirt or cheaper entry.

    Big G was browsing Twitter the other day as my friend also has her 100th marathon and say name next to hers (she’s doing Thames Path 100!).

    rcouture glad you had a pain free run

    been a challenging couple of weeks, elle has had a viral infection so been ill, once again I’ve managed to swerve it, although my running took a dive and diet fell off a cliff! Busy time studying and probably got a busy couple of months, thankfully work isn’t busy so can focus on that.  

    As for work, that’s a mess and still up in the air, two of my team have resigned so pleased for them to get out as even if they were to be made redundant they’d only been there for a couple of years. 

    I have picked up the running this week running 6,6,4 and 8.5 miles tonight.  Have a half in 2 weeks so trying to get some training in before that  

    Robert - I guess you're going to just sit it out at work and wait and see what happens.   At least not being busy gives you time to do your study and training.   Are you back in the office full time now?

    Hope Elle has recovered now, you are doing well not catching it.

    I like the choice of a shirt or not too.   Many races I just don't want the shirt, some races still only do mens shirts which is an insult as women are no longer the minority when it comes to racing, I know the shirt won't fit.  Cornish marathon have over the past few years done a hoodie and mine has gone straight into the recycling, they are truly awful, don't fit and I don't wear hoodies anyway.   Last time they finally offered to do a charity donation instead of the hoodie and that was a much better option.   

    Should have been an 8 mile run this morning but I had to admit defeat and turn back due to ice, just over 5 miles in the end.    It's very cold, my weather apps vary from 'feels like' -3 to -7.   I did dress up warmly, 2 pairs of tights and I was warm enough but my legs just don't function right in sub zero temperatures, funny enough if I have to walk they are fine so if this weather continues I may have to resort to run/walk to keep my mileage up.   Most of the roads are dry but where the council have gritted the roads, that has attracted the moisture and where it's gone on the pavements has frozen.   I don't understand why they grit the road when it's dry and no rain is forecast.    :#
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    Robert, I don't know your friend at all, but I think she's been at a couple of the Enigma events when I have been there (I have not been up there for nearly 2 years so that would have been 3+ years ago probably).  Good on her for having the TP100 for her 100th though!  Sounds like you've got a lot on, so well done for getting your runs in as well.

    Slept really well last night and raring to go this morning, which feels good!  Going out for a run in a bit.
    Big G - enjoy your run, hope it's ice free with you.

    This is for the DD runners, especially Robert who hasn't run DD before, just to keep you motivated.   ;)

    This is the pub at the 20 mile point, it's a good pub if Elle is out on the course to support you.    (Copied the photo from FB as they're looking for staff).

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    I did 11-miles today, starting at around 10am, so the sun was out, although still cool.  Good conditions for me though, and with little wind I decided on an impromptu MAF test, which is the first one I have done since September.  Surprisingly for me, it ended up being my best MAF test in terms of average pace and fastest time on the flat route I use with an average HR of 141.  I was delayed a bit by pedestrians and traffic too, as it was quite busy down there at 10am, but I was happy with that.  So all together it was a mile down to the seafront, 5-mile MAF test, and then 5-miles home, with a total of 11 for the day.
    Big G - that's a great start to your Manchester training doing your best ever MAF test.

    I can't see anything about a Yeovil marathon this year, have you heard anything?

    Have had my deferred place at Worcester confirmed, so that's another on the schedule.

    I may need to rework my budget though, I've already exceeded my hotels budget with my liking for 4* hotels.  Don't need a hotel for Worcester but I do for Halstead.  
    Probably won't do IOM this year.
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    Shades, I’ve not heard anything about Yeovil. That 26/2 RED event has appeared on their site though, if you’re looking for a local one and if it fits with your plans. 
    I'll leave the RED one until nearer the time, I need warm(er) weather.   I'm still dithering about numbers, think I will probably just do my 400th with no fuss and not be bothered where it actually will be, just grateful that we can race normally again.

    So that will be number 98 at RED February event for you then 😊
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    Shades, I am in two minds.  I have not heard anything from Seville, but I may leave it another few days to see if I do hear anything.  I have been wondering whether to go up to Goodwood and give it a crack for a decent effort early in the year.  Obviously more costly as I will need an overnight stay (hotel booked, but I can cancel it).  It is nice to know that I have the RED event in my back pocket should I need it though.  I think probably out of the 3 it is my least favourite option but of course it is so local and that is a very big positive for it, and it may well end up being my 98th when it comes to it.  In the back of my mind, there is the option to carry on for 6hrs too, to get a PB for that time, but that is a secondary consideration really.
    Big G - you'll want a calm day at Goodwood if you want a fast race.  I think you can enter fairly late so should have some idea of the predicted weather.

    Must be annoying not having an entry date deadline for Seville, could you email the organisers to find out?
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    Shades, I emailed them and also sent them a Facebook Messenger message on Wednesday but they’ve not responded as yet. 
    Big G - hope they reply soon.   

    I've been waiting for a reply from Newport Marathon for 18 days, had an out of office reply and nothing since.   But I haven't chased them yet.

    10 miles this morning, still cold but a 'feels like' temperature of 10 degrees higher than yesterday so my legs were happy, had a good run and no ice.  -7 yesterday +3 today
    I ran down the road with the roadworks again where I nearly got squashed a couple of weeks ago.   Ironically the roadworks are to put some new stretches of pavements in.   But there's a safe area for pedestrians now while the roadworks are being carried out.

    Gym later
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    I did about 45mins on Zwift yesterday afternoon, nice and easy, and then we went to the theatre last night for an amateur production, which was actually really good.  Then 6-miles this morning including parkrun, all at MAF or lower (well, apart from the fairly short offroad bit, here my HR does seem to rise!).  I am not sure why, but this week's runs have generally felt really good, and even the flat two miles at parkrun were 8:21 (136bpm) and 8:15 (140), and just felt great.  Strange how it goes, as last week I was feeling pretty tired!  Long may it continue though, whatever the reason for this week's spritely feeling.

    I have a decision to make as tomorrow's run on P&D is 15 with 8 @ MP.  Seems pretty tough for the first week of the plan!  I will see how I am tomorrow and just decide what to do.
  • RcoutureRcouture ✭✭✭
    Shades - Nice 10 miles. Enjoy the gym. 

    Big G - Much as I like long runs with MP, that does sound pretty hardcore to start with. What’s the last one like?! Seems like you’ve had one of these MAF jumps in fitness. I could very much do with several of those 😬

    4.5 miles this morning on run no2 of the new hip-thrusting me. Knee again fine aside from faint bursa soreness after the run. Was going to do 20-30mins tomorrow but will play it by ear. 
    Big G - that's a good week's training you've done this week.   My HR rises on off road, I guess maybe because of having to concentrate more on terrain etc.   Also when I'm running in traffic, again I think increased awareness.

    Your decision on the MP section of your long run.    :/ That does seem quite a lot of MP for the first week, maybe see how you feel when you're out there tomorrow, might be a bit of a shock after MAF training.  ;)
    Rcouture - ha, ha at the new hip-thrusting me.  :smiley:  How are you getting on with the glute activation now?  It's hard to remember all this when running.

    You know you'll get those MAF jumps in fitness soon, and many of them too.
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    RCouture, I am looking at the 55-70mpw 12-week plan and in week 6 there is 15 miles with 12 at MP!  After that it is things like a 20-miler, starting at MP+20% and speeding up to MP+10%.  Very tough and I am not sure if I will do these yet.  I know it is probably not the same training, but I prefer to race really, and I have 2 or 3 shorter races in mind, so we will see how I get on.  It is handy having it as half an idea of weekly mileage though, even if I do not do the actual sessions.  There are quite a few examples where there is a 10-mile run with, say, 10x-100m strides in it, and I may do those to mix it up a bit, with the rest of those at MAF.
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