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  • Shades - lol no not even had a takeaway recently. There is a bug going round with sickness and diarrhea however i only have the later which i ocasionally get now and then but not for a while and mostly when i was not running with the foot injury when i was er fatter ;)
  • RcoutureRcouture ✭✭✭
    Ian - I may just revert to vaporflys as I don’t know that the performance is so different between the two. 
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    Ian, for what it’s worth, I got some confidence when I did an MP run as part of a long run on the flat on the seafront prior to Seville. I also did a long run to MAF on the same flat route, which was a big confidence booster as it showed me I was in decent shape. But I personally couldn’t do it every week as it’s quite dull, so I did mix things up a bit, although I didn’t do anything really hilly as I knew Seville and Manchester were flat. I did race a fairly hilly half but if anything that knocked the confidence at the time as it wasn’t particularly quick for me. 

    Arrived at a site in Woolacombe, and stopped at a place called Arlington Court on the way for a walk, coffee and cake. They also had a Carriage Museum, which was pretty cool to be fair. OH did the driving so foot kind of okay, so I’ll see how it is tomorrow before deciding for sure about parkrun. 
    Ian - you're trying to improve your strength so some hill work will help that too.   IMHO it's a big mistake to train on the flat only, just because the target race is flat. 

    I would suggest that you vary the long runs, perhaps, one flat, one undulating, one hilly, then on week 4 a race of any distance for some speedwork also to evaluate progress. 

    What you really need to do if you can is get the mileage up.   I remember that time you got your mileage up to 65-70? and you were flying, in the shape of your life.

    Big G - hope you can run today.   

    Wasn't sure how today would go but I had a lovely 6 mile run, no walking.   It feels like a miracle considering I couldn't put weight on the foot 5 days ago.   I can only think that my gym work has helped the speedy recovery and limited the damage of the injury.    I can still feel a very slight twinge on uneven surfaces so will do some proprioception exercises.
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    Shades-Yes I agree with miles,with this plan I have 3 or 4 weeks of about 60 miles in August,if I get tomorrow's done it will give me 36,so a decent base to start with,but I'm not really moving much the next couple of weeks as I haven't done too much recently then move up from June.
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    Shades it’s called Jubilee Jamboree in Huntington by zig zag running just need to be in front of the computer with my bank card. 

    Big G I found the splint worked well for me, can see light at the end of the tunnel with work, if the tupe doesn’t work for me I should graduate next year so that may open doors.

    Rcouture with 20 weeks pre CHI means a bit of down time now won’t do any harm, hope it’s no more than a twinge.

    keith I wondered who would be first to comment on a dodge takeaway 😆 hope you back to normal soon

    parkrun at westmill, it was a ware 10s promotional day with lots of us in club colours running and volunteering, plan was run there, set up, parkrun, run home.  Late night (study) I decided to drive to parkrun and try a bit quicker than normal.  25.55 for my fastest parkrun post fall, trying to do some faster plodding at the moment.

    Unfortunately had an incident about 500m from the finish someone collapsed, myself and two others performed cpr and defib before ambulance turned up but unfortunately despite all efforts unable to save him.  
  • RcoutureRcouture ✭✭✭
    Ian - My main priority this block is also upping mileage as safely as I can. I averaged about 35-40 miles for Copenhagen only, and peaked at 55ish for a couple of weeks, which is actually less than my first marathon. Finding the time to run more is another question though. 

    Ankle seems ok today. Have signed up for the ASICS London 10k in July. On the lookout for more races. 

    Rob - So sorry to hear that. That is tragic. 

  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    Crikey, really sorry to hear that Rob. That’s awful. I hope you are okay….it must be a shock for you and the other volunteers/bystanders as well.
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    Well, I did Woolacombe Dunes parkrun today, and it’s a stunner. We were staying in the van about 2.5 miles away, so we walked down in plenty of time for the event to start.

    The event starts at the end of a road, that is a car park for 600 cars. Absolutely loads of space for parking all along the half a mile road, but a non-parkrunner was making a fuss as she couldn’t park right at the end, as it’s where the event starts. She was saying something about her right to park there, and how it wasn’t on that such a large event was taking place, but the RD politely said ‘well, the event happens every week….’. At that, the driver reversed back about 200m, whilst grumbling, to find a space amongst the 100s of empty spaces she’d just driven past.

    Anyway, as to the event, it starts with a flattish gravel path, before a fairly steep trail down to a sandy section, adjacent to the beach. Runners go left along this path, before taking a steep sand bank down to a sharp right onto the beach. Here we ran for about 1 mile along the beach, and as the tide was out, it meant we were running on quite compact sand, so it was pretty easy running. I can imagine if the tide is in and runners are forced on to the dry sand, it would be a lot tougher! Absolutely stunning and it was really great seeing the runners making their way up the beach.

    Soon enough we turned right, uphill, on to the infamous ‘Dune of Doom’ or ‘Travelator’ (ie, you take two steps forward, but one back, as the sand slides away). I knew I would be walking it, so it wasn’t too bad as I basically followed the steps of runners that had gone before me. Soon enough we were back onto a runnable path, above the beach, going back towards the start/finish. Before that though, we had to climb the hill that we’d come down near the start, before the approx 400m flattish gravel section back to the start/finish area.

    Coffee and cake at The Porthole near the finish area was very good, overlooking the beach.

    Thoroughly recommended if you can get the chance to come here. It’s a really good one, and that is the current Devon ones done for me now.

    Today was its 111th outing so it’s taken us a while to get here as even though we’re Devon-based, it is still a bit of trek for us, but we’ll be back.

    Foot fairly ok during the run but a bit sore at times during the 5.5 mile walk back. Taking it easy for the rest of the day, sitting outside in the sun. 
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    Rcouture-I think I averaged 25ish,with a peak around 40 for Boston so I know I've got tons of improvement there when I can fit it in.
    Shades-Meant to add I like most of that plan,not too sure on the hilly one as I'd have to travel a bit,maybe a couple could be done but the undulating is no issue as I actually enjoy the park,people as how I enjoy 9 laps of the park but I find them nice,things to look at,no cars,easy to set up a drink place.
    Rob-Crap when that happens,I had an old guy pass in the shop last year despite our efforts, have to just presume it was his time,as harsh as that may seem.
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Oh no Rob, that's awful. Hard to know what to say, other than you did everything you could. Condolences to everyone involved.

    Shades, that's good news on the foot.

    Rcouture, I've heard that about the Alphas...I've not even tried mine yet but I know they don't suit everyone. But see how it goes.

    Big G, quite envious of your trip to Woolacombe!

    Today was my club's takeover at Clapham Common parkrun. I was due to be pacing 29 minutes, which I was a little nervous about as a) I've not paced before and b) my right hammy's been a bugger. Fortunately, my trip to the physio on Thursday seemed to have helped and the hammy was mostly OK, but I was a little stiff from the gym (I thought I'd be OK as it was just light rehab stuff, but I managed to make my glutes quite sore). 
    It was quite warm and also very busy (over 700 runners) so the start was congested and I had to try and play catch up. I'd plugged my numbers into a pace calculator and thought I was comfortably inside the pace I needed, but I came in at 29:08 which is a bit annoying. Still, I guess it was OK for a first attempt. No one seemed to care, anyway.

    Robert - that's a sobering and sad end to your parkrun today, good for you stepping up to do CPR etc.

    Better get that entry in for the 6 hour, I've looked up the date so I'll be putting it on the list next week.   ;)

    Keith expects me to gently nag him about his eating habits.  😉 I couldn't resist a comment.

    Big G - that's a tough course, quite testing for the foot too.

    Rcouture - good you're looking for some races pre Chicago.  Glad the ankle is OK.

    Ian - you did well at Boston on low average mileage.

    Cal - that's good pacing duties today.
  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Shades-When you update the list knock me off for DD please, I can't see anyway I can do it unfortunately, save my return until next year.
    I've found a half to enter in August I Fleetwood,I've done it before,it's a nice course as long as its not too windy.
    Ian - OK, I've done that.   It's a shame but Covid at the wrong time certainly didn't help your preparation either.    I'm last one standing on the list  :/ and it would take a miracle for me to make the cut offs and I'm a doubtful starter as not sure my ankle will be up to the downhills even for the first 20 miles, which I am hoping to run.    I will make a decision after I've run Cork.

    I've run a marathon at Fleetwood, you do need a calm day there, which it was.  Great fish and chips I remember.

    6 miles this morning, I love my Sunday runs over the hilly lanes but resisted and chose an undulating route today (344 ft climb) and ankle was fine.  As the roads were so quiet I could run in the middle of the road and therefore much better road surface so no twinges from my ankle even on the downhills, which were not steep anyway.

    Connemara announced their date yesterday 23rd April 2023, entries are open if anyone is interested.   

    Enter Now – Connemarathon – Half, Full and Ultra Marathon | 24th April 2022 | West of Ireland

    I have a deferred entry and booked my hotel last night, got my favourite hotel too, I'm excited already, such an amazing event.  😀   T-shirts no longer included in entry fee, but I can't complain as I didn't pay for my entry.
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Nice, Shades. I'll have to do it one year, but I've already got Manchester booked for next April (still not sure what's happening with Tokyo...guess I'll have to decide on that one once I know the score).
    Ian, is that up near Blackpool?

    I got myself out for a "long" run despite a less than optimal night's sleep (I just wasn't tired, I don't know why) - I had 10 miles in mind which would equal the longest run I've done since Manchester, though that was actually 5 weeks ago and my mileage since then has been on the low side.
    Didn't take water as I thought I wouldn't need it, but that proved a mistake. I opted to do some of the River Wandle route, which is one of my favourites and I've not done for a long while. Hamstring took a long time to warm up (I'm not sure it ever really did...more that its grumbling was eclipsed by discomfort elsewhere) but it was a lovely morning and I enjoyed the river path as I usually do (saw two herons this time). But when I got to the bit where I intended to turn off and head home, I realised I was going to be well over target - at least 12 miles. It had warmed up a lot by this point and by the time I got to 10 miles, the inside of my mouth felt like an old sock. 
    I hit 12 miles on Tooting Common and stopped there and walked the remaining half mile home. It felt like a long old way.
    I'll not be doing a long run next Sunday as I've the next trail race the Wednesday after, but hopefully I can build up my mileage after that. This week was 32 miles...last two weeks have been 22 and 21 miles respectively, so it's a bit of a jump. Hope to be back to more normal mileage again before too long, though.
  • RcoutureRcouture ✭✭✭
    Cal - Saw the chasers pics, looked a good turnout. 

    Shades - Good news on the ankle. Exciting re Connemara. Seems to really be a favourite of yours. 

    5 and a bit miles this morning for first run post race. Legs and ankle all good. Unfortunately you may recall me saying I’d handed my OH my HRM when I passed her during Copenhagen. She’d thought I’d shouted ‘bin it’, so it’s in a rubbish tip somewhere in Denmark 🙄. 
    Cal - yes, you will have to do it one year.  :)   This one has also crept onto my wish list, along with a few more.

    WAU50 – Wild Atlantic Ultra

    Have you got a deferred entry/option for Tokyo?

    Was warming up quickly here too when I was out.
    Rcouture - xpost.  Great news you had a pain free run.

    Not such good news on the HRM 🤣
  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Cal-Well done on doing 12.Funnily I was talking to a guy today who is waiting on Tokyo also,he is pretty certain he is in for 2023,what do you think your options will be?
    Rcouture-I can imagine my OH doing the same with the HRM.
    Glad I'm not doing Boston today,31° there,but drops to 19° tomorrow,that's the inconsistencies in the spring that way,I got really lucky with it.
    A small part of me is tempted to go back next year as I know quite a few people going now,but I probably won't.
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Rcouture...oh crap! :lol: 

    Shades/Ian...yes I do have a deferral for 2023...the issue is more whether I can afford to go. It's a lot of money (flights, hotels not to mention I'll want to spend a bit of time there).
    Ian - re Boston, that's the dilemma I have when I really like a race I just want to go back and do it again and again....

    Cal - well I hope you hear soon what your options are re Tokyo.   Speculation now is soon air fares will almost double in price, never mind other increasing costs, hotels etc.

    Warm here today, I think if I'd been running Worcester today it would have been first warm race of the year for me.   That will probably have to wait until Cork now.  

    Lovely and cool in the gym though.  Did some leg stuff and ankle OK.  
  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Cal-I see what you mean,I was looking at Tokyo flights and the prices are pretty high already.I know i won't get a place for 2023 but giving me an idea of cost for 2024.
    Todays run brought up 36 for the week so just where I'd planned,didn't realise race for life was on in the park so had to run on the gravel around it but all good.
  • Robert OHaraRobert OHara ✭✭✭
    Ian - remember you mentioning the old boy in the shop, never nice but these things happen.  Shame you can't make DD but good you have another event.  Been asked to team lead marshals at St Albans half on that day so will put it to good use.

    Big G looks like a testing parkrun with the dunes, nice way to spend the morning! Hope the foot is okay after the walk.

    Cal having booked a holiday for next year, I know prices are up for that too, spose travel companies are just recouping their losses.  Well done on the pacing duties, it's tough at times.  Well done on the 12 miles today, not a bad thing a walk back as a cooldown.

    Rcouture lol at the hrm, remember shouting 'mars bar' at elle for next time I saw her... she had everything but.  She always has one just in case now.

    Shades glad you enjoyed the air con in the gym, congrats on LOS for DD!  I have mixed feelings about race shirts, depends on the quality of the shirt and or the race.  Like what centurion do for their races, taken the dates off them and then keep a stock of the shirts in their shop for runners who have finished the race to buy.  Also they offer trees for tees option too.  Challenge Running offer £5 race credit each for not taking a shirt or a medal.

    As you can imagine I didn't get back out last night for a run, was marshalling this morning at a tri, what a stunning day, was in t shirt and shorts only by 9am! have some uni work to do this evening so will not be running long if at all today.  Over the worst from yesterday, just a horrible situation for so many people and puts a few worries into perspective!
    Ian - that's a successful first week of your training plan completed.  A satisfying start.

    Robert - you're bound to have some level of shock after yesterday's tragedy.

    Connemarathon have quality shirts, this was the last one I had.

    But whether I'll buy one, I'll see.   They won't be cheap.  Very expensive in Ireland, not sure I can afford to eat when I'm over there 😉. Just as well I no longer drink.

    I was looking at the running shops in Cork, want to try on some shoes while I have the opportunity.  I don't plan to buy at those prices.

    Really enjoyed the Manchester 10k, great running from Eilish, she is so good on the roads.
    Farah dropped out a couple of weeks ago, not happy with his fitness I believe.

  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Big G-Have you decided about Boston yet,I was just nosing around and BA have flight from London for around £400,I doubt they'll go cheaper than that at any point.
  • Robert OHaraRobert OHara ✭✭✭
    Shades you can add me to the list for June 3rd - Jubilee Jamboree 6 hour event. Unsure what distance I'll aim for at present.
    Robert - it's already on the list 😉.  I take it you've entered now.

  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    Ian, I’ve not decided about Boston yet. If OH comes she’ll need to get the time off as it happens to fall on her weekend working, and changing that is not always easy. I was looking the other day at flights though, and also hotels nearer to the centre, as more seem to have become available now. 
    Big G - looks like the logistics of our marathon trips are going to take a lot longer to sort out post Covid.  Prices and availability.

    I've been looking for August BH weekend for Llanelli and the prices are very expensive.  For the Premier Inn they also quoted as far away as Tenby which is nearly £400 for 2 nights and no parking 😮

    Llanelli is nearly £200 for 2 nights.   I'm still dithering as I know the traffic will be horrendous as might take nearer 6 hours to get there.

    Rest day for me today, bit achy after the gym, ankle is OK though.
    6 miles this morning, lovely fresh morning after yesterday's rain. 

    Big G - how did you get on at the gym?
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