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    Shades, it was just a quick 15-min tour and a chat with a couple of instructors yesterday.  But I’ve booked in for a session tomorrow for an instructor to show me the machines etc, and if that goes well I expect I’ll join.

    Didn’t do much yesterday really, but been on Zwift this morning and going over to see Dad in a bit.

    Big G - hope the induction session goes well tomorrow.

    No running, is your foot still a bit sore after lumpy parkrun?
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    Shades, it’s one of those where I feel I could run, but then I’ve been here before with it. It was a bit sore on the Tuesday after the Trotters social run, and also sore on the Sunday after parkrun. Yesterday and today it feels like I could run, but on the other hand I know it is not 100%, so I’m leaving it a few more days I think. Still doing the exercises etc though. 
    Big G - with PF you have to expect that.   It often doesn't just go away, but the reoccurrences should become milder and less frequent.   If you wait until it's gone completely you could be looking at 6-12 months  :o 

    You'll probably need to do the exercises for at least the rest of the year anyway.   :disappointed:
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    Big G - What are you aiming to get out of the gym, lifting heavy weights for injury prevention? I’d like to do that to support my running as only so much I can do at home, but I don’t have the time. A shame as i could piggyback on OH’s membership for 25 quid a month which is a steal here. 

    6 miles at lunch. Almost packed it in early as got drenched in freezing rain as wasn’t kitted for it but it soon cleared. Great to be going out on my old common route again and legs and HR feeling good. 
    Rcouture - that would really be a bargain £25 a month but you just wouldn't be able to find the time.   
    I had various gym memberships when I was working but never went often enough to get any real benefit.   When I did have the time I didn't have the energy, too tired.

    Good you're back training well, new HRM purchased?  😉
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    Rcouture, I hope I can get into some kind of regular routine, even if it’s only a 2-3 times a week. The aim is to hopefully build a bit of strength, and over time see if that helps reduce the amount of injuries I get.  I don’t want to ‘bulk up’, but also hopefully work on my balance, which similar to Ian, is very poor. They do have yoga classes as well but I can’t see me getting into those regularly, but we shall see.  2-3 years ago now I went to a couple of yoga classes with OH and I can’t say I especially enjoyed them, but that may have been the type of class (there was chanting and stuff, which isn’t my cuppa tea!). 
  • RcoutureRcouture ✭✭✭
    Shades - Yes ordered one asap when I discovered it was gone so arrived on rest day yesterday. I forgot how pricey they were 😢.

    Big G - The strength stuff has only become routine for me as I was so wary of the ITB recurrence. As for yoga I do jump in with OH’s session every now and again though not sure I’d bother if there was chanting either 😬. I don’t know that doing it once every couple of weeks is doing much for me so I should probably try and be more consistent there too. My dad’s done it for about 30 years and the positive effects on him have been amazing really. 
  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Rcouture-You nearly got drenched in freezing rain,I had a lovely run in the sun,crazy how it works sometimes.
    Big G-I done some more exercises yesterday amd nearly toppled over when I had to lean forward and touch my toes,I'm hoping eventually it gets easier,told OH and she went you mean like this and done it so gracefully.
    Shades-Glad to see you're running again normally again now.
    Only had a meeting today so fitted 10 mins exercise in this morning,then 7 miles afternoon,feels like I'm pretty much back to normal now.I have to work a full weekend in a couple of weeks so I'm flipping my longer run to midweek for 3 weeks so 14 planned on Thursday so will prob take tomorrow off.
    Big G - I don't enjoy yoga, even though some of the stretches are good for runners.   Can't stand the chanting or any of the airy fairy side of yoga.
    But if they have a yin yoga class, that is great for runners, all done sitting or lying down and you use a yoga strap to help with the stretches.  Unfortunately our leisure centre only has one yin yoga class a week and it's in the evening which I don't care for.   But I'm considering going back in the summer and then take the following day as my rest day, as late home and eating late means I'll be a lot later to bed.

    Pilates is good for runners too.

    Rcouture - years ago chest HRM strap came with most good GPS watches, now you have to buy them separately and they're in demand, as the optical are useless, so they've ramped up the price.

    Ian - your balance will improve but it takes time.   You might find it easier if you're standing next to something, such as a table, windowsill, chair, until you become more proficient.  And if you can do it in front of a mirror that helps with the balance.
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    Shades, I’ve just checked the yoga timetable for this place and they do Tuesdays at 7:30pm and Thursdays at 5:30pm (they do a virtual class on Sundays, but I know I wouldn’t do that). The timetable doesn’t say what type of yoga, but it just says ‘Focussing on a circuit of the body’s full range of motion’. I expect I’ll try it once, just to see how it is.

    Ian, my OH is the same!  For me, even balancing on one leg and lifting the other leg up isn’t particularly easy without touching the wall, but my OH does all sorts of balance stuff, also with weights. 

    Rcouture, you’ve done well to make it part of your routine. I hope I can do similar!
    Big G - it won't be Yin Yoga but it's certainly worth trying the class to see if you can get a good stretching session from it.   

    Word of caution, if you know your balance isn't great and the instructor asks you to close your eyes, don't!   :smiley:

    I bumped into 3 of my Pilates crowd yesterday, (one of them is a Trotter), they had been to the class with the different instructor but they're not really enjoying the class as much as with our other instructor.  So not sure what I'll do when I decide to return to classes.

    5 miles this morning, flat.   Legs feeling heavy and tired, but I have done 2 leg sessions in the gym in 3 days.   Taking advantage of my low mileage to do a bit extra in the gym.
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Sounds promising, Big G - I guess it'll be Hatha-based. 
    I am fine at standing on one leg - after doing Bikram for 5 years, I got a lot better at it. But I still can't stand on one leg with my eyes closed. 

    I did a recovery 6 mile plod yesterday and an 8 mile progression today (from very slow up to moderate pace - 9:47 was the fastest mile) just to shake things out. Naughty right hammy was OK but I still have a little niggle in the top of the left thigh - not sure what it is, but it's been there since the London 10K. Still, it's not too bothersome - I'll just keep up with the stretching and whatnot.
    Cal - do you do any yoga or pilates now?

    Good to see you back training well.
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    I did an hour on Zwift and then walked up to work with OH.  I cut the return walk short as it was pretty miserable weather - quite cold, wind and rain.  I don’t think Tigg minded having a shorter walk in that weather. I’ve my induction at 11am. I was talking to OH about if it was excessive getting the membership and when she said ‘well, it’s less than a fiver a week, which is a coffee and a cake’, it did make sense. I reckon I’ll use it enough to make it pay, so as long as it goes okay today, I’ll sign up afterwards. 
    Big G - that's a very cheap gym membership, you won't get cheaper than that so it is good value for money as I'm sure you'll make good use of it.

    If anyone attends the gym where I go and want to pay as they go, it's £7.20 for one session.   To attend a class is £7.   I think that's the going rate around here.
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    Shades, yeah, it is good value, if I use it. It includes the classes as well, but you have to book in advance for those, and at the moment I don’t know if you have to be quick to book up a session. Once I’ve got my membership I’ll have access to the booking app, and I’ll be able to see.  Not sure I’ll ever use this perk, but they’re a worldwide gym and you get access to any of their gyms. They’ve apparently got some huge gyms in London, and there are quite a few in NL, for example. Whether I ever make use of that, I don’t know, but it’s good to have it there if I want it I suppose. I think they will be quite keen to try and get me to sign up with a personal trainer, which is extra, but I don’t expect I’ll do that. 
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    The advantage also is that is very easy walking distance from here - 10mins. 
    Big G - as you normally travel for marathons it's unlikely you'll want to use a gym whilst there  ;)   I often stay in a nice hotel with a lovely gym and never get to use it as too close to race day.

    Our gym never asks you to sign up with a personal trainer, customers have to ask for that.
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    Well, I’ve signed up. They’re very friendly down there and they showed me all the machines and I’m happy. They’ve a yoga class tomorrow (there is space on the app) but we’re going out tomorrow night so I’ve booked onto one for next Tuesday just to see how it is. 

    I had a strange memory that suddenly came to me whilst I was in there. I remembered it used to be a pub I used to frequent. A proper sweat pit it used to be, as a live music place. Lots of air con and fit looking people wandering around there now though, rather than people getting drunk and getting stuck to the carpet as it used to be in years gone by!  Probably people used to burn just as many calories when it was a live music place though, as it used to get a bit rowdy in there. I seem to remember the ceilings being quite low, but all that’s been changed now. 
    Big G - glad the induction went well.

    Strange as time moves on now once again you're a customer, but for different purposes this time.
  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Big G-Well done on the gym,even if you only use it a few times it will be worth it.
    I've decided to hop in to a local 5k tonight to see where my speed is at,I'm guessing sub 20 will be a good baseline to work from.
  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Not a bad guess,19:48 at the seaside run,its slightly wind assisted for 3.5k,but lots of sand on the course compensates for a lot of the time.
    Overall happy enough and gives me something to see where I am after a couple more months training.
  • Robert OHaraRobert OHara ✭✭✭
    Ian well done on the sub 20, gives you a good mark to measure progress 

    Big G can’t imagine an old boozer turning into a gym, trying to picture the old clientele rocking up expecting a beer and confronted with a water fountain 

    Shades I think my gyms are similar £7 a go, my local gym has finally opened the pool back up after a year so am considering rejoining, a lot will depend on how often I’m in the office with the new company. 

    Cal well done on the progression run, it was one of my favourites before my setback.  Get a real buzz when you pace them right.

    Got out for 6 miles yesterday morning and this evening had Our home fixture for the midweek league.  Bit of a heavy head at the moment with work, study and Saturday morning going around and wasn’t really feeling it but turned up as it’s a bit of a social event.  Mixed terrain, undulating 5.9 miles and cake at the end! We have our handicap series starting tomorrow and AGM been asked if id stand as social secretary but the problem is I’m not that social 😆

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    That’s a good baseline, Ian. Well done. 

    Robert, are you going to go for the role then?

    Well done, Cal. Nice running. 

    As for me, I had quite a big hint that something was happening, but I turned up at Trotters today and got presented with a very nice, engraved, crystal decanter for my 100 marathons. I went and did the social run, and then stopped for food with a few of them afterwards :)

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    Ian - well done, that seems to put Covid aftereffects well in the past.

    Big G - that's a lovely award from the Trotters, and well deserved.

    Robert - do you have a date when you switch to the new company?

    I would have thought you were quite social.   But social secretary can be a very demanding and time consuming role.

    6 miles today, nice morning a bit warmer too.   Legs felt fine but seemed to lack a bit of energy, no reason.

    Gym later.
  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Big G-Thats a really nice decanter your club got you,and well deserved.
    Shades-That was part of the reason I went,to see if I pushed myself how the body reacted,and despite the usual 5k pain it was OK.
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    Foot quite sore again this morning though, so shouldn’t really have ran last night, but just stayed for food instead.  Foot was pretty good Mon-Weds so I’d hoped it would be okay. I am wondering if I need to try and forget about running for a while (not even a weekly trot around a parkrun to test it out)!  Easier said than done as the temptation is always there to test it after 2 or 3 good days. Not sure what to do at the moment. 
    Big G - that's frustrating.   Have you started using the night splint yet?

    Maybe next time you decide to run, try taping the foot, to stop the tendon being over extended.  My friend used to do that and she said it really helped her.
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