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    Big G - good to hear you're eating the local specialities, I like the sound of the kibbeling.

    Hope you managed to sneak a look at the TdeF highlights for yesterday's stage especially when they went over The Bridge.

    8 miles this morning, undulating route, lovely morning.

    I've downloaded the Ironman app to track my friend doing Bolton today.  The app is much improved even sent me a notification when she'd turned in the swim, which was at halfway.   It's the bike that will be the challenge for her, I thought she'd only done 4 weeks training on the bike, but actually it was only 3 weeks.  
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Very nice morning eh Shades? Sunny but with enough of a breeze to make it tolerable. I did 15 miles, up the Wandle Trail to Beddington Park then back along a trail from there (it's very secluded but unfortunately nasty pebbly gravel - you'd hate it) to Mitcham Common, across that, then up to home from there. Right glute, ham and achilles were all quite grumpy, no doubt all stemming from the SI joint on that side (little bugger). Stamina-wise it was fine. I did take gels at 5 and 10 miles which helped (as I run before breakfast).
    Still, pace is not good. It was always intended to be easy pace, but my easy pace is a good 30-40 seconds per mile slower than it was before lockdown. I am still hoping I can get that sorted for Chester but, going by my parkruns, my body seems really determined not to improve.
    Cal - sorry to hear you're still not happy with the progress or lack of progress with your training.

    As you're not interested in having a go at MAF or any other base training using HRM, all I can suggest that you look for a training plan that is radically different to what you are doing.  Maybe shaking up your type of training could help.  Could be fun too.
  • RcoutureRcouture ✭✭✭
    Big G - Never heard of these fish chunks but they sound great, I’m a big fan of bitterballen which I’m sure you’ve had. 

    Shades - Nice 8 miles. Fingers crossed your friend goes well in the Ironman. There really are Ironman events everywhere aren’t there, I never would have imagined Bolton had one

    Cal - Nice 15 miles. That area of the Wandle trail is like the Bermuda Triangle for me. 

    Just under 13 miles earlier. One of those where I had to go faster than I’d have liked as busy day but all my bits seem ok. 48 miles for the week which I’m happy with at this stage of the build. Will be a bit of a down easy week coming as I’ve got this 10k on Sunday. 
    Rcouture - had to Google bitterballen, they sound very tasty.

    A good week's training for you, despite the hangover  ;)
    You don't seem that enthusiastic about next weekend's 10k.

    My friend DNF'd on the bike at 78k.   She knew it was going to be hard for her.  This was her 2020 entry deferred to this year but not able to defer it for another year.  Bolton is close to where she lives, hilly course though.

    At the LCW the guy I was tracking held onto first place, nailing his win with a 2:41 marathon.  The Trotter I was following dropped a couple of places, she finished in 4th place which a 3:26 marathon.   Great results as tough courses.
  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Rcouture-I might be wrong but I think Bolton is the top 1 in the UK.
    Decided it was time to step it up today so did 19 miles,this route gives me a few big hills and most were in the first half,with 1 decent one left at mile 16.Felt it went well though for my first long one since Barca.
  • RcoutureRcouture ✭✭✭
    Ian - Great run

    Shades - I find it hard to look forward to anything shorter than halves to be honest. All pain all the time 😀. Still, I need to race more generally and the bling is always welcome.  
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    Cal, sorry to hear you’re still struggling.

    Rcouture, I am no expert, but there are ‘official’ Ironman-branded events (like Bolton) and non-official ones like Outlaw in Nottingham. Yes, I’ve had bitterballen quite a lot of times :) In Groningen I had a broodje kroket sandwich, which is the same/similar inside as bitterballen, but shaped like a croquette and served on bread with mustard. Another speciality is fresh (the fresher the better) herring (Hollandse Nieuwe), ate whole, raw.  It’s not for everyone but I love them, and the Dutch even passed a law that when herring season starts, the shops can sell herring as Hollandse Nieuwe, and it all starts on the same day over the country.  In the winter they have oliebollen, which are basically spherical doughnuts, and are very good - I once did a 10k race here where they were giving them out at the end. And of course, stroopwafel, which I do get in UK and often use for marathon carb loading :) Again, in Groningen the other day, they were selling them fresh at the market, and they are gorgeous. 

    Ian, great run. Good to read things are trending right for you towards your target time. 

    Shades, I did manage to catch up with the highlights from yesterday :) 

    We’ve arrived at OH’s parents place and it’s the first time I’ve seen it. I’ve seen a lot of flats/apartments in my time, but this is the nicest I’ve seen as it is very spacious, although in fairness those I look at are probably in a different price point!  They sold a nice house as it was getting too much to keep up for them, and I think it’s taken them some time getting used to a flat, but it’s a lovely place overlooking the canal here. 
    Ian - great run from you today, sounds like you're enjoying your training too.

    Yes, Bolton is the official Ironman UK event.

    Rcouture - I couldn't agree more re short races.   I was hoping to do a local 10k in September, as it's a course I like, but unfortunately it clashes with a marathon I am running.

    Big G - glad you caught the highlights OK.
  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Rcouture-I am thinking about the half again next week,now I've done a long one,
    Shades-It's always easier to enjoy it when it's going well.This week was 54.6 miles so my biggest in 2 years.
    Ian - yes, it is easy to enjoy the training when all is going well.   But enjoy it, we all have our share of injuries/disappointments too.
  • meh finally caught the vid it seems. I assume from someone at work as it's more likely than a random at Tesco's. I only tested as i was more tired than expected after 10k race today and a few sneezing spells on way home plus a couple of coughs. Wasn't exactly expecting anything. But no line there within a few mins......
    Works well as my knees have been a bit grumbly recently and now i get a nice weeks rest to let them sort themselves out albeit if it's sunny there isn't really anything saying i cant go for a walk somewhere.
    Keith - hope you don't feel too poorly, is this the first time you've had Covid?  At least you're no longer required to stay home so can get out in the fresh air.   Covid cases are increasing again, I hear lots of folk I know have had it recently.

    Big G - great TdeF yesterday, great to see Magnus the Dane getting his day of glory.   And so interesting the bit about Bluetooth.

    8 miles undulating today, another lovely morning.   Was chilly when I went out 'feels like 7' so fingerless gloves for the first couple of miles until the sun came out.

    Gym later.
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    Sorry to read that, Keith. Fingers crossed you don’t have it too badly. I was a bit worried after my trip to London what with visiting two packed shows and all the travelling about on the tubes etc, but I managed to avoid it from that trip. That’s right, if you want to go for a walk etc, and you feel up to it, you’re able to - there are no restrictions in that regard now. 

    Great mileage, Ian :) 

    Regarding Covid, we were hoping to catch up with OH’s sister and family (Mum, Dad, 2 kids). But youngest daughter has Covid for the 4th time, oldest daughter has been away in Lisbon and some of her party have it on their return (she’s had it once before) and the Dad has it for the first time and has a high temperature. So all things considered, they are not up to meeting but instead we are going for a BBQ this afternoon at a friend’s place. Last time OH was there in April, she was there when a foal was delivered (she didn’t have to intervene), so it’ll be nice to see how that is doing. 

    We saw what OH says was a Pine Marten yesterday. At first we both thought it was a small dog initially but then we realised it wasn’t a dog, but it was one of these. Apparently they have in the past chewed through electrical cables on the parents car, whilst leaving a lovely souvenir in the engine bay (a dead rat).  

    Big G - 4th time catching Covid, that's really unlucky.

    We have pine martens in the UK, not down here.   I think I saw one in the IOM, roadkill though, was when I was there doing a 100 mile week  :)   I remember asking my friend that lives in the IOM what it could have been, as it was dead I was able to study it fairly closely but wasn't sure what it was  :o

  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    Shades, yeah, I think it’s just been going around the schools here, and her and her friends have all had it a few times, but fortunately haven’t been too unwell. 
  • First time officially had covid aye. Felt pretty much similar earlier this year in Feb but that one was negative LFT's and PCR. Might have had it right at the start but probably not albeit it was well before testing was a thing. Mostly just a snotty nose today with some coughing which is mostly throat clearing stuff. A tad tired as annoyingly woke usual time and dozed for a few hours but thats fine there is the cricket to sleep through later on ;) Handily having a sports watch you can study data and see HR and stress jumped up 2-3 am and sat there til i woke so i am assuming it kicked in more then.
  • RcoutureRcouture ✭✭✭
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    Keith - All the best with the ‘rona. 

    Rest day for me today. Forecast is a ‘feels like 25’ in full sunshine on the uncovered streets of London during my 10k on Sunday. Honestly if that holds I doubt I will do it as that sounds horrible, not sure what training benefit I’d get out of it and likely to just knock my confidence. Appreciate not every race has to be a PB but I’d rather just do a slow long run. 
    Keith - hope it gets no worse so at least you can sort of enjoy your time off work  ;)

    Rcouture - don't dismiss your 10k too soon.   You'll only be running for 40 minutes ish and I believe the humidity is going to be very low, compared to usual UK %'s
    You'd suffer a lot more with a long slow run and it will be this week's speedwork.
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    We came to a nice town called Elburg, and whilst OH and her Mum were shopping I went to the gym for an hour so, including doing my stretches. And then met up for lunch afterwards :) 
    Big G - considering you weren't that keen on joining the gym, you've turned into a dedicated gym bunny 😉

    Hope the foot is behaving itself.

    Just heard from my friend that DNF'd her Ironman yesterday.   She was cold after the swim and not having done the training on the bike just wasn't strong enough to cycle hard enough to get warm.   Conditions must have been tough as only one of the original 13 in her age group finished.
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    Shades, it was either going clothes shopping or the gym today, and the gym won easily ;) 
    Big G - at least now you can come up with a justifiable reason not to go shopping.😊

    Talking of shopping I've been looking at ASICS Novablast 2 shoes, anyone used them, or have any opinion on them?
  • RcoutureRcouture ✭✭✭
    Shades - I’ll keep an open mind re Sunday though I was hoping for a different answer from you 😩. I’m on my second pair of Novablast 2 and they are the main higher drop daily trainers along with the invincibles. They feel a lot like the 1080s (think all the stats are very similar) but slightly more exciting to me with a bouncier foam.  Great shoes. I retired the first ones prematurely at about 350 miles with plenty of life left as the big toe area on the upper was getting a hole in it. Not sure if that’s common or just my long toes!
    Rcouture - you don't have to do the 10k if you don't want to.  But if you're in PB shape you could still PB in those conditions.   As long as the humidity is low that is.

    Thanks for the info on the Novablast 2.  You are definitely our resident shoe guru on here. :)

    Now here's the logic.... only a runner would understand this...

    I need some kinesiology tape, have had to re-tape my ankle again after a couple of trial days without the tape.  Have trawled the usual running retailer's websites and it's not cheap, especially when having to add post/packing just for that.  Sports Direct have tape for £3.98, that's about half the price elsewhere but again P&P charges of £4.99.  But if I spend £100 + P&P and have goods delivered to local store I get a £10 voucher to spend in store.  Novablast 2 are £91 from Sports Direct which seems like a good price.

    I don't need any shoes but I'm tentatively looking for a future replacement for my 1080's for racing.  Can't get V10 of the 1080's in my size and not so sure that V11 or V12 will suit me so well.
  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Shades-Would that mean buying 3 rolls of tape? What's wrong with going in to your local sports direct and just buying it?
    Legs felt a little sore today after yesterday's long run but went out anyway,another 7 miles in the bank,I actually felt fine after a mile or so,just the initial getting going was harder than usual.
    Meant to mention OH also did 19 on Saturday to get another 50m week in,think I'm more looking forward to seeing how she does in Antwerp more than me.
    Ian - I want 3 or 4 rolls.  Local SD don't sell it. Same when I want elasticated laces, not stocked in store but I can buy them online from them.  The high street stores don't sell much running stuff either, it seems they mostly sell chav type clothing and street trainers.  Even the shoes in store are dearer than from the website.  I have a pair of Nike's that I use for non running.  I tried them on in the store then bought them £8 cheaper from their website.

    OH is doing well with her training.   Are you both doing the half on Sunday ?
  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Shades-Yes if we do it,we will both be going.Only thing putting us off is the heat that is projected, but if we don't we'll only be doing a long run and that will take a lot longer.
  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Jonny Mellor is looking in good form for the Commonwealth Games.
    He did Chester Zoo 10k yesterday,won it in 29:39,impressive on its own,but as a warm up he ran a 30:30 10k straight before so 20k in just over an hour.
  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
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    Shades-Keller sports have some Nova2 for around £80-£85,I'm a premium member so could get them delivered to you,they also offer free returns.Let me know if you're interested.
    Debating getting myself some,but I still have 2 unopened pairs of shoes 🤣
    Forgot to add link
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