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    Sammy - i have your email, will look at your revised plan and email you tonight.
  • Hi Shades. I have now put in all my races dates onto the schedule you kindly sent me. As a result I'm in a dilema!!! I am racing once a month as recommended but they don't fit in with the long runs - grrr!! I've kind of revamped, but would be really greatful if you could have a look and see what you think. I'll e-mail it to you. I hope that's ok and thanks for your help.


  • Thanks Shades for your time.
  • StylishStylish ✭✭✭
    Shades Happy New Year and you have mail from me too.

    Sammy - sorry I didn't email you last night, will try and catch up and reply to you all later.
  • Shades, No problem.

    Did you see the 3 day training plan in the Feb 2006 RW mag ?

    Sammy - No, haven't read my RW mag yet, any similarities to mine?
  • Shades, Yes there is 1 x Long, 1 x Tempo but then they have a speed session where you have an easy run. See what you think.

    On my revised plan I have put two long runs in the same week, but so have they.
    Have a look at mine and see where I need to be changing.

    This is where help like this from people like yourself realy helps us novice runners.

    Keep up the good work.

    Sammy XX
  • Shades - thanks for the plan :-)
    Sammy - I emailed you this morning before I read your last posting on this thread.

    My plan is aimed at what I consider to be the key sessions which is the long run (done at the correct pace). Long runs are 'hard sessions' although at this stage for many of you maybe don't feel too tough.

    My concern about introducing a 'speed' session is that it's the easiest way to get injured. Of course the best speed session of all is a race and I do advise one race a month.

    I still have a couple of emails to reply to, sorry didn't get time last night, had to take my group out running. Will send replies tonight.
  • Thanx Shades.
  • Shades can I have a copy of the plan too?
    Doing Rotterdam on 9th April - scarily, time is running out!
    Many thanks.
  • Shades - have entered Wokingham half-marathon as advised (hoping to get closer to 2:20 than current PB) I have a 10 mile race this month
    Wokingham 1/2 in February
    Gloucester 20 in March (entry envelope sitting downstairs)

    Would you advise a further race between Gloucester 20 (5 March) and FLM?

    Many thanks
    Jayne - send me an email as I can't send attachments via RW email facility.

    Sian - As FLM is so late this year, lots of peeps will have the same dilemma as the 20 mile races are generally early March. You have plenty of time to do one or even two more races before FLM, obviously not too close to race date. You could do a half marathon and decide not to race at half marathon pace but run it at your planned marathon pace, will be very good practice and will require discipline to do so. I think pace for the first half of marathon is so important.

    I'm doing Glos 20 too!
  • Shades, SianH there is the Rhyader 20 (may be a bit far for you to travel though). This is on 26th March.
    Shades - will send you an e-mail.
    Jane - thanks for your email - will reply tonight
  • Re 20 milers in March - there's the Compton Downland Challenge (Bare Bones 20) on 25th March, near Reading. Great race, lots of x-country, lovely people, lots of hills.
    Snaps - not doing the 40 mile route then?
  • Snaps - wheich mara are you looking at? Would be good to see you again. I'm planning a return to Abingdon.
    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • StylishStylish ✭✭✭
    Shades, did you get my email?

  • Hi Shades, email sent. Look forward to reading.
    Right I'm now up to date with all your emails, I'm knackered now!
  • Thanks for reply Shades - hope you get an early night and lots of zzzz's!!

    Much appreciated!
  • Shades - I think 40 miles is a bit much three weeks before FLM!
    LMH - same to you! I'm doing FLM, then CPH a month later, then Skovløberen (as a training run, Sept 3rd, maybe), and then Berlin or H C Andersen, Odense September 24. They're two or three weeks before Abingdon. Are you keeping well? If people knew what a heroine you are ... :-)
  • Hiya Shades, I'd be very interested in having a look at your plan. I have just started the Hal Higdon 18 week Intermediate II which contains 5 runs a week, I only plan to run a max of 4 runs per week.

    I'll email you now.

    Thanks in advance
    Plan emailed to you SDI
  • Thanks I'll take a look :o)
  • Hi Shades

    Just wanted to say a big - WHOPPEEE!! Did my long run today - 14 miles at the pace recommended and felt great all the way round and full of beans at the end!

    Bliimey - if I feel like this for the long runs this scoobs is going to be one very happy person!!

    So - zipadeedoodah! Mara training here I come!

    Hope everyone else is training well???????
  • Thanks Scooby for that post - glad the training is going well and that your achilles is behaving after Cardiff.

    Also thanks to Shades - did 12 miles at the weekend and, again, it felt good at the slower pace - felt I could have kept on going which is what we want! I'm also sticking to training on my own - did the club long run the week before (10 miles) but even though I was way at the back I did an average of 10:50 min/miling which is rather too fast for me and a long run! I've also decided just to do the 3 runs a week and see how I get on with that (can add the 4th for the next time I do a mara!!!)
    Scooby & Sian - that's fab news about your long runs.

    They are the most important part of marathon training so should be as enjoyable as possible.
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