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  • Scooby - hope that the inserts do the trick when they're ready and that the rest helps as well in the meantime, frustrating as I'm sure it must be - well done on the cycling in the gym - that's a long way on a stationary bike!

    ((Tiredgirl)) - can only echo what others have said - ice x 3 a day and see whether the pain eases off - I have trouble with my shins and normally just phone my physio (seen her a lot since taking up running!) and have her check me over - don't know if it's worth a visit for you...?
  • Mr BumpMr Bump ✭✭✭
    Scoobs - I think this is good news. I'm sure the orthotic inserts will sort things. Don't panic though when you first wear them they will feel uncomfortable to run in and may even be painful. A friend of mine had orthotics due to a problem and once she'd got used to them she went from strength to strength. And remember...Paula Radcliffe has orthotics too, so you are in classy company there!

    However, with how your cycling is going, I wouldn't be too surprised if you didn't have a go at "L'Etape du Tour" next year! You know where people like me & you can try and ride a stage of the Tour de France. Looks tough this year mind - finishes on L'Alpe d'Huez!

    Fortunately (for my wallet) I haven't had to go down the orthotics route. I think Mrs Bump would encourage my retirement if I did. Video-gait analysis and a (expensive) pair of cushioned but moderate stability shoes sorts me out. Side issue here, I loved the French phrase "contrôle stabilité" to describe a shoe for a moderate overpronator. See, I did learn something in that Marathon Expo!

    P.S. My ankle seems to be improving (fingers crossed).
    I'm glad you're all being sensible about your injury niggles by resting etc.
  • Mr BumpMr Bump ✭✭✭
    Just reporting on what I've been up to. Did a tempo run today. 7.4 miles (thank heavens for flexi-time!) at 7:45/mile pace. Was not aiming for this pace, as I ran according to my heart rate. Up to 80% HR for the first 5 miles. I then worked close to threshold (which I think for me is 87%) for the remainder. Felt pleasantly tired afterwards, although I could have done with the afternoon off rather than dealing with the crap on my desk! I was also pleased to see that my pace fitted in with Shades' suggested Tempo pace.

    I strapped the ankle up and apart from an occasional niggle it behaved.

    Easy run tomorrow I think. 3-4 miles. Looking at 14-15 miles on Sunday.

  • Thanks for all your support :))

    My shin pain is down both sides of the bone and really felt like it was burning. I have increased my weekly mileage and I'm running more regularly so I think this is probably the reason why it has happened. The same happened last year when I was training for FLM but it was much closer to the date then so I'm hoping I can get sorted out in time so it doesn't affect my training too much.

    All of my runs are on pavement / tarmac and all of them are undulating at the least. I live in a very hilly area so I have little choice on theat one!

    I shall take the advice of anti inflams and ice and I think I might strap my feet up when I do take to the roads again because that seemed to help last time. I do wear orthotics after last years problems but I'm never sure whether they help or not.

    I hope you get sorted soon Scooby, hugs to you too :)
  • Mr BumpMr Bump ✭✭✭
    Tiredgirl - Sorry to hear of your injury. Plenty of time to get it sorted though. Keep up the ice & ibuprofen. To try and ease the impact of running on tarmac/pavement it might be worth exploring public footpaths across fields etc. It opened up a whole new dimension to running for me I can tell you. Just need a good pair of trail shoes for grip, that's all - unless it's really deep mud...but you probably know all this so... I'll get my coat...
  • tiredgirl ks - perhaps you could try SKINS? They're expensive I know. There are also other compression tights around. They all seem to come from Australia.
  • Have just done my 2nd tempo run (4.38 miles). According to my Garmin, I did 9:19/8:15/9:03/9:38/08:52 - last .38 miles.
    This was on an undulating course which was quite windy.

    Will be trying 12 miles on Sunday.
    Good run Nick. Undulating course and windy weather makes a tempo run much harder.

  • Thanks. I'm still enjoying the schedule.

    The only thing I'll have to watch is my runs after I give blood (49th time) in the middle of March.

    Last year, I ran 15-20 miles a few days later and was wondering why i felt tired (I'd been told originally to avoid strenuous exercise for 48 hours).

    Nick - yes giving blood will affect your running so avoid all long runs that week and you'll be fine.

    49th that's fab, I often feel guilty that I don't give blood
  • Tiredgirl - of course you said you had shin probs last year - sorry I'm a bit dozy at times!! Hope they're settling down.

    Thanks sian, I actually changed the bike session tonight. Reason being I'm such a creature of habit and had got into this thing of having to do an hour, having to do it at level 10, having to do it on hill, and not allowing it to drop below 100 rpm, which is hard work. So tonight I did 20 mins elliptical trainer, level 12 random and - then - 40 mins bike level 10 hill!!! :0)
    Hows your running going?

    Mr Bump - steady on there. I still haven't managed to get up that stonker hill yet without having to stop for a breather!! The old legs just seem to stop working and no matter how hard I try and push them they just won't go all the way. But I did get a little further up this weekend. It's particularly tough as it's about a mile and a half long and you go round a corner to see if going up and up and up in the distance. Maybe I need blinkers! Think I'll leave that route for a while and revisit it in a bit to see if it's any easier then! Sounds like your running is going well and you have put in some really great efforts. Well done. Look after that ankle.

    Great running there Nick. I detest running in the wind, its like running in treacle! Don't mind so much when the wind is behind me!

    How are you Shades?

  • SnaPS you need to enlighten this thread re: your latest experience of skins!!
  • Well done NickP for the 49th time blood doning.

    I did my tempo run yesterday. I am not very good at judging the pacing but I have a bitterly cold near gale-force headwind as an excuse which was hard work facing it but terrific going the other way. 11.15/10.00/8.94/9.95/10.28. I found this one easier than last week's even thought the weather was worse.

    Good training going on here for everyone - Tiredgirl, I used to suffer from shinsplints but a change of shoes as I overpronate cured the problem, along with massage. I hope yours gets better soon.
  • Scooby - I'll only get accused of lowering the tone :-)
  • hi! how is everybody doing with shade's programme? hope you're all fine!

    Tiredgirl, hope you'll get better soon!
    Scoobs - I'm fine thanks, eased myself back into training this week so will go for a long run on Sunday, I only have 2 weeks to my first race of the year and am hopelessly undertrained. Not setting a very good example am I?

    HaL - great tempo run, but it is so cold running into the N/E wind, takes your breath away.
    I ran this morning and thought the wind had eased a little.
  • Thanks HaL. I also found my 2nd tempo run slightly easier than the first. There's obviousley something in this.
  • oooh very chilly today - did my long run for this week (10 miles) today as can't do it tomorrow. 12:23 average which I'm pleased with as was deliberately trying to take it easy.

    What's the first race Shades?

    Won't be around much over the next 2 weeks but will be popping in and out. Looking forward to hearing how people are getting on and hoping to report on my progress after I've run Wokingham 1/2.

    Take care all
    Sian -Nice pace for your long run.

    my first race is Draycote 12th Feb

    Good luck for Wokingham, (just in case I don't see you on the forum before), if you do well we may have to review your training paces.
  • Mr BumpMr Bump ✭✭✭
    Nice work everyone.

    Good luck with Wokingham, Sian.

    Shades - This Draycote race you mention, is this the 35 mile race at Draycote Water(?) I've read about somewhere? If so, big respect...and good luck!

    Scoobs - Well done on getting further up that hill. You'll get to the top soon without stopping. You make it sound an epic climb like Galibier or something similar! Excellent. How's your achilles? When will you be getting those orthotics and getting back out running?

    As for me, my ankle is not happy, and I'm going to ring the physio. Mrs Bump has expressed concern about the cost of the strapping tape I'm using. I'm spending about £15 a month on it! Hoping an ankle support or brace might be a cheaper alternative in the long run. I can run pain free SO LONG AS I STRAP THE ANKLE UP TIGHT. If I don't it sort of breaks down and is stiff and painful. Then again, over the years I have sprained it possibly 9 times, so ever likely it is not in good nick.

    14 or 15 mile run on Sunday, with my ankle stapped up I emphasise. Had to delay this run by one day, as working some overtime tomorrow for decent money - which will pay for 2 physio sessions! Then will have a slightly easier week as I'm doing the Asics Watford Half-Marathon a week on Sunday (5 Feb).

    Mr Bump - yes. Draycote Water, I DNF'd last year at 16 miles as I couldn't take the cold wind, it was bitter - a bit like today really.

    That ankle sounds painful - perhaps you could use some cheaper tape - hardware shop maybe?
  • Mr BumpMr Bump ✭✭✭
    Thanks for the tip Shades. Things is, the ankle's not painful when it's strapped up, but it's niggling at most other times. The tape is like elasticated and gives sort of a progressive support. Works a treat. Just rang physio. He's seeing me Sunday :-)

    Now, I've got to rearrange that 14/15 mile run.

    Draycote, is that Northamptonshire?
    No, near Rugby, that's Warwickshire I think
  • Have good runs everyone who's going out today.
    I have a short one this weekend, just 10 miles today at just under 9 minutes a mile.
    Rest day for me today, long run tomorrow.
  • Rest day for me too. I went for a 2 mile slow run then a swim yesterday as a x training rest day. I felt whacked afterwards so am enjoying a day off today. 10 miler for me tomorrow.

    I hope everyones long runs/races go well this weekend.
  • Mr BumpMr Bump ✭✭✭
    Long run this afternoon. 14 miles on an undulating course. Averaged 8:22/mile. Errr...a little bit too fast I think. However, I was running to HR again and averaged 74%, so don't think I've done too much wrong. Shades - I'd welcome your input please.

    Ankle was strapped up and behaved. Hurts now mind. Off to my physio tomorrow, so we'll see what he says.

    Hope you all have good long runs/races this weekend.
  • Mr Bump, 14 miles @ 8.22/mi that would have killed me. I did 14 miles yesterday and I averaged 10.11/mi and that was hard enough. I think my sub 4hr 30min is looking a bit distant at the moment.

    8.22/mi is my Tempo run speed.
  • After a week of rest I'm going to try the shins out today.

    Wish me luck :)
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