Figgy Pudding!

According to the song, 'we all like figgy pudding', but I don't like figs :-(

am I really missing out on a festive delicacy?


  • Gordon Ramsay made some last night... So did Janet Teeth Porter.
  • I eat it but only when I'm 'bunged up'. Not sure it's the kind of food runners should be troughing. Could be carnage...
  • Never ever had it and doubt that I ever will! Give me spotted dick and custard anyday!
  • fig rolls are nice with a cup of tea
  • Just looked up a recipe and it seems a bit like your regular Christmas pudding. Could be kinda healthy if you took away the brandy and all the added sugar...!
  • Not keen on figs, but tried some at a restaurant last was yummy - a cross between sticky toffee pudding and Christmas pudding. Didn't taste of figs!
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