What to buy for Christmas

Nephews and nieces breeding like there was no tomorrow. Who should I be buying for and what to buy?

Limited budget, at least 11 under the age of consent.

Suggestions needed.



  • Not a clue but just wanted to pop in and say "Hi, long time no 'see' and how are you?"

    I'm fine btw.

  • claires acccessories for girlies
  • Depends how limited is limited - I'm getting my nephews tops with Spiderman and Harry Potter or Scooby Doo on them - yours might be a bit older than that though.
  • I've seen quite a few paint your own mugs type things. That got my lot excited...(think that says more about my family than anything else).
  • Or make your own friendship bracelets, kaleidoscopes etc etc. Boots has a few of those type of things.
  • gift vouchers from sports/clothes/record shops.
  • Hawkins Bazaar www.hawkin.com sell paint your own mug kits for £4 or paint your own umbrella for £8 (my god-daughter loved the umbrella).
  • Just a suggestion but M & S do a 3 for 2 range and there are some really good things in it for guys and girls.
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