Saturday Session 18th January

Tragically I have to work today and my knee is sore so the training today is:

What - swimming 1km later on
Why - Sore Kneeitis
Last Hard - Last Saturday 13 Miles.
Last Rest - Fri, Thu, Wed etc.

I hope you have amore succesful running weekend. Good luck to the many racing this weekend.


  • What; absolutely SFA
    Why; Racing Dartford 10 on Sunday
    Last Hard; Wednesday
    Last rest; Friday
  • Good morning,

    what: 4M easy
    why: following the RW Schedule
    Last rest: Yesterday

    Good Luck to everybody racing this week-end, hope you'll get the pb you want and will look forward to read your reports.

    Happy Running and Have Fun!!!
  • Greetings.

    Like Jim I shall be mostly doing....

    What: Nowt
    Why: Fred Hughes 10 tomorrow
    Hard: Thursday
    Rest: Friday

    Enjoy your running, everyone.
  • What: 4 Miles Easy with Strides & 3 minutes Barefoot running
    Why: The first two parts are taper material, ther lat bit I just fancied trying (damn these books!)
    Last Hard: Thursday
    Last Rest: Monday

    WOW! Its true, you do run differently barefoot! I couldnt get anywhere near the speed I normally do, and the skin on the soles of my feet felt a lil' sore after, but gees! ABSOLUTELY NO PAIN! Gosh! Gee Whiz. I might giveol' Pirie another read and bring the zoom vapor IV's back out! Forget motion control/stability features, proper form here I come!
  • morning all. in advance of tomorrows 1/2M (4 Vilages)...

    what : not very much. maybe a short 3 mile easy jog just to remind the legs work to be done in the morning.
    why : see above
    last hard : Weds
    last rest : Thurs

    Weather forcast looks ok for tomorrow, may get a bit of light rain but light winds and mild.

    Good luck racers and trainers alike.
  • Morning all, Day off work as I am one year older today.......late up(by 90mins), pre long run prep cr@p

    What 16m
    why cos I wanted to see how training was going over a longer run
    time 137mins
    last rest yesterday
    last hard wed

    I am well happy now.......that felt so easy, was gonna do more but family want me to go out to lunch..........the guiness will taste so good later!!!!!!!!!!
  • Eee happy birthday Legless.

    What: 6m, but walked the last two. Wasn't feeling very well. I rather suspected that would happen, but the campaign for this month is to spend the time on the road, even if I have to walk. Rather walk today and be out again tomorrow than wreck todays run and tomorrows by pushing too hard.

    Good luck to racers.

    MM - I have two violins to set up by the end of the weekend. Whether I get there tomorrow will depend on whether that task is well in hand or not.

    Hope to see you, and good luck if not. I'll tell my Mr. to look out for you.
  • Good stuff Legless,

    What:- Painful interval hill session with club - fun but hard work
    Why:- Saturday, sunnny & I've done little this week
    Last rest:- yesterday
    Last hard :- Thur

    Happy racing !
  • What:10 mi slow run
    Why: had originally planned to do 15 but legs still stiff from Thurs and doing XC tomorrow so cut it short
    Last hard: Thurs
    Last rest: Fri
  • happy b/day, legless, and great running today.

    KK - good on ya, mate. join the revolution. death to the politico-industrial syndicates that want to sell us over-priced, unnecessary, debilitating footwear.

    stickless - heaps of admiration, as usual. good luck with the violins (is this code for something?)

    what: 5K speed session to improve VO2max, viz. 8 x 800m with 75 second recoveries. 2M warm-up, 1M warm-down

    why: a light speed sesh to convince myself that I haven't catastrophically overtrained, which seemingly I haven't ... yet.

    last rest day: yesterday

    last hard day: Thursday

    good luck to all racers tomorrow - knock 'em dead.

  • Not code, I really do mend and set up violins for the undiscerning poor!
  • Afternoon!

    Happy birthday Legless. I happen to have a son who's birthday is today.

    What: 20 miles inside 3.30 marathon pace again. I was going to run about a min slower, but my body was in comfort zone at just under 8 min miling and it didn't feel like I was working too hard.
    This pace is slower than my new marathon target of 3.20, but not as slow as my long run should be. I don't feel comfortable running slower, so should I not worry and do what I normally do and run with how I feel? Even though I was tired at the end I certainly could have run further at this pace.

    Big mileage runners give me some advice please!
  • Could I ask all racers' this weekend to start new threads for their race reports, especially those doing Helsby, as there's so many of you. I want to make sure I read everyone's report, that's all.

  • Afternoo,

    Happy birthday legless.

    Stickless, I can just imagine you setting up violins - a practical labour of love requiring delicate handling, soul and application, all of which you constantly demonstrate on the forum.

    KK, love the barefoot running. I foresee a 'back to basics' campaign starting soon. I'll go with the revolution, especially after today's relentlessly souless visit to the new JJB store in Kendal, getting PE kit for my daughters. Not a running shoe in sight and - I didn't want to believe it but it's true - evidence of the return of the shell suit.
    A huge airport hangar of a shop, I would be amazed if more than 5% of their merchandise ended up on a proper sweating body.

    What: 30 mins easy.
    Why: apparently good idea before tomorrow.
    Last rest: yesterday.
    Last hard: Wed tempo run.

    Glad you're back on form today Achilles.

    Congrats on your long run Hilly, sounds like you need to revise your whole training and pacing strategy with your current endurance!
  • Happy Birthday legless

    what: 9 mile easy cross country (95 mins)
    had to walk some (felt very slow)
    why: Nasty blister
    today is my long run - no training tomorrow - relatives visiting

    last hard; thursday
    last rest: yesterday
  • what: hill loops. 4*1200m lops on forest trails. i love this session but it's hard.
    why: 'cos the coach sayd so and ev'ry bodee knaws ee's the boss.

    time: 1. 4:09
    2. 4:16
    3. 4:13
    4. 4:09

    they all ahoud have been in the 4:05 - 4:09 range but maybe i'm slower because i've raced quitea lot this week and therefore the training took a blow. well back on track for this week. no more training for the next two weeks then i hvae district championships. top 6 qualify for the ulsters. then the top 6 of the ulsters qualify for the irish schools championships. i cannae wait. would enyone advise racing before these races, considering that i have to do well in these districts???

    last rest: yesterday
    last easy: thursday after race
    last hrd: today.

    byeee, phil
  • i've just been informed that those loops are about 1300m
  • belfast phil are you still at school?

    Laura-I know I need to revise my training and pace but not really sure where to make the changes. Any advice from anyone would be appreciated. The sort of thing I need to know is should I try to run my shorter/speed sessions faster or........?

  • Happy Birthday Legless!

    What: 90 mins full body massage

    Why: Have 10 booked up this month before marathon.

    Last Hard: Squash on friday

    Last Rest: Its got to be today........heaven

    Good luck with all races tomorrow
  • evening all

    excellent suggestion Hilly - you got there before me.

    what: zilch
    why: a) planned to do nothing b) spent most of Saturday at hospital visiting father (he's OK but annoyed he couldn't come out today) c) while waiting at the hospital, called into the (empty) walk-in centre for an informed opinion on the continuing niggle at the side of my left calf - apparently it's tendinitis. Was told I should warm up a bit better. Will certainly do so tomorrow.

    last hard(ish) day: Tue
    last rest day: Fri
    last long(ish) day: Sun
    next hard and long day: tomorrow
    next rest day: Mon
  • What: training for my other pastime, retail therapy.
    Why: while my other goes to the match.
  • What: 14 miles, 2 hours
    Why: had a window of opportunity for a long run, grabbed it, and then had a manic afternoon in the shops with my kids.
    Last hard: today felt pretty easy at the time, but now I'm tired
    Last Rest: thursday
    Just wish I had more time or was supremely organised type. Didn't get to eat until 7pm today! Still no booze!
    hope eveyone's runs went well. Haven't had time to catch up on the posts...!
  • Okay, had a quick read through. Happy B/day Legs -and well done. You're getting a bit fast, eh. KK - you nutter. What next - in the nude? Have to say I ran barefoot (with a trainer in each hand) on the beach in Portugal. Well done Stickless - an inspiration. Hilly, role model! Laura...GOOD LUCK!!!! Um, now time for a nice hot glass of water!
  • What: Nothing
    Why: Young baby not well and back in to hospital as has viral infection and having problems breathing
    Last rest: Last Friday
    Last hard: Tuesday pace interval

  • Belfast phil how'd you do in the distrcts and the ulsters?
    what races where you in?
    i got 3rd in district E i think it was and our team (b.r.a) seemed very strong
    then 2 of our runners were injured so that was a kick in the pants and they did'nt qualify but i got 5th in the intermediate boys so i'm through and now training hard
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