Trouble adding a new post



  • That is right
  • Kmo & Alex  :D
  • Anyway 
  • Had this problem as well. Good to know that I am not going mad
  • It's a shame about having to post a certain number of times before starting a new thread. I am not experienced enough to give advice etc. But I want to ask a question. I am going to have to go round th3 board making unnecessary comments to get my post numbers up. Does anyone know what the threshold is?
  • Truely is a pain as most would come to this forum due to already having a question. Mainly inexperienced runners like myself.
  • I suspect some of my questions are really basic but would probably give some a good laugh.
  • Yes I am trying to get enough posts to start a thread.
  • Boo still on 1 star.
  • How many posts are you up to?
  • Grrr I just joined to get some advice, and I just found out about this. extremly annoying!!!
  • only wanted to ask for some advice over an injury. this is inconvenient
  • probably wouldn't have signed up for an account had i known.
  • so does anyone fancy a chat about some inane nonsense until i can reach some arbitrary post count so i can ask about what i originally came here for!? :wink:
    Do a search for a thread on similar injury and you can post on that thread
  • I'm new here and have no idea to start my own thread! Any suggestions?
  • Whats the rule? That you need to post 10 times or something?
  • I also just joined to ask a simple question
  • I agree, seems like a crazy rule...
  • ... and is creating spam rather than discouraging it...
  • I wouldn’t be posting all of these pointless messages if I didn’t want to create a forum post...
  • Also the rule doesn’t seem to be clearly stated anywhere...
  • ...and so I’m not sure how many times I have to post before I’m allowed (or if it counts if it’s all on the same thread like this)
  • I’ve just been looking at other forums to see if I could contribute anything to them instead, but feel bad just spamming them with pointless comments for the sake of it...
  • Someone said it was 10 posts...
  • i guess I’ll keep going ‘til I get to 10...
  • ...but I’m really sorry for anyone who’s being notified about all these pointless posts...
  • And if anyone from RW is reading then I think you should think about finding a better policy!
  • Or at least making this one a bit clearer...
  • Ok, so for anyone else having this frustration - it seems that once you’ve made 10 comments then you go up to 2 stars and then you can create your own discussions on forums...
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