A midwinter solstice eulogy

As I was running along the mountain skyline yesterday - in the predawn - looking east towards the Pennines, I saw the red streaked rain clouds heralding the rising sun

I kept looking east and eventually as I got onto higher ground the top of the golden orb of the sun came into view

I paused, to watch this, the most significant time of year for me ...and offered up my first ever prayer to the sun -of thanks for having survived some truly difficult life changes, involving deep challenges and a personal transformational journey.

Feeling truly connected with nature - and really warm inside, I slowly continued my mountain jog

20 minutes later - under the ever lightening sky, I noticed that the golden orb of the sun hadn't moved,and, managing to pick out some landmarks,

- realised that my first ever prayer had been delivered to Stanlow Oil Refinery



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