Ahead of schedule for training

I wonder if anyone can give me any advice. I'm going for a sub-4 in April and am already doing 30ish miles of speedwork, hills and a long run of 10-12 miles each week. I'm planning on following the schedule recommended by RW but that starts off with a 6-7 mile long run. Should I continue as I am and increase length of my long runs with a view to getting in a few 20+ milers, or take a step back and follow the course rigidly?


  • It very much depends - how long have you been running for, and what kind of mileage have you been doing? If you're quite new to running, you might be safest keeping your training at around the same level as it is now until the schedule catches up with you. If you've been going a bit longer, then you might feel comfortable staying ahead of the schedule and getting a couple more 20 milers in than would otherwise happen. Stepping back to rigidly follow the schedule doesn't seem like a great idea - if you're comfortable doing 10 - 12 miles, you really should keep that going.

    Either way, you'd be wise to follow the general shape of the schedule, e.g. cut back weeks slightly when the schedule does.
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