Why do.... ?

Why do people insist on bringing their flamin' kids into the office today?


  • What's the point in that. It's not like you can show the kids what a normal day at the office is like.

    No kids in my office - they wouldn't get past the bulldogs at the door!
  • After waiting in 30 minute queue, do people forget their pin number at the supermarket checkout (or start to write a cheque/ask for a pen)
  • after waiting at bust stop for god knows how long, once it arrives, proceed to rake in their bag/pockets, for their fare

    aaaaaaargh, it INFURIATES ME, i want to get back off my seat and kick them off the bloody bus

    Happy Christmas
  • bus stop even

    hmm, time for bubbly methinks
  • No, I think I prefer the "bust" stop ;-)
  • Have you locked the kids in the cupboard yet?
  • i'm nice really!!

    ok, i'm off to open Champagne for me and staff then finish up for the yr

    Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and santa very good to you all

  • I bought my kids to the office today. Hang on, I haven't got any kids! Whose kids are these?
  • kids aren't allowed in our offices!
  • I come to work to get away from the kids ;-)
  • Im a lazy fekker and not at work, hate kids (apart from mine I spose :-) )
  • why do you hate my kids then
  • I hate it when women bring their babies in. You look at it, look at them, look at it again then kinda shamble off trying to look as if it has been the most humbling experience of your life when all the time you're thinking "sh*t! she's let herself go a bit aint she??".

  • I've never understood why all the women at the office insist on bringing their newly-dropped sprogs to work. I think we're supposed to coo over them and say "aaaah, ain't he cute" and congratulate the proud mum. Wtf? About 90 per cent of the adult population manage to procreate. Big bleedin' deal!
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