Progressing from 10m to half

My key target for the first half of next year is the Liverpool half in March. My main question is how significant is the step up from a 10 miler to a half? I did the Llandudno 10 in November in 1:28 something, so is it reasonable to add on half an hour for the extra three miles (i.e. my training pace) and aim for sub 2hrs for the half? Or are there any extra considerations for 13 miles rather than 10.

Other potentially relevant information: I currently run between 20-25 mpw, long runs at around 9-10m, hill work or tempo runs each week and very little speedwork. My other PBs are 51 mins for 10K and 40 for 5m. My basic plan for training for the half is to gradually increase my weekly mileage to peak at about 30mpw and a couple of 13m+ long runs. I am a bit over 16 stone at the moment (pre xmas dinner) and my approach to training will always be to prioritise avoiding getting injured and not being able to run over rapid improvement.

Any advice/thoughts gratefully received. And merry christmas.


  • Hi Loke.

    My first 10 miler was 86.xx off about 20mpw. I then went on to do 1:49 in a HM a year later off 30mpw.

    I think you're right to build up to a 13 mile run and increase the mileage as much as you can.
  • What BR says and don't be afraid to increase your long runs over 13 miles, if you want to. You don't say how tall you are but 16 stone is on the heavy side for a runner so it's very sensible to increase your training gradually to avoid injury. Your joints will thank you for it :-)

    My first half was 1:52, which was followed a few weeks later by a 1:24 10 miler. So, I think with the time you've got to get your mileage up you should be able to aim for sub 2 hours.
  • Loki, I ran my first ten mile race, and then half marathon in the past three months.

    I am no expert but I would say that the step up in distance is not that noticeable really. You'll do it for sure, it just depends how much you are pushing yourself and racing against the clock.

    If you are doing a 10 miler once a week during training you'll be really fine.

    You are not a racing snake, neither am I. I'd advice that you take supplements such as glucosamine to assist the recovery of your joints, and stretch well and manipulate your joints every evening or so.
  • thanks gents. did/do any of you eat during a half? I don't usually eat or drink on my long runs, although I did stop at the drinks stations on the 10m race.

    I'm 6'3", but yes, still pretty heavy. I already take glucosamine, still get occasional knee niggles when I get lazy with the squats. But the answer to that one is pretty obvious.
  • Loki I wouldn't normally eat anything during a half but do take drinks at any drinks station, I do this even if its a cool day.
  • loki= all so 6"3 and was 15 stone plus when did first 10 miler, 2 years later now down to 12 stone 9lb no diet just senseable eating

    use to get pins and needles alot while running when 15 stone, so take it slowly and build up that long run , and i think asub 2 hours is well in reach

    i dont eat when doing the half or 10 but i have taken a hand full off jelly babies round with me ,get a good bowl off porriage 2 hours before your run you should be fine ,good luck
  • Loki - Liverpool Half last year there were 2 water stations and a Lucozade sport station. You won't need to eat during the race if you have fuelled properly beforehand.
  • Loki, no need to eat I dont think, providing you have a good breakfast eg. porridge, three hours before, and maybe a Mars bar an hour before the race.

    I usually take a few gulps of energy drink before the race, and try to avoid drinking stations because I can do without, but also it makes me gulp and cough as I am running if I try and drink.

    anything further than a half marathon and I would drink once or twice.
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