Garstang 10k

Have done this for the last few years, and began last year with a personal worst - however things have improved since then, and I'll be going over for a blast, and hoping to do rather better than last year's 44 and a half minutes.

Anyone else going?


  • is there a map of the route anywhere?
  • Hi sloth, there must be a better one some where but this is my attempt
    its a good course very fast despite nasty hill around 5 miles

  • Looks pretty good to me, RP - fastish short lap, but with an uphill half mile after 1.25 miles or so that slows people down, then a hoolie of a gentle downhill on the main road to a left turn just before 3 miles, then flat under the motorway and back again, with a steepish 200m at about 5.75 miles, gentle uphill to the finish.
  • Andy - you know I've signed up to do this - my first race of 06! Do you think it'll snow like Great Langdale?
  • No.

    It's near the sea. And the canal. And...erm...Preston.
  • BLX
    I'm busy
    My parents live in Garstang - and it would have been a good excuse. I shall download the map anyway as being a good training route for when I visit!
  • thats a poor excuse i am 44 and will there number 228 confirmred today

  • Got my number too - 340.
  • I turned up early to ensure car parking to see a sign saying 'school car park full' outside a different car park.

    I was therefore disappointed to find, after a leisurely half-mile walk to the school, that the school car park was almost empty!!!
  • Yep - we ignored that and carried on and parked in the school grounds.

    Start was a bit chaotic, but understandable due to building work. Good race as always - ran 39:49, and I reckon I lost 10-15 seconds at the start as I ended up way back cos we went round nice and early and everyone basically started from in front of us!

    They ended up full, didn't they? They must've been close to it last year, so we pre-entered, bu they were turning loads away. Disappointing to see the number of people that ran with no numbers and then just ducked out of the finish funnel - that's the sort of behaviour that gets races called off by the police.

    Also disappointed to have my time 'stolen' by a bloke who overtook 2 of us in the finish funnel - he was a member of the Road Runners Club, so presumably he's done enough races to know what a finish line looks like and that you need to stay in order so you get the right time - dork.
  • I did it! I did it! Broke the sub 50 with a mad sprint at the end as I turned into the school! I am sooooo chuffed - 49.55 according to the clock & 49.10 on betty (my garmin). Thanks to andyfromembsay & bob for their wild support in shouting my name as I turned into the school. Really looking forward to the Dewsbury 10k now - on for a sub 49??
    And Paul - I'll be in for some new shoes soon as my nikes have been miles now!
  • 'I lost 10-15 seconds at the start as I ended up way back cos we went round nice and early and everyone basically started from in front of us!'

    Yes strange that. In previous years when the 'elite' runners have got to the line early they have made all the others join behind them. I think they should nullify all times for those who ran less than the required 10K (that would make me the winner ;o))
  • Well done TPL - good to start the year on a PB!

    just as a matter of interest and don't want to start the big GPS / course measuring debate but..
    What distance did your garmin show? Mine was a little over distance at 6.38!! Usually find it much nearer the mark with Ribble Valley 10k showing 6.21 and Green Drive 5mile showing 5.02. Spoke to a couple of other runners who also got similar distances to me!
  • Mine was 6:34, Paul - and the mile markers seemed a hundred yards or so out - certainly thought mile 6 was a bit of a shortie.

    Results are at

    Well done on your 59:57, TPL - pretty sure the results'll be slightly dodgy as there was at least one dickhead who ran with no number and went into the finish funnel - so got a time but no result as the fierce lady taking the numbers kicked him out (and called him a "swine" - fair enough - if you don't get in, don't run, piggy).
  • Oh - and btw - well done on winning, Paul - good effort!
  • cheers andy, lets all agree on it being, say 0.1 mile long therefore at least 30 seconds !
  • I downloaded it to Memory Map to check, and the track looks to follow the road pretty accurately, and that says 6.3m too. And I started by the start line. At my pace 0.1's worth nearly 40 seconds, and the battle at the start must've been worth another 10 - brilliant! Sub-39!!
  • Of course it was long for you Paul i saw you drifting wide on corners due to highspeed and lack of traction ;-)

    are prizes today for foottraffic or Tony Bolton ?,Might visit soon if i have prize as 3rd old man for a N2S jacket

    Dave Lord
  • The 'swine' finished a couple of seconds in front of me but does not appear to have affected the results as the time given was the time I heard as I crossed the line.

    if the distance is 0.1 out then why not move the start to the school gate and move you onto the start line like in the Chorley Night series. you could also move the finish slightly as would also stop the problems at the start.

    otherwise great race today and the bum bag thingie will do nicely !!!!
  • ANDY - it's 49.57 you cheeky monkey! I;m still soooo excited! (and if I take the 40 seconds off it's even closer to 49!)
    Paul - my garmin said 6.21 so I lost a few hundred metres somewhere! Congrats on coming first btw - and hope you have some shiny new shoes ready for me to test!
  • Ah yes, soz matey - well done anyway - at least a minute off that at dewsbury though...

    it was all in the warm-up, y'see.
  • We said exactly that, Stuard - the Trafford 10k starts at a school - they assemble in the playground and then move you onto the road for the start - nice wide road, traffic's not inconvenienced any more than they are with us all legging it out ontpo the road, and at garstang you're off the main road in about 300 yards anyway.
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