• Actually if you read it he's not joined it: he's acting as an adviser.
  • that was the point of the link, so that people could read it rather than just take the thread title as the whole message.
  • They should be well matched - expert on poverty advises party with complete poverty of ideas.
  • He's finally lost it.
  • Rather than just find ways to slag him/ Tories off, shouldn't it be seen as a good thing, if he can help steer Tory policy in a desirable direction? Since, after all, David Cameron may be the next PM?

    Or do we have to criticse, because it's just not groovy, yeah?

    Presumably, BR, if Tony Blair is right in saying that we have a "grand consensus" now in UK politics and teh Tories are adopting New Lbour policies; then the Labour Party is also bereft of ideas?
  • Yes, I'm going to join the Co-operative Party.
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