Trimpell 20

Entry forms on John Schofield's site ( It's the 26th March, not the 19th as ukroadraces has it - so it is possible to run Wilmslow and Trimpell if that's what floats your boat...

Brilliant London warm up - flat as a pancake along an old railway line by the river Lune.


  • did this one last march as a pre london tester and it is a good distance race if you are doing london, as Andy says flat and fast (except for us slow peeps)
  • It'll be back to the proper course this year, as the bridge over the Lune nea Caton's open again - so cycle track all theway and none of that seaside nonesense.
  • Hi All,

    I'd seen conflicting dates for this one and was hoping for the 19th, as the 26th clashes with a North Wales Border League race.

    But I think this takes priority.

  • Is anyone from the Bolton area doing this one? I need a lift because there are no trains that will get me there on time.
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