Back light times on GPS units and runner's watches

Hi - I'll be running the Polar Night half-mara in Tromsø, Norway, on 7th Jan. I wondered if anyone has timed how long a Garmin Forerunner 201 will last if the back light is set to permanently on? If you have the time for another GPS unit or runner's wristwatch, perhaps you could post that also, to make the thread more useful. Thanks.


  • Hi Steve
    Didn't know you could set backlight to permanent on the 201. If you know different please tell me how.

    I managed to switch the whole unit off on Xmas day morning while trying to get the light on.
  • Yes, it's a system setting
  • Thanks Steve
    Have found it now. Hope someone can help with your question.
  • Hi Steve
    Just read your first post again and noticed it is a half marathon you are doing, not a full.

    I would imagine that a fully charged 201 would last for the duration even with the backlight permanently on.

    I intend going out for a couple of hours either Sat/Sunday so, I will try the light out to see if it makes much diference to how long the thing lasts and will let you know.
  • Thanks, Muzzy. I will do the same on my Sunday run. I suppose I could just leave it on on a table at home, but where would be the fun of that :)
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