Races during build-up

Have planned to do Trimpell 20 on 26th March, but have now discovered I could also do Wilmslow half the week before, a race I like and that I have a freee entry for as I didn't run last year.

However - this would mean running Wilmslow half on 19th March (FLM -5 weeks), Trimpell 20 on 26th (-4 weeks) and Coniston 14 (-3 weeks).

Not sure about racing three weeks on the bounce - maybe I should not so Wilmslow and do a decent LSR instead - March is peak mileage month after all.



  • andy - go for it you dont have to do them as a race you can hold back on one off them and take it easy ,just treat it as training runs ,
  • Cheers - Hmmm...thought of that - two concerns - one I should really be running 20miles+ on 19th, and even with a hefty warm up/down I'll probably only do 16 or so, and I have in the past shown myself to be incapable of treating it like a training run and tend to hare off chasing a PB!
  • well in that case you will have to listen to your body after each race and see how you feel
    one thing you dont want to do is get injured and not be able to do flm all your training will go to waste then you will be mad
    you still have three weeks from your last race till flm plenty off time to take it easy and get ready for the big day
  • Yeah - I'd planned Coniston as the start of the taper - might do a cheeky 10k the weekend before again though - last year I jogged the first 5k chatting to my coach then ran a hard 5k to finish - really motivating feeling strong and passing loads of people.
  • andy whats your pb for a half , and what sort off time we hopeing for the marathon

    iam doing my first marathon this year white peaks in derbyshire in may
  • Just use the "race" as your long run that weekend - with the bonus of a nice medal at the end!
  • SB - Half PB's 1:27 at Leeds which isn't the quickets - would hope to take a bit off that at the Brass Monkey in jan weather permitting - looking to run somewhere between 3 and 3:15 at FLM, hopefully.

    STG - problem with using Wilmslow half as a long run is it's not really long enough at that time - I'll be looking to run 20-22 miles that week, and even eith a decent warm up/down it's not going to get much beyond 16 or 17.
  • andy - now iam jelous thats my 2006 goal a pb for a half under 1.30 at the moment 1,32 and abit ,

    and good luck on that time for flm i no theres a lot off hard work goes in to it

  • I will run a 20km race on 5 March, a half-mara on 12 March, another on 2 April and the last on 9 April, none of them flat-out as they will just be training runs.
  • I find it difficult to not race flat out.

    Road wise I think there will be three or four races:

    10 miler in feb, 10k in early march, Southern Road Relay leg in late march, if selected for A team National Road Relay Leg early april.

    With 4-6 cross country races (but these are just hard training runs) thru jan and feb.

  • What club're you in, Mike? Vest looks similar to Ilkley, although I suspect you're a bit far south for that!

    Saw a few red/green vests last year but couldn't work out what club it was.

    I share your problems with races - although I really enjoyed a 10k the week before FLM05 where I jogged the first 5k then ran a hard 5k to finish - good for the soul to pass so many people!
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