When I returned from running last Tuesday my right Knee felt tender to touch on the inside, Wednesday I was limping on it with tenderness again on the inside so no running for the rest of the week with plenty of R.I.C.E.. It felt fine today so went out and ran 5 miles sore for te first 1 miles then no pain at all during running but as the day has progressed tenderness and pain returning. Can any body shine a ligh as to what it is and how long should I leave before returning back to runing.


  • Could it possibly be my running shoes, I have just calculated that Ihave done over 300 miles in them. How many miles should a pair of shoe last?
    Sorry for reposting as I am new to this.
  • Sorry, Graeme, can't help on the injury, but I believe manufacturers will generally tell you their shoes are good for 500 or 600. Depends on quality and/or design, I suppose.
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