Chicago Marathon 2006



  • Toucan - check the small print - they don't want e-mail links! :(
  • Print the page from the website with your result on and fax them that.
  • Done that now - fingers crossed they'll sort it out.
  • I'm in as well. Was doing Paris in April but a recent injury has forced me out so this was the perfect tonic :)
  • Coops 10 - it could be a blessing in disguise then; Paris doesn't rate very highly in my favourite marathons!
  • Champagne - it does with me, I've done it twice already! But yes, I'm sure it's not to everyone's liking.
  • :o) It's nice running among the sights in Paris, but I like to have lots of spectators to encourage me. Here's hoping that Chicago will be like that and the 8 o'clock start doesn't put them off!
  • Agree with that point, especially in the parks in Paris. Mind you, it's the only marathon I've done so nothing to compare it to.

    I need something to push me along after I get tired at mile 2......!
  • Just signed up for this one folks. Good to see you on here Coops. I've paris in April but now more excited about this one as have done Paris in the past. This will be my second US marathon having done NY in o4. Guess it's gotta Boston after this one then.

    Read the small print re start positions - have to fax off proof of results so willl do that next week.
  • Hi Carpet!Anyone else doing a marathon this spring?
  • Hi Champagne

    Have had a read through earlier postings - sounds as though this marathon is going to be up there with NY for atmosphere. Superb!
  • I signed up this week for Chicago. Let's hope the past knee problems mean I can run and not have to do Penguin method run/walk.

    Been to Chicago lots before so if you want the best outlet shopping I can recommend Aurora a drive from the city or Woodfield Mall near O#hare......

    Running with a boston mate and she reckons we can get her mate's michigan ave. apartment for digs....otherwise hotel booking happening soon....

    Summer training here I come...
  • I'm finally going to run Chicago. My friends have been trying to talk me into it for several years now. Really looking forward to it...lots of crowd support, and the temps should be greats....maybe even a PB...I train better in the summer.... :o)

    ...did you say "OUTLET SHOPPING"????? :o)
  • Glo......
    check it out

    I shopped there last year and the credit card took a battering. Think I will hobble over there mon or tues after the race.

    Zed :->
  • Champagne - I'm running FLM.
    I'm also planning on Boston in 2007 to complete my set of the "big 5".
  • Are you aiming for a time at FLM Toucan?

    You mean big 5 as in NY, London, Berlin, Chicago, Boston? I've still got Berlin (2007?) and Boston (2008?) to do, after Chicago (if I get round!)

    3 Peaks fell race for me this spring. 24 miles, 4500 feet ascent.
  • Yeah - I'm aiming for a crack at sub-3 but I'm committed to doing a tri over the summer so I don't know if the amount of time I do on the bike is going to let me get into sub-3 shape.

    I did London, Berlin and NY last year and chicago this year so all that remains is Boston. My NY time should get me in for 2007.

    Have you done the 3 peaks before? Did the route as part of mara training ~18 months ago. it was at the end of a heavy mileage holiday/training week but managed it in 5hr. Thing that drove me up inglebrough was the thought of a pint of guinness at the pub!
  • Errr..I've walked it! I just want to get round without being timed out really. 5 hours isn't bad you know.
    I did an 18 mile 3300 feet ascent run today in a very sedate 3 hours and it'll have to be that (or more) every weekend from now until April. I hope I'll soon start feeling better than I did today.
  • Some serious running took place - ascent running Champagne? SOunds crazy to me. Hate hills let alone mountains!

    Fax sent off so hopefully a preferred start beckons. Now to get Paris out of the way first!
  • Carpet - check the conformation of registration on the Chicago website tomorrow - they may have changed your start from 'open' to 'preferred start 1 or 2'. I found they were pretty quick about it.
    Doing your long slow runs with hills in is great for your stamina and mental strength....well I hope so anyway, I haven't really reaped the rewards yet!

    Have you run Paris before? Get some hill training in to practice for the tunnels as you come back up the river!
  • Cheers Champagne, I'm sure your reward will come soon. Yes I did Paris in 05 and after having done NY a fewmonths earlier those tunnels didn't register as hills!
  • Just faxed over my last half finish time to secure a "preferential start". Makes me sound so pro, however, it just means that there are more people to overtake me!
  • I know what you mean Coops, but when I ran NY in 2004, I just mingled in the crowd at the start and bascially set off in the masses. There were times when I was running and trying to overtake people and I found myself facing a wall of runners in front and having to slalom my way round them. This did not happen in the last 6 miles however :(

    As Chicago is first come first served, there'll be a lot of unhappy people in the months to come (especially rejects from the NY lottery) who won't be able to set off near the front.

  • I am sure I put down preferred start, but my entry seems to state general start ? Any ideas ? Can I get it changed ?
  • You have to justify being in a preferred start by faxing them justification of a previous marathon or half marathon time. Check out the registration page on the Chicago marathon website page Alex. I'll try to find you the link.
  • You're right Champagne - preferred start now showing on my registration so they deal with it pretty quick.

    Coops - they've got you down as a preferred also but still have you registered twice!

  • I see, so they don't put that down till you fax them. Will fax them this week.
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