Chicago Marathon 2006



  • I had a dream the other night that the route went through all the shopping malls and I kept losing my way as the runners got mixed up with all the shoppers.

    I will be travelling in disguise, ie wearing ordinary shoes and a normal coat. Running gear will be packed, although I might try to take the bag on with me as I'm not taking much.
  • PadamsPadams ✭✭✭
    Wow, Andrea I had that exact dream about a different race a few months ago! It was really frustrating!

    No crazy dreams about Chicago yet, but I'm sure I will have some in the next few days. Just one more day of work - unfortunately there's a lot to get done before I go away, so might be a long day tomorrow.
  • Last day at work flying out tomorrow morning. Hope to see many of you guys Friday morning, if not during or after the race. I will be wearing a Serpentine top. Good luck to everyone
  • welcome kiwi chica - you're welcome to come join us at cereality on friday morning?

    really getting nervous now. i'm having at least 3 panic dreams a night .. one more day of organising left...
  • hi kiwi chica - I've got a saltire flag on the back of my T-shirt and Scotland so say hi you run past!

    Just been out for 3 mile run...soooo short.

    Fly to London tomorrow and out to Chicago Thursday. No weird dreams for me yet...

  • PS seem to have knocked cold / earache / hypochondria on the head .. for the moment. May still wear mask on the plane though ;)
  • Clearly you're coping with your nerves better than I am Zed - you'll be a steadying influence..
  • Hi Zed, will definitely say hi if I see you. And thanks dieselgirl, would love to join you guys at Cereality but we don't land until Friday afternoon - getting 12.55 flight from Heathrow. Weather forecast is freaking me out a bit, about 10 degrees colder than London at the mo.

    Must say the course video was a bit scary, seeing it like that made the distance seem so long! Very excited though, looking forward to experiencing the infamous American spectator support!
  • Had a wee look back in the thread and just so I back:

    Cereality Friday 20th 8-9am time
    Blue Wombat

    Cereality Saturday 21 8-9am
    Zed (yes I am addicted)
    Moses K (possibly)

    Oh and I shall get my final fix on Monday after the race so hobble along 8-9am!!!

  • Yep - may well see you there on Saturday am as well - but you can count on me on Friday am. May not have jelly babies but will clutch Hal Higdon's Marathon to my chest and look around wildly...
  • Cereality Friday 20th 8-9am time
    Blue Wombat

    Cereality Saturday 21 8-9am
    Zed (yes I am addicted)
    Moses K (possibly)
    Andrea B (I will try to source some jelly babies for identification - otherwise I'll have a copy of Runners' World)
  • Hello all,

    Just wanted to send best wishes to you all for Sunday.

    Got a slight knee niggle, but prepared to hop if I have to. Off to begin the long journey to Chicago in a few hours; Abu Dhabi > London tonight then London > USA on Thursday (Jimbob, I've got playing cards!)

    Have a safe trip everyone, all the best for Sunday,

  • BJP - see you in Chicago.. Make yourself known!
  • Being a bit dumb here but whats this cereality stuff about??

    Zed - Where in Scotland u from?? I'm from Falkirk, not wearing my saltire t-shirt this time as running for British Heart Foundation so got my heart runners t-shirt with my name on front.
  • Just wanted to wish all you guys and gals all the luck in the world for sunday.Cant believe a year has passed since i darkened chicago's mean streets!You are gonna have a great time..its a fab city,fab race,fab expo.Just make sure you get plenty of rest when you get there..wouldnt bother doing a city bus tour,you see the best of it from your running shoes on sunday morning!
    Look forwrd to hearing about your triumphs.God speed all and be return safely running friends
  • HI everyone. I've not been around much in the last few days. Taper's great - I have gone bonkers, am paranoid about every ache and pain and feel really lazy and bloated! I was on the Tube going to work the other day and some girl stamped on the side of my foot with her high heel by accident when the train jolted. I got rather angry!! I apologised and said I was just paranoid about the marathon, and she was lovely! It still hurts a bit, but sure it will be fine.

    Thanks for all the good luck messages from people on this thread!!

    I won't be able to catch up with anyone in Chicago as I'm part of a big group, but I will shout at anyone in a British themed vest - and B5D representing the Serpies. I will be in a Union Jack vest with 'Paul' on the front and back. Please give me a kick if you see me!!

  • I'd just like to repeat the thanks for all the good wishes for those of us taking part.

    TAFKATAFKAPB5 .... I think you will be ahead of me, but I'll wear my union jack vest with "Simon" on front and back just in case!

    I'll be at cereality around 8am on Friday, and hang around for a coffee, reading my US edition of runners' world. I answer to the name of Simon, in case anyone wnats to say hello, and hope to see Zed, Dieselgirl, and any others there for mutual encouragement and to ward away the last minute terrors! There's a map of the location for Cereality [100 S. Wacker (at Monroe)] here.

    Hope everyones' journies are trouble free, and you manage to get some rest along the way.

    Happy loading. Happy taper.
  • hi guys,
    my turn to wish you all good luck - may perfect weather and pbs speed us all along. And even if things aren't perfect I hope we all have a great time!
    I'll be running for Save the Rhino - but not in costume.
    See you all at Cereality!
  • Yikes, please someone tell me this weather forecast is wrong - rain and snow showers!
  • The BBC weather website has it sunny! I guess the good thing is that it will be nice and cool. New York last year was absolutely horrible cos it was freakishly warm.

    Snow. Hmmmm.....
  • OK - done. Done my last 4M. Whatever there is is in the bag now. I'm bricking myself!

    Weather - cool is good it just throws out my planned outfit - I'm bringing a vast quantity of kit and may well end up buying more .. tafkat - i ran nyc last year as well and the heat was murder - this is much better. snow? i don't know ..

    OK guys - see you on friday..
  • Info for the people that do not yet have confirmation packs.

    An e-mail was sent with your entry details overnight so it appears some people may have reported no confirmation being received in the post so this e-mail is also able to be used at the Expo along with photo I.D.
  • Yeah cool is great, it was pretty cold for the London marathon this year and that was perfect. Checked the forecast on CNN and that says partly cloudy and 14 so am putting my faith in that one.
  • Hmm, I've packed far too much stuff. The perils of packing after a couple of glasses of wine! (friend came over to say Good Luck!)

    Just checked in too so all I've got to do is not oversleep. we're on the 9.30am BA flight from Heathrow/ anyone else?

    Running in fluorescent yellow top with black footprint on the back, with The Stragglers and 'EMMA' on the front
    Still need to sew Union Flags onto the sleeve - saturday afternoon job!
    GOOD LUCK EVERYONE! See you on the Dark Side.......
  • Been checking the websites for weather and they all seem to contradict each other. I'm taking everything, and running in the stuff I've spent all summer training in. Nothing new on race day........ (unless my suitcase goes missing!)
  • Even if it's blooming cold I don't think you need any more than shorts and a vest. Although a Save The Rhino outfit would be nice!

    I'm getting bored of this food - baked potatoe for dinner last night, pasta for lunch today, rice for dinner tonight. Yawn!

    And I'm completely bricking it too Dieselgirl!! I take it as a good sign :)
  • I've got my groin to add to Bens knee to the list of last minute injury worries. Did 3 miles easy last night, and my groin felt terrible. Am sure it will be ok on the day tho.

    RIGHT! I'm off to catch a flight tomorrow morning. Good luck all!!!! I hope the 26.2 miles will be kind to us.

    Before I go,
    This marathon will hopefully mark a special acheivment for me personally. My story and the reason why I'm here is at
    Just thought the page may be of interest to people running this sunday.

    Looking forward to meeting people out there, and hearing everyones success stories when I get back

    Peace, love and have nice day

  • Jim - just read the site. Great effort for getting yourself trained up and doing this!

    Travel safely
  • Jimbob - your achievement in just getting to the starting line is amazing. Well done!

    Meet us at Cereality on Friday / Saturday ok?

    Dieselgirl / Petra

    TAFKAT - I really hope the bricking it is a good sign. My stomach is in knots and I too am dreading more carbs. It's my birthday today so I'm treating myself to an Indian tonight - rice is carbs too right? By Sunday I'll be ready for something completely different..
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