Chicago Marathon 2006




    On Sunday you can toast it with as many bottles of Bud as it's possible to fit in a human!
  • I have a spare ice hockey ticket on Saturday night to see the Chicago Blackhawks (starts 7.30). If anyone is interested I will sell it to them for £30 (it cost me £115)and I can meet anyone in Central London to give it to them.
  • Cereality Friday 20th 8-9am time
    Blue Wombat

    Cereality Saturday 21 8-9am
    Zed (yes I am addicted)
    Moses K (probably!)
    Andrea B (I will try to source some jelly babies for identification - otherwise I'll have a copy of Runners' World)

    Fado Irish Bar Sunday 22 (race finish - chucking out time)
    Moses K (Pete)

    Unless I've missed something I haven't seen a concrete suggestion for somewhere to celebrate/drown sorrows on Sunday pm.
    True to my Irish nature (and the fact that I've sworn off Guinness for the last month) I took it upon myself to do a bit of googling and I'm looking at a pub called "Fado" on 100 W Grand Avenue for some post race drinks. I will happily shout a drink for each and every poster if I can duck under the 3 hour mark for the first time. As I recall some other posters have made commitments along these lines too - don't be shy now!! I should be there from 3pm onwards - you will know me by my Runner's World magazine, bedraggled visage and pint of Guinness!
    (BTW - if someone has a better venue in mind, I'm open to change, as long as I can get me a beer!)

    BJP - thanks for the tip - I think a taxi is my best bet alright.

    Jimbob - hats off to you!!

    Thanks for the good wishes from all non-runners.
    To the rest of ye - safe trips and no niggles to all!
  • Happy Birthday Dieselgirl! I'm doing this run as my birthday present to myself, I add another year on on Saturday. Distrubing to see the race registration with my age as yet another year older! Anyway, enjoy the curry tonight. Just the ticket.

    I'll try and get along to Fado around 3pm Sunday if I can.
  • Happy birthday Dieselgirl

    It's now becoming all too real. Last night I packed my bags - bar some last minute washing. I've stocked up on gels and got a new pair of socks. Just printed off the e-ticket for the plane. Only drawback is that on last night's run my new trainers gave me big old blister on my arch. My own fault really for not taping over as this always happens with new trainers - but I'm in two minds as to which trainers to go for in the race: new or ones with 160 miles and 2 marathons on the clock.

    Moses K - I'll second you on the guiness/3hr pledge. Although I'm confident my greenbacks are safe. I'll definitely be heading for some for the blackstuff post race. I may also head over to the post-marathon party - apparently you get 4 free beer or food vouchers.

    Just 5M with middle 4K @M.P. tonight, 5M gentle tomorrow lunch then it's carbo loading all the way.

    Good luck everyone.
  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY Dieselgirl!

    And good on you Jimbob, what an amazing achievement.

    David, we're going to the ice hockey on Sat night too, should be great, never seen a game before.
  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY Dieselgirl!
    will try and make it to cereality one day over the weekend - rather depends how early we get up!
    Cake - good carbohydrates surely ?!?!?
  • Happy Birthday Dieselgirl & Simon... we'll have to organise birthday cake for ye on Sunday!
  • Hey David,

    Great idea, we just bought 2 tickets for the ice hockey on Saturday night too from ticketmaster, would have loved to see the Chicago Bears but they're not playing in Chicago this weekend, ice hockey is a good substitute.
  • Glad to hear you are going to the game, unfortunately the ticket I'm trying to sell is mine as I picked up a ligament injury in the Kingston 16 mile. That will teach me to go for 1.42.
  • oh that is a bummer David, sorry to hear that
  • Happy birthday Dieselgirl and Blue Wombat. I ran the London marathon on my birthday (a big one) a couple of years ago - it was a great experience.

    Fado on Sunday sounds good - I'll try and make it, although I doubt whether I'll be there as early as some of the more speedy posters.

    David - sorry to hear you can't go.

    Jimbob - good for you - I hope you enjoy the experience on Sunday.

    I've decided not to go anything this week at all, in fear of twisting my ankle or doing something equally silly.

    Feeling very nervous - what's the worst that can happen? Wobbling around all over the place in the final stages, having hit the wall/picking up a bad injury mid-race/having to walk most of it. I'm just trying to face my fears. It'll be great.
  • These things happen and you live to run another day (hopefully). Good luck with your run and enjoy Chicago. I can highly recommend the architectural tour by boat. You get on board at the Navy Pier
  • Andrea,

    I experienced that in my last marathon, both calves went solid around 10 miles, had to walk a good 8 miles before I eventually managed to jog again then pushed to the end, even made it in 5h 08m, I blame the fact I started way too quickly and got dragged along with a few others that I was chatting to, one managed 4h so I blame that
  • Caz - well, as it has already happened to you once, it probably won't happen again. Starting off too fast - always a worry, especially if you're going for a time.

    Got to get out of this uni library - a woman opposite me is coughing and spluttering. Need to go before I catch it.
  • Toucan - go for the 160m shoes - they're still in the first half of their useful life and a blister could completely screw your marathon.

    I might try and make it along to Fado on Sunday - depends what the rest of my group is up to

  • Thanks so much for all the wishes guys - it'll be a good one I'm sure! I'll come to Fado - sometime after the first ones no doubt but if i beat 4:27 I owe you a round!

    See you at Cereality - last minute packing and children to placate here.
  • latest weather forecast suggests it will be cool. suggests 8oC max with 14mph winds from the NW.
  • Sounds like pretty good conditions. I presume the wind won't get us that bad if we're whizzing around skyscrapers?!
  • I just watched the video of the course... Flat as a pancake!!! Love it!
  • PadamsPadams ✭✭✭
    Right, nearly finished packing and ready to go I think! Flying tomorrow from Heathrow at 12:55.

    I will be wearing my St Albans Striders vest (see pic) in the race and am quite noticeable being about 6 foot 5! Can't really commit to any of the arranged meetings as I will be spending some time with my girlfriend who lives near Chicago at the moment (she is also doing the marathon), and her parents are also flying over, so will be spending some time with them.

    Good luck everyone! I will probably be at the post race party celebrating or drowning my sorrows! Weather's looking good if the wind is not too bad (good for running that is!).
  • Have a good journey, Paul.

    I will look out for you and B5D in the competitive start area. You're the tall fella in the yellow shirt, he's in a Serpentine vest and I'll be in a Union Jack shirt!
  • Have you seen you can get emails sent to family/friends as you go through the various split markers:
  • Sorry, I pasted the link as a reply instead of looking for it on the web. Idiot!
    Taper madness for you!
  • LOL - good madness!

    Judgung by the lack of activity on here today I am guessing most people have started their transatlantic journeys. hopefully they will log on and let us know what the weather's like!

    I am on the 12.55 BA flight from Heathrow tomorrow
  • We're packing just now, got a 0555 flight from Glasgow to Amsterdam on Friday morning then onto Chicago for 1200.

    Getting hyper now
  • ooh. I don't like the weather forecast. I've in in California the last month and have got used to running in warm weather. Thinking it could be very cool on Sunday morning, and wondering what to pack/wear! Oh well, happy travels folks.
  • Hi All
    I am over here in Chicago got here last night and it was pouring rain today it is very very cold. The forecast for sunday is even colder with possible snow showers along with strong winds basically at present the conditions look poor. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

    PAdams and Paul I will see you guys in the competitive start area I will be in a serpie top along with hat and gloves.

    Peter AKA Moses Fado sounds like a good plan my mobile is 07818440070

    I will hopefully see a few others at Cerality, good luck to all of you.
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