Chicago Marathon 2006



  • That's sounds a pretty good price to me - can't imagine it being any cheaper closer to the time.

    Think i'll go with that - just need to mull over dates now.
  • Have signed up for this, having previously done NY & Dublin. What is Chicago like compared to Ny & Dublin? Is the shopping as good as NY?. Booked flights with BA and booked into the Palmer Hilton Hotel. Booked hotel through Thomas Cook cheapest price for this hotel that I could find
  • where are you flying from Champagne? I just checked BA and cheapest I could see was £417 inc tax (departing from Heathrow)
  • It's called World Sale and it's on until 31st January with Lyon (France, where I live)-London-Chicago at £300. Hopefully it's not one of these strange things where it'd be cheaper to do that than just get a simple Heathrow-Chicago flight.
    Through or or or even the BA site, it's all at about 450 euros (i.e. £300).
  • Martin 1 - Chicago is far better than NY - in every way you can imagine (and just a different league to Dublin, albeit that is still good).
    Shopping all close together, so I think better than NY, but that is for you to determine.

    Flights - I normally wait till Sept, when you get the best price, but that is normally around 320, so if you can get 300 now, take it. I will always choose AA though, well ahead of BA, especially if you're running, so you have enough leg room.
  • Thanks jd, booked flights on Ba air miles. Only 1 flight out available on air miles so had to get in quick.
  • You also get 5% off by booking with AA if you're running the marathon.
  • Alcoholics Anonymous?
  • What's the address Coops - after a 4am finish this morning i think i need to visit it.

    Still struggling for a £300 flight.
  • Carpet - you're putting me to shame on the drinking front. Your forever under the affluence of incohol.
  • your right there mate - got a lunch appointment shortly too.....

    can't seem to find the BA deal but American is offering £344. might use miles and go club but was planning to use miles for a return club trip to Oz for the ashes.
  • Which test are you planning on going to? I have a friend in Perth who reckons he can get some tickets for me. Would be nice to see us stuff you lot again.
  • wont be going to Perth. def Melbourne and then may tack on Sydney as they are back to back. You boys are going down.
  • Isn't that what our good friend Michael Jackson said?
  • That's not olden, that's Golden.
  • I try my best. Is this a sensible thread and should the childish jokes stop now in the run up to Chicago....? Or is this thread gonna go the same as every other I visit? Please advise.
  • think you've scared everyone off Coops. Suspect there will be a blend or banter and serious running stuff.
  • Hi all
    Was originally booking into the Hyatt Regency but have been advised it is full - apparantly quite a few hotels full as there is the LP Gas Technology Convention on from 19 to 21 Oct.

    HAve booked a room at the Fairmont which I understand is pretty close to start and finish.

    Got an 18 miler to do this Sunday - can't say I'm looking forward to it.
  • All the best with your Sunday run Carpet. I'm going to try to do my long hilly run again - hopefully a bit faster, as I won't need to keep looking at the map this time.

    Did you book your hotel through a tour operator or did you just get in touch with the hotel directly? Do they make you shell out the full total straightaway?
  • Thanks for that Champagne and good luck to you too.

    Had my secretary book it - she would have either gone straight to hotel or through internal travel. Cancellation policy is 5 or 6 pm day before arrival. no payment til departure. No "standard" rooms left so i took whatever the next level up is.
  • how'd the run go Champagne? Glad i got through my 18 miler ok but have got a 20 miler to negotiate this sunday now!
  • TOUGH!
    Exactly the same run as the week before as for distance and ascent, but from about halfway round my legs were SO tired. I got round but I ended up walking up some of the hills. I did the same time as the previous Sunday without pausing to read the map. :(

    I put it down to a lack of carbo-loading the night before and my body having to adapt to hilly 45 mile weeks. As you've got to get back onto a horse when you've fallen off, I went for a 6 mile easy jog this afternoon, which went okay. It's all character-building, I'm sure! I've got a 16 mile road race with 2300 feet ascent next Sunday, so I might ease off a bit this week.

    I was looking at some of the comments on about Chicago (go in the calendar and click on Chicago). Looks good!
    I still haven't got the hotel sorted.
  • Champers. Don't worry - as long as you're putting in honest miles then they'll do you alright in the end.

    Not sorted out flight or hotel - but I'm not going to until about July.

    Plenty of time yet. I'm aiming for a good spring's base with a few halves etc. then picking it up late summer for a push for the big fella.
  • Sounds like a good plan Toucan
  • Toucan - did I meet you in Berlin in September? Sounds like a tough run Champagne - rather you than me.
  • You can get flights from Manchester to Chicago for £258 pounds most of the year, though it must be more from London.
  • BMI probably - direct into O'hare.

    Carpet - I can't remember - possibly - I was definitely there.
  • Toucan - I think we did meet. Where you in the Irish bar afterwards?

    Just had a balls up with my hotel so have switched to : Hotel71

    It looks like a great hotel.
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