Chicago Marathon 2006



  • Off to the airport now - conditions sound rough, Darren!!!
  • Heading to airport now myself.

    Do I not like that weather forecast! Better throw in hat n gloves too.

    Hope to see some of you guys in the competitive start area too. Will have a "Pete" sticker on me and a few shamrocks too!

    Good luck everyone and hopefully see you in Fado to use up some of my US$!

  • Well I can confirm it is pretty cold here. I went for a 20 minute run this morning and it's actually not too bad - almost ideal. I am going to start in hat and gloves, but expect top throw them away at some point in the first couple of miles. Will also wear old trackie bottoms and top to throw away at the start line.

    Have good races guys - look forward to reading everyone's race reports here afterwards

  • Good luck everyone. Despite having an entry and intending on doing it I could not because I have too much on in work (despite being self employed; my boss is a slave driver). Not all bad news though as I get to do the Tour of Torfaen 1/2 tomorrow.

    Will see if I can watch online tomorrow.

    Enjoy !

  • The race has come and gone and the conditions were very cold and windy but luckily no rain. Those last 3 miles to the finish line were very hard having to run into that drving head wind sucked. Had a bit of an injury scare on the friday my shin was giving me a lot of pain when I walked had to ice it serveral times but by Saturday afternoon the pain has cleared was sure if I would even finish the race. With the injury scare and the crap conditons wasn't really expecting to get the sort of time I wanted but non the less still went off hard in order to get warmed up quickly. Found myself running a lot faster than the pace I had planned but decided to go for it and see what would happen. To my complete surprise and beyond my expectations I managed to finish in a time of 2:37:46. Hope everyone had a good race. Am off now for a few beers and a couple of weeks recovery touring around Canada. Take care
  • Boy was it cold!

    Doing well until mile 20, then it all fell apart.

    Got 3hrs 50 instead of 3hrs 25 :(

    Now on to Vegas and Hawaii :)

  • Excellent race. Just arrived back in San Francisco where it's coming up to 1 am so I'll keep this brief. Data are:

    5K 0:25:48
    10K 0:50:58
    15K 1:16:00
    20K 1:40:49
    HALF 1:46:16
    25K 2:05:45
    30K 2:30:40
    35K 2:56:30
    40K 3:23:21
    FINISH 3:36:13

    I set out with the aim of getting 3:40, but at around 10 miles I realised (probably too late) that things were going really well and 3:30 was a possibility. Pushed for that, but obviously not hard enough, and found the last 3k were very difficult with rock hard right calf which didn't want to play ball. none the less, a PB by almost 15 minutes.

    Good to meet up with a few of you at Cereality on Friday. Popped in to Fado's but failed to find any familiar faces and retreated in the face of smoke (obviously not a genuine Irish bar!). Had a really good run, and am feeling great about it. 3;30 and Boston now seem like a real possibility on a good day and with a bit more structured training.
  • Up early cos my body clock still hasn't adjusted to US time...

    Still on a high!! Managed to crack the 3 hour mark at last... had to bust a gut for the last mile to make it but sheer delight crossing that line and seeing that the first digit on the clock was a "2".

    Couldn't make it to Cereality on Sat am - I had to wait around in my hotel until 9 am to confirm that I could stay there for the last two nights of my stay cos of a mix up with the internet reservation company.

    Myself and Big 5 D. met up in Fado and bored anyone who cared to listen to tales of the 26.2 miles... the only seats were upstairs which may have made us hard to find but standing wasnt really an option! I left my Lance Armstrong Runners World on the table and made my way through copious pints of Arthur Guinness' finest... it never tasted better!!

    Congrats to all who finished and well done to all who reached their targets.

    Special congrats to B5D - fantastic time and amazing achievement going from a 3:08 in Berlin last September to a 2:37 yesterday - well done chief!
  • Cheers Pete and cheers for the hangover this morning on top of the aching legs. Weel done to Paul Adams also breaking 2:45 and well done to my fellow Serpie, Paul Burton AKA every other name on managing to hold it together and get the Boston qualifying time.
  • hi guys.

    WOW - what times by everyone. You lot are awesome. All of you

    I am over the moon with my 3:10:01. Race went according to plan, and felt easy. Kept it 1 min or so ahead of 3:10 the whole way, but lost the cushion into that wind on the final three. Once I got up the hill and knew that the 3:10:59 I needed to BQ was going to happen, any pain drifted away, and I put in a sprint to try and break 3:10. Just missed it but what the hell!! After two horrible marathons due to unrealistic goals I have trained smart and run a smart race. Over the #@%^ing moon!!

    Off out for a final night on the beers in Chicago before flying home tomorrow night. I look forward to reading everyone's race reports here soon

    Paul :-)
  • Hi everyone,

    I am also over the moon, having cracked 4 hours after years of trying. I ran 3.55.34 and knocked 10 minutes off my PB. The cold weather really worked in my favour - it also seemed that the course was downhill for a lot of the time, but that must have been an illusion. Great crowd support in the first half. Fantastic race all round, even the last cruel hill - all forgotten once you turn the corner and see the finish line. I didn't actually dare hope that I could make it in under 4 hours - it was only around mile 24 that I actually realised that I was going to do it. My only problem is that there's probably nowhere to go for me from here, as I don't think I'll ever be able to run a marathon any faster.

    Zoe - great to meet you. Hope the legs are not aching too much - have fun in Boston.

    Sorry to miss everyone else - I was actually in Fado's from around 4 until 5.30 - difficult to try to meet up with people that I hadn't seen before - I went around a few people asking whether they were from the UK - some were, but not from the forum, but I ended up drinking with them anyway. I was downstairs, managing to sit on a bar stool.

    Safe trips home or onwards,

  • Andrea - congratulations on finally cracking 4hrs. You must feel delighted :-)

    I am back at work today after the redeye overnight flight. Couldn't sleep and am in pieces now, but it doesn't matter - my medal is on my desk and I'm smiling!!

    The marathonfoto website has got some cracking photos on there. Hope everyone else managed to get some good ones too

    I had a couple of craking nights out on Sunday and Monday. Chicago is a cool place
  • Well done all!

    Superb race! Fantastic support all the way round despite the weather.

    I'm really chuffed with my time, I finally got under 3.30 by running 3.27, knocking 16 minutes off my previous PB....all this with a dodgy achilles that stopped me running for a month in August.

    Got to get a 3.20 somewhere to qualify for Boston now.
  • PadamsPadams ✭✭✭
    Just got back home - well done everyone, sounds like some good results!

    I was fairly happy with my race, just think I should have worn an extra layer as I never really warmed up! I think that contributed to being on the verge of cramp for the last 10K or so, but I was pleased I could maintain a reasonable pace. The first half felt good, almost exactly 1:20 (including a pitstop which lasted about 45 secs!), then held on in the last 10K for 2:42:16. I probably should be happier as it was a PB by nearly 10 mins, but feel 2:40 might have been on if it had been slightly warmer.

    B5D - good to meet you at the finish, awesome time. Surely you can spend the next couple of months destroying all your other PBs now (sub-75 half?), before going for 2:30 in London? Might see you on the champ start!

    Yesterday went on the architecture boat tour along the river which was really good, recommend it if you ever go back. Also went to the King Tut exhibition on Monday which was also good.
  • Wow - I have just thawed out from Sunday! That and my legs/knees are working again so I can get to the internet!!

    Great race - fantastic city. Agree that is was soooo cold but being Scottish I ran in shorts and a t-shirt and warmed up by I think mile 13! Then my knees got sore but kept on 4:15 pace until mile 17 when my right knee decided it didn't want to bend anymore....walked for a bit. Shuffled/ran the last 9 miles and "sprinted" across the line in 4hrs 26 mims. Better by 15 mins to my previous marathon so have to be pleased.

    Great to meet Big 5 Dreamer (congrats on your super speedy time) and Blue Wombat (again a good time mate) and Petra (was that you passing me with save the rhino penned down your legs at about mile 20?) and Andrea B (the post race party was fun wasn't it?!).

    Great experience - wearing my marathon jacket with pride here in Boston now...

  • Well Done Everyone! I did 4hs23mins (by my watch) and beat my PB by 25mins exactly. Not bad, considering that was set 6 months ago in London!
    Had a great time with the family, all did really well too, but hubby's knee is properly buggered now. The moment it went 'Ping' is caught on camera. Nice.
    Bought a lightweight long sleeve running top on saturday which was a complete Godsend. Could've done with some thermals on Monday while doing the tourist thing.
    We went for champagne at the bar in John Hancock centre - fantastic views!
    Just got back, and i'm really jetlagged. Diet starts on Monday so treating ourselves to curry tonight.
    What's everyone up to next?
  • 25 minutes is a great improvement E:-)


    1. Get my achilles sorted
    2. Run some long fell races in spring and summer
    3. Try to run a 3.20 marathon next autumn (Berlin????) to qualify for Boston
  • Congratulations, E!! Great PB.

    Next for me:

    1) Catch up with the drinking I've missed out on
    2) Catch up on the eating I've missed out on
    3) Catch up with the weights I've missed out on
    4) Enjoy the GRIM challenge in December - a muddy 8m race through Aldershot tank training land
    5) Train for sub-3 at Boston in April (having just qualified!!!!!)
    6) Train for sub-2:55 at Berlin in September
  • Big 5 Dreamer - I just saw your race results on the Serpiebase. Absolutely staggered by the rate of your improvement. Congratulations.

    A couple of questions for you...
    1. How have you structured your training to make the step up you've done?
    2. What do you think you are capable of in the next couple of years?
  • Hello everybody. I'm posting this message from my hotel's computer room just before
    I jet off back to sunny old England in a few hours.

    Legs are now fully working again after sunday, all that walking around sight-seeing must've helped.

    Sunday was blo*dy freezing, but at least the rain held off and there was no real wind to speak of. Unfortunatly I arrived fairly late for the start and got stuck behind my chosen pace group of 4hrs, and started with the 5.15 min runners.
    I found the start very difficult to get going, with alot of walkers and discarded clothing to negotiate (I don't know how more people didn't slip up!)
    In truth I didn't hit my pace until 9 miles in, and it was only then I felt really comfortable.

    Things started getting a little tough around mile 19 with miles taking the same amount of time to complete, but seeming like they lasted forever. The last 3 miles are best forgotten, as I really had to dig deep just to keep going atall.

    Got through the Evil hill at the end, and then attempted a sprint finish with 400m to go. After 50m, my legs told my head to stop being so silly, and we came to a gentlemen's agreement that we would enjoy the last straight.

    Overall my time was 3:56:44. I acheived lots of goals, finishing without stopping, breaking 4 hours, and getting a new pb by about 20 mins. So I was pretty happy about the whole thing.

    Have spent the last few days eating shrimp, supping bubbly at John Hancock (also), eating burgers, shopping, photographing, eating cheesecake, and drinking....lots.

    Chicago is a wonderful city, and I one I want to revisit again.
    After thinking about it, this may be my last marathon for a while. Boston is a target I want to acheive, but not right now.
    For the moment I'm going to concentrate on my favourite distance, the 10k, and endeavour to get as close to sub 40min as possible.

    A final thank you to anyone who took the time to visit my page and were kind enough to lend support. This accomplishment means alot to me, and is one I am immensley proud of. So thankyou, and well done on all of your superb times and accomplishments in Chicago.

    have a nice day

  • Hi Paul
    I am currently in Canada will drop you an email when I get back and give you some info I collected on Boston and also give you a bit of a run through on how my training is structured no idea how fast I can go but maybe 2:30 - 2:32. I have come a long way very fast so not sure what my true potential is. Although I really want to have a crack at a strong half marathon time and get close to 72mins.
  • Hi guys - wow! it seems everyone had an amazing time! and times! Yes Zed that was me with Save the Rhino down my legs though I missed the support of the guys in rhino suits. Sorry I missed you guys at Fado - the friends who took my mum round all day had organised a party in Lakeview and I didn't really feel I could run out on that .. and there wasn't much running I was up to anyway. Shame though .. because I would have bought you all a beer! I joined the 4:30 pace team but thought at 10 miles that I could do better and managed to finish in 4:17 - a whopping 38 mins improvement on NYC last year! It hurt, I hurt, I was SOOOO cold and terrified of cramping but it forced me to push on and I was just over the moon with my result. 4 days after the race were fantastic - what a great city!

    And everyone - congratulations. I can't believe how many have posted incredible times.. B5D you are just amazing - but everyone else as well - you are SO fast!

    I'm going to concentrate on speedwork this winter (what fun!) and getting a sub 2hr half in sometime in the first few months and then I think I will sign on for the marine corps marathon next year. What have I got to lose? Anyone going to join me?
  • Jim, Dieselgirl - another two great performances. Well done!!
  • Marine Corps Dieselgirl? Sounds a potential - I would like to do NYC but this whole you have to get to the start ages in advance puts me off. Chicago was so good that way....

    Not going to run for a while now though...toenails are too sore! But hey - feel alot better than I did this time last week!!!

    Zed :->

    good luck in NYC Big 5 Dreamer - hope you do an even super speedier time!!
  • My plans now are:
    1) lose a stone before my sister's wedding in february (its in australia so I need to look fab on the beach)
    2) do sub-50 mins for 10K
    3) do sub-75 mins for 10M
    4) do sub-2 hours for 1/2Marathon
    And enjoy life.......!
  • I went for my first run sonce the marathon yesterday (20 min hill session on the treadmill) and can confirm that my calves are nackered!! I think the cold in Chicago got to them :-(
  • 15 minutes in the woods ended in a walk for me .. i can't believe how tired my legs still felt..
  • did a fast-ish run last night up hills. it appears my calves are still tight. Lots more stretching needed..................!
  • PadamsPadams ✭✭✭
    Did nine miles on Sunday quite slow, legs are still feeling a bit dodgy. Not too tired, just niggles everywhere! Not risking anything fast or hills for a while but trying to get back to reasonable mileage in the next couple of weeks.

    Already thinking about FLM all the time! Also considering entering Berlin and/or New York (possibly both to complete the Big 5) for next year. Then I can retire! (or maybe not...)
  • I'm doing Boston and Berlin next year, Paul. Although rather worryingly my cheque for FLM got cashed today - which means I am down for that as well - only 6 days after Boston!!
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