Chicago Marathon 2006



  • I flew with BMI though there were similar fares with other airlines.

    Book much nearer the date though for the cheap fares.
  • What running are y'all doing this weekend?
  • Champagne - an easy weekend for me. Got 11 miles tomorrow - 6miles at lactate threshold pace (no idea what that is but suspect i've got to go as fast as i can for 6) then a 20 miler on Sunday. are you running up mountains again?
  • Tomorrow - easy 10k then 16 mile road race on Sunday with 2328 feet ascent!

    It's been snowing here in France for two days, so who knows what the roads are going to be like! I'll take my skis just in case.

    Apparently it's cold in England, but 'enjoy' your runs anyway!
  • Small snow shower not so long ago down here in South West London. Best of luck with the race Champagne.
  • Hi all, ran Chicago last year, great race, course and atmosphere, paid £320 manchester to Ohare, bought a 5day metro pass at the airport for $18.Stayed at "Hotel 71" 10 mins walk from start{Grant park),the accomodation was good,location excellent and shopping mile/malls as good as New York. Have a great time and safe running..
  • Ste Llaartois, Interesting info. Where's the expo?

    Carpet - How did the 20 miler go?
    I did my back in shifting snow on Saturday and was really in two minds about running this morning. I went in the end and thought I'd just take it easy and use it as a training run. It took me 2h13 to do the 16 miles, but I was pleased with my hill-climbing and managed to overtake loads of people who were walking. I finished in the first third feeling fine. I think the training is paying off, but I always feel I'm on a knife-edge as far as a possible injury is concerned.
  • hope the injury doesn't impact too much Champagne and congrats on the top third finish. 20 miler became a 21 miler as i misjudged the route. Was a bit of a struggle as it was v windy etc but pleased it is over with! Cheers for the info Ste L.
  • 21 miles? Good going! How many more long runs to go? One every weekend until mid-March?
  • I've got two more 20 plus milers and some 17 and 18 milers thrown in. covering the distance but not feeling that great so am probably going to have to lower my expectations for Paris but fingers crossed it will all click at some point!
  • 20 miler today Carpet?

    Have you got any races planned before Paris?
  • just a lazy 14 miler over the weekend. Had a bad week re training but these things happen. Have got wokingham half this weekend which I will run at marathon pace (hopefully) rather than race it. then have got Milton Keynes half in March. I'm not looking forward to Paris at all....
  • I'm sure it'll all come together Carpet, just keep plugging away. After that, a good taper and carbo-loading will do you the world of good.
  • Carpet - just do what I'm doing in Paris and get drunk. Chicago is the aim for me - I think I'm going to win it.
  • Cheers Champagne. Coops - I am v envious of what you are doing in Paris...I look forward to us running together in Chicago though.
  • Hope everyone is still running. Found this on a FLM forum but thought you guys would like to take a look..

    Is anyone else doing London?
  • Good video TOucan - great to get an idea what the start is like etc. Hope the training is going well for London. I'vegot Paris 2 weeks earlier.
  • How's the spring marathon training going everyone?
  • spring? When is that about to start? Training going along ok(ish). Busy at work etc so only getting 3-4 runs in so am behind where i would want to be. Did MK halk today - 1.32 and quite a bit in the tank so was happy with that. 4 weeks til Paris!
  • 1.32 is pretty good. You must be aiming at sub 3.30 in Paris then? Will you be in a corral at the start?
  • Thanks Champagne. Did 3.16 last year so hoping around that but given less training probably a sub 3.20. have qualified for the 3.15 corral so will be in there.
  • Coops 10 & Carpet - ready for Sunday? Weather forecast is cool but dry.
  • Champagne - I'm certainly ready for it, but it's purely a drinking weekend for me as my hamstring tear in January ruled me out. Will start my Chicago training when I get back - as I'm hoping it will motivate me!
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  • you are all running 20 miles and I am doing about 2.....slow build up though. got 10k in may and Glasgow half in september planned. Serious training starts in june though...
  • Bristol half in September for me.
  • yep - ready and raring to go Champagne. Can hardly walk at the moment but am sure i'll be able to run on Sunday.
  • Let us know how it went.
  • will do Champagne. Gotta head back first thing Monday am and get a flight to Shanghai so not sure when i will be online. cant say i'm looking forward to the flight.
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