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  • CaledonianCaledonian ✭✭✭

    Just back from doctors and told I do not have stress fracture so may decide to do my first run in nine weeks next Monday....could be on for Chicago after all. Just hope I have not lost too much fitness but have replaced running with swimming and cycling. No flights or accommodation booked yet as that would be a waste of money if I can't take part.
  • YES - been and had running gait analysis this morning and seems my left forefoot might be why my left knee gets ITBS?!?

    Lets hope the wee correcting insole keeps the knees pain free as I start the 15 week runners world build up schedule next week....

    Flights and accomodation all booked...

  • Hello everyone - I'm doing this race and have just found this thread. Never done it before, but I did NY in 2002. I've just done the Tromso marathon in mid-June so I'm hoping to keep up my fitness until October, building up towards the end of the summer. I'm not feeling too bad, considering, and not injured, although there's still time... Aiming for around 4 hours (PB of 4.05 in 2003, so it's about time I beat it).

    I booked accommodation the other week, when I got an email from the organisers saying that there was almost none left. I'm supposed to be going with a running friend, but he might pull out. Still going though - should be a great experience.


    Good luck to everyone else whose RW training schedule starts today. It's going to be hard work slinging my gut around the streets, but hopefully the rather gruelling schedule means I'll be all svelte soon enough!

    Andrea - what better place to break four hours than Chicago on 22 Oct??
  • Has anyone got a copy of the RW schedule that they could e-mail me? I would be aiming for around 3:45.
  • BW - If you go to the big marathon index on this website you'll find the link. Let me know if you can't find it and I'll email it to you
  • anyone still to book their flight yet,I see they are down to about £400 this week from £650 last week,whats the chances they will come down anymore?
  • I would have thought it's worth booking at about £400. The chances of it coming down to, say, £300 are a lot slimmer than the chances of them going back up to £500+

    Also the airlines know how much demand there will be for flights, so there's no need to discount them
  • Hello all. I'm Jim, I'm 28, I live in Portsmouth and I figured I'd throw in my two cents to this thread.

    I'll be running the Chicago Marathon this year...rather than just going there and having a holiday, like a normal person would!

    I ran New York 2 years ago, and I got totally hooked. The atmosphere, excitement and overwhelming sense of Euphoria generated by the American crowds is off the chart, and I couldn't wait to get back out there again.

    Unfortunately, shortly after running New York, I was diagnosed with cancer, and never got the opportunity to go back....UNTIL NOW!!!!!!!!!!

    I've been All Clear for a full year now, and have been working on trying to get my fitness back up to a 10k/half marathon level, which I have, and so, 7 days ago, MARATHON TRAINING kicked in! I forgot how much hard work this is.

    Fortunately, I'm also training for my first triathlon in about 6 weeks time, so I can split the training up a little, which is helping.

    I have never done Chicago before, but if the atmosphere generated is half as good as New York, then I'm sure we're in for one hell of a ride!

    I hope to get to know some of you on here, and wish us all the best in our injury free training and preperation.

  • YES the training schedule RW 15 weeks kicks in this week - I cheated by doing it last week to make sure I could do it this week. Think I can?!

    With my new Garmin 305 I can't skimp on the distances now either. A local 5k around the Edinburgh Botanics is my jog/rest on Wednesday.

    y2jimbob - am running for cancer research. good luck to can pop into lake michigan after chicago for a bit of triathlon if you want?!?!

    Zed ;->
  • CaledonianCaledonian ✭✭✭
    I am fully aware that the 15 weeks programmes start now but as i have been off running for 10 weeks I am unsure if I am up to week one.....well unsure if I am able to run at all but willing to give it a go to see....if no progress in next fortnight I will have to give Chicago a miss this year. Done plenty cycling and swimming but no idea how much running fitness will be lost.
  • Hi guys

    Welcome Jimbob - congrats on the all clear and great effort to be back out there and entering events. Insprirational stuff to mere running addicts like myself.

    Training started yesterday. I am going to follow the RW schedule where I can, but really not fussed about getting bogged down in the detail of it. Mainly going to try and make sure I get 5 or 6 runs in every week, with longer ones where possible at the weekend.

    My main difficulty is slowing myself down - I'm not very good at going out for a slow 5 or 6 miles. I guess you've got to do that if you want to be able to get the high mileage in, but I end up seeing other runners and hate being overtaken!!

    Ran home from work last night and into work this morning - 6.5 miles each. Good start!

  • Hello all, I'm just a week into my training schedule after doing nothing for about 6 months (due to a badly torn hamstring), and it feels like I'm starting from scratch despite doing the Paris Marathon in 2004 and 2005.

    Not worried in the slightest though, I trained for Paris in 05 with about 12 weeks training so 16 should be enough?!

    Jimbob - truly inspirational. Puts me worrying about long runs on a Sunday morning into perspective.
  • Also haven't booked anywhere to stay/flights as yet, but luckily my missus is a travel agent and can get cheap deals!!
  • CaledonianCaledonian ✭✭✭
    Coops....keep us in mind then if she can help out....I will try and book once i am convinced my injury is better.
  • CaledonianCaledonian ✭✭✭

    That is excellent.....I have a good friend who had cancer three years ago.....I did not know her at the time but by all accounts she was in a pretty bad way for a long time and required radical surgery. I spoke to her a great deal about me running New York (in my kilt) last year and before i knew it she was entered for this years New York race....she has her moments whilst training but is incredibly brave and so determined (she even casually dropped it into conversation yesterday that she ran 15 miles yesterday morning)...she is my inspiration as I am sure you are to many others....good on ye!!!!

    All the best to you and indeed all others preparing for this race
  • Cheers for the good wishes guys, it's great to feel welcome on the forums.

    TAFKA - I have an excellent solution to running slowly over short distances. What I did, was to start a running club, and appoint yourself as head of all beginner/ploddy runners. That way you get to run 5-6 miles, with great social company (mainly female!) at a pretty standard pace.

    Got Good News Today. The Sport Relief mile run I have organised at my local leisure centre hit its capacity, Which is great news! 100 people all running a mile for charity, so hopefully I can coax some new starters to the club from that.

    Coops10 : I still suffer on Sunday morning runs, don't worry. Whatever your reason for running, Sunday mornings still suck. The great thing about US marathons is that most of the training takes place in the summer! Speaking of which, my TShirt Suntan is coming on rather well at present!

    Caledonian. New York is awesome, I'm sure the residents of Brooklyn and the Bronx are gonna love your kilt! Enjoy!

    All the best

  • Caledonian - no worries. Will let you know when I book.
  • CaledonianCaledonian ✭✭✭
    Jimbob...they did...I ran New York last year...thats why on this forum.....looking to run Chicago this year.
  • Caledonian: fellow Scot running chicago (fingers crossed the injury solves itself)! Am all booked re flights and hotels and my friend from Boston is coming to run along with me...thinking of a saltire flat on the back of my cancer research vest!?

    Probably going to try 4 runs a week with long runs on sunday....that is the plan that is...

  • Apologies Caledonian.... misread.... am due for an eye test on thursday (true!). May start posting again after that ;)
  • A forum full of Jocks??? Oh dear!!

    Only kidding. I just spent a long weekend on Islay playing golf with three mates. It was wonderful
  • Jombob - sounds like a good gig with the slower female runners. Something to bear in mind!!
  • Hi all, this forum is very dead, I hope it livens up a bit as I need something to encourage me!

    Couple of weeks in, no injuries and runs going to plan. Just waiting for the first mishap!
  • PadamsPadams ✭✭✭
    So how is everyone's training going? Mine is going OK, except that I cut short my long run this weekend because it was way too hot - still managed 16 miles though but not the 20 I planned.

    Smashed my 10 mile PB at the New Forest 10 a couple of weeks ago (and won a nice glass and pair of shoes for third place, although I don't know what shoes they will be yet!), and have been having some reasonable races in our league. Doing the Birchwood mile relays tomorrow which should be fun, but not really marathon specific! No other races planned for a while, just lots of steady miles.
  • I am just getting back into it after a back injury which has kept me out for 4 weeks. Sounds like you will be quite a few minutes ahead of me in Chicago PAdams and not the 30secs that separated us at Boston.
  • PadamsPadams ✭✭✭
    B5D - I doubt it, I have always been better at shorter distances than the marathon, probably due to being a 400/800m runner at school. I wish my actual marathon time was close to the predictions from those calculators!

    Hope the injury's clearing up - plenty of time to get the training in yet.

    Time to bite the bullet and go out for a run - still too hot!
  • Hello everyone,

    I'm finding it just too hot to move around at all, never mind run, at the moment, but up until this week I've been putting in some steady miles. I've got a couple of races coming up in August - a 10k on the 13th and the Burnham Beeches half on the 20th, so I hope things will have cooled down a bit by then. I haven't actually been injured this year (tempting fate here), possibly down to some really good shoes I've been wearing that give me a lot of support for overpronation.

    Jimbob - I am inspired by your story - good luck with the training.
  • Hi guys

    My weekends in July have been busy with various events, so I haven't been able to do any long runs. I'm also going on holiday to Greece with my best mate this Saturday for a week, which will take out the next two weekends.

    So, rather than follow the RW schedule with lowish miles during the week then high at the weekend, my plan for the next month or so is to either run in or run home from work everyday, which is 6.5 miles. With a backpack on and given the heat at the moment this is proving to be quite hard work!!

    I'm happy that this is ok to keep me ticking over, but I'm certainly not in any shape to be attempting 20milers yet - Padams are you sure you should be doing so much so early?!

    Right, shall we start sticking our necks out and declaring what our target times are??

    I'll start with the next post...
  • Very early doors, but gives us all something to aim for.

    Target times for 22 Oct:

    PB - 3:10 (BQ!)
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