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I'm looking at joining a gym. The only places in my area which are open early with a 25m pool are these clubs. Just looked on their web site for information about joining and they ask for you to fill out a form. I don't want loads of junk mail. I just want to know an annual cost and monthly break down for full peak membership. Ta!


  • I wouldn't join anything that puts money into that man's pockets. When he was chairman of Hull City he forced the players to train on the club car park rather than the pitch as that's how our superior British Tennis players did. Our squad picked up loads of injuries.

    He failed to invest in the club and nearly took us out of the league.

    He then sold the club to a set of crooks (google Stephen Hinchliffe) who asset stripped the club. He then locked the gates of the stadium, which he had retained control of when they did not pay his rent.

    We nearly faced extinction.

    Rant over.

    What was the question again, Cath?:-)
  • cath, why don't you pay a visit and ask if you can try out their facilities before joining.

    We don't have David Lloyd up here in Aberdeen but of the gyms that are here they can vary a fair bit in price and what your monthly membership covers and what you have to pay extra for.
  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭
    Treat with care, Cath.

    My ex was with David Lloyd. When she cancelled her membership there was a misunderstanding over notice periods, and she got very heavy and intimidating letters from debt collectors. In the event they took her to court ... and lost. But it was all done in a very nasty way. Not nice people, beware.
  • Total Fitness Cath

    much better much cheaper and less posey

    they enocurage a more eglitarian approach to fitness with reduced rates for over 55's and have some rehab facilities - hydro pools etc and do some cardiac rehab so much more about health than vanity

    oh and they had a deal for NHS recently so no joining fees and my (peak) membership is 38 quid a month

    lovely pools too - with a big commitment to swimming fitness

    i think there is one in your neck of the woods recently opened and theres definiteley one at the other end of the East lancs

    go and check them out

  • Thanks Guys - will have a look around methinks. I want to increase my aerobic base building without impact and am already planning to go to and from work on the road bike but would like to re-start swimming - the local pools are rubbish really and not really open early enough. So will have a think! Ta!
  • Cath, I’m a member of my local DL club (in Surrey). The facilities and cleanliness are very good and the instructors for the most part are OK. However, DL are expensive, we pay around £100 per month for peak joint membership. Their fees tend to vary based on area, several friends are members at London clubs and pay much more. The big advantage for me is that you can use any club in the country (after a qualifying period) which suits me as I travel a lot and there was no joining fee under a corporate discount scheme.
  • At my DL, there are two main memberships types: full (racquet sports) and gym-only. Our joint gym-only costs just over £100/month. I think the full membership is another £15 or so.

    There are about 5 "bands" and different locations fall into different bands. You can use any club in your band or lower, or pay a supplement to use one in a higher band.

    There are notionally joining fees as well, but there are so many offers that wave these, that they may as well not be there.

    Yes, it is expensive, but of all the clubs in the area, it is the nicest one, has the best facilities, the friendliest instructors and renews its cardio and resistance machines every 12-18 months.
  • Muttley, last year they relaxed their conditions for terminating your membership, and you now just need to give a months notice.
  • I use David Lloyd in Newcastle and pay £63.00 per month for single membership. the showers don't work or when they do they do not give hot water - the machines are always breaking down - air conditioning has never worked in the last 5 years, the parents use it as a creche and more importantly you pay £3.50 for a glass of wine.

    That said, it was voted club on the year - why???? the staff are incredibly friendly, everyone "talks" to you, after a run outside we all bail into the sauna and meet in the bar for a cuppa and a natter.
    Depends what you are looking for Cath - I won't be moving to a cheaper gym
  • I use DL in Stevenage for the same reason as you're thinking Cath - decent 25m pool. £73 a month (I think).

    However I recently found my local leisure centre has a (private) gym attached, which gives access to the pool, and decent clean changing rooms.....£50 per month for two of us.

    DC Leisure operates the gym attached to the leisure centre...

  • Cath
    Had a day pass for David LLoyd at Speke and also had a look round the one in Warrington. They are excellent gyms but very expensive. Had a look round Total Fitness in Warrington nothing special and have heard mixed reports about it. Have been going to the JJB in Widnes decent enough gym, pool sauna and a fair price, you cant use other JJB gyms though.
  • Tf do have a rhebilitation membership thing 0 if you get a note from your doc saying that membership would help you - its about £27. Bt they have soooo many schemes on all the time that everyone pays slightly different fees. The one in Chester has a no joining fee thing at the moment - so you could join there and use a local one.
  • i started using the TF in Alty for the wetside - swimming and the steam , sauna and especially the "Hydropool" facility cos its great for my stiff achey joints

    they seem to have more of a commitment to health and fitness more than other gyms and a more down to earth clientele ..even in Alty !

  • Cath, here DL charges extra for classes even with a so-called 'full membership' and apparently they treat instructors badly too.
  • i phoned DL once about membership costs and found them to be very opaque

    also where i used to live in london they have a reputation for being posey and as the "place to be seen" but not really a commitment to fitness

    that is all just hearsay
    and in at least one case, a little jealousy i think from person that coulnd't afford the membership

    one idea..
    we don't have DL or any big chains down here , so i ended up joining the gym attached to a local private school.
    it has a great pool and gym is small but v friendly
    you don't have to be anything to do with the school to join
    and it's great value

    i guess they are not out to make money so much as to earn a bit extra for the school given that they have the facility

    so it might be worth phoning around if you have any local private schools

    same thinking but university and Further Education college facilities - sometimes available to non students

  • I had a trial at DL Cath and it isnt worth the money they ask (around £60/month), and most of the clients were too snobby for my liking, full of poser types. In my opinion Total fitness offered better value for money and had more rehabilitation equipment than DL, the hydrotherapy pool and running track were also a very big bonus, and im sure its closer for you to (Winwick Rd)
    I stopped going (wasnt using it too often) but I got a corporate membership for around £35 a month, im pretty sure you would get a similar deal.
  • and most of the clients were too snobby for my liking, full of poser types.

    Well if it's run by a leading light of British tennis...
  • I think he sold it years ago didn't he ?
  • Used to be a member of DL in cardiff for 3 years

    good pool though
    but they laughed at me for wanting to do a marathon

    yes id say its full of snobby elitist types as well
  • Good swimming pool but as others have said maybe not going for one of the big chain gyms - perhaps an independent gym like Ascendancy Fitness https://ascendancyfitnessgym.com or a local running club https://warringtonrunningclub.co.uk/
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