Hi everybody,

I've noticed over the last week or two that when I come back from my run and stop I really start wheezing (doesn't seem to affect me while I am running). This wheezing and shortness of breath lasts for several minutes.

I put it down to being unused to running(I've only being running for the last copule of months, but had a reasonable level of fitness when I started), but could it be something more sinister !!?



  • Could this be a seasonal allergy? - round here (Bedfordshire) the wheat is being harvested at the moment, and that always makes me far more wheezy than usual, despite taking all my normal inhalers.

    If that's the problem in your case, hopefully it'll clear up soon - failing that, maybe see a doc?
  • Wise Owl - do you smoke?
  • Hi

    I think Jo is right. It has been ideal weather for harvesting and the farmers are harvesting whilst they've got the opportunity. I've been the same. A warm bath full of vapours helps afterwards.
    It won't last for too much longer.
  • Aha! I think the allergy solution may be the correct one, especially as (now I think about it - doh!) I'm fine when I run on the treadmill in the gym.

    I don't smoke but I do get hayfever ...

    Thanks everyone
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