Abingdon Marathon

I am so disappointed that I cannot do this race, as I am doing the GSR on the same date.

This was my first marathon, will have to try and do it in 2007.


  • Bugger is it the same day ?

    I will also have to find another late year marathon looks like cardiff or luton for me

    year 4 at the GSR for me
  • Gobi - GSR is two weeks later that last year. I have paid for GSR, and it is at the end of hubbys holiday. We thought we would take the caravan and spend a few days there and explore Portsmouth.
  • Hi Tracey

    I have already entered GSR as I live about an hr away and had planned to do Abingdon as my attempt at a 3hr marathon

  • I PLAN to do this!!
  • I am looking for an autumn marathon to attempt a P.B. would anyone who has done this one tell me if it will be good for that. Is there any support along route? is it well organised?
  • yes it is a good course
  • Oh no, not again...
  • It is a fast course. It can be lonely if you are a slow runner, but very supportive marshals, one even gave me a mars bar. I finished in 5:53:53 and the was still people in the grandstand to cheer me home.

    Wendy, and for us ladies, plenty of bushes and pub to go a toliet.
  • Wendy, the course loops around and goes through the town centre twice, so lots of opportunities for supporters.
  • Must enter early this year!
  • EmptyEmpty ✭✭✭
    Great race, good marshalling and in the main good support.

    Abingdon 2005 was my first marathon and I'm planning to be back this year.

    Mike T
  • Thanks everyone. Youv'e sold it to me!
  • Maybe I'll try again this year......
  • Wendy - you will have a great time. I wished I had not double booked now.
  • oh goodee
    cardiff is the week before again!
    then beachy head

  • Hippo - Go girl.
  • Knowing how popular it got last year I'm thinking that I should maybe enter early..... but I don't want the same thing to happen again!!!
  • Mitten - 2006, will be your PB year. It is a great race.

  • off to get my purse
    I need cheering up
  • and ive entered this

    and a couple of others
  • cheery now then!!
  • Ill pretend if you like

    Im glad this isnt on the same day as cardiff
  • will need to check my diary before I enter any more!!
  • I suppose i no longer need to

    Hope my family dont come up with any events for me to attend
  • Seriously considering this one - did Cardiff last year. Anyone know how the two compare?
  • Well, I've entered online. Nothing like planning ahead...
  • Also entered this one. Had a nightmare there last year and feel like I need to try again. But there's the small matter of FLM to get out of the way first.
  • Entered this had to pull out of last years due to a broken toe looking forward to this years.
  • I've done it again.....had so much fun last year despite maintaining that I was just going to do the one marathon I've now entered White Peaks and this. Guess I'm hooked:-)
    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
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