London 2007 automatic entry

Hi,what half marathon time do I need to get to get an automatic entry?
I'm planning a few this year.
Is it sub-1 hr 30?
I'm a 22 year old female.


  • i thought it was about 1.27 but i could be wrong...sorry cant be of much help!

    which ones are you planning?
  • Hail Hail

    As far as i know, there are no qualifying times for half-marathon distance. In your category, Good For Age qualifying time is 3.15-3.45 over a full marathon.
    I know that you can qualify for NY marathon with a half time, but I;m not sure what your time would have to be.
  • They'll men into championship on the strength of a sub 75 half, not sure about ladies though...

    They also let in a club mate on the strength of a 20 mile time (think it was 1:56ish) so there is scope for negotiation.
  • There are - it's 75 mins for a man.

    I think it's sub 1:25 for a woman, but you'd need to ring FLM to make sure.

  • Does GFA apply to those under 35 then for a women?
  • Thanks guys.I'll give them a ring.
  • I'm planning Tewkesbury on 7th May and probably one in the autumn, not sure which yet.
  • Hail Hail

    Apologies JA. I stand corrected, and bow at the feet of those more knowlegdeable than me.
  • JA - don't bother. I just rang them to check on my entry and I asked them.

    It's a sub 90 mins HM within the last 2 years.

    Good luck.
  • Jane - it's not a GFA place, it's qualification for the UKA Championship Start.
  • Ha ha!As I thought!Brilliant,thanks BR.
    Now I have a target.
    Perhaps a big ask for this year but i'll have a bash!
    Thanks everyone.
  • Jane - I'm a sub 3:45 gfa at age 22. too late for this yr though.
  • Sub 90 minutes. My HM PB is 1:33 (35 F) there's a challenge. How can I get those last 3 minutes off?
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