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Can anybody recomend any, does easyrunner have a treadmill in the shop?


  • JoolskaJoolska ✭✭✭
    no, you run up and down outside the shop. it's on a hill, which adds to the fun. but they know their stuff.
  • Whats sweatshop like?
  • Pretty good staff are frienly and know their stuff
  • easyrunner is the place to go the service you get is fab

  • go to Sweatshop and see Forumite K2 . .
  • Good to see you today, Rich.

    Big bloke - do I know you? say hello next time you come in. Pic on Rich's website (Beachy Head or Abingdon) in case of any confusion over which one's me.
    (Stop laughing, Rich!)

  • You too K2 <titter>

    Just gave my new Nimbus (Nimbi?) a 6mile run in and they were fab . . thanks for your help with the selection . .

    Pearl Izumi was the brand name I couldn't remember . .
  • Whens a good quite time to turn up and try trainers out on your treadmill?
    Currently wearing 2100's with orthotics but land really heavy on my heels sowould like to see if maybe a soft neutral like a nimbus would be more suitable?
  • The treadmill's out of action at the moment, unfortunately. You can run round the car park, though.

    We don't normally recommend wearing orthotics with a support shoe like the 2100. Were they off the shelf or specially made?
  • Custom made for me and when i picked them up i went on the treadmill and was advised they worked great with my puma motion control trainers?
  • Sorry for the delay - I had to go away.

    The best thing would be to bring your shoes and orthotics into the shop. It's a bit difficult to tell without seeing them.

  • themazer I know who u are even with your new name & I'm watching u !!!LOL

    having problem with your feet again, wot about asking Chris?
  • K2, are u working in the running shop in Bristol?
    Hi RichK :-)
  • I went to sweatshop in Bristol just over a year ago and got the adidas footscan done and was sold the latest top of the range motion control shoe - Asics 2100. The bloke in the shop was vaguely helpful but didn't watch me run in them and as far as I could tell just went on what the computer said and what the latest model to sell would be. Looking back I was too reliant on the bloke and he was too eager to sell me the latest shoe. I got injured from the shoes and still have them in their sparkling glory with just about 30 miles on the clock - just haven't got round to selling them.

    That said, the guy did give me 10% off - by asking if I was a member of a club and saying "don't need to see the card, just say yes".......?!??! Perhaps just a bad case of weekend staff???? I probably wouldn't venture that far again, with a perfectly good running shop in Cardiff... I just wanted to do the footscan thing really!!!!
  • I should point out that my visit was a long time ago though.
  • Hi
    Have had computer probs!

    Yes - Sweatshop

    Sorry you had a bad experience. We're usually sympathetic if people have a problem after buying shoes from us. The person who served you has left now. I hope we'd do better.
  • didn't realise they were 2 running shops in Bristol, oh well I know now.
  • themazer, have u got your new shoes yet?
  • Yes and no, got them but they were a bit small and you haven't got any 9.5's.
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