Does anyone in education know what date the 2006 GCSE exams start?

I want to enter a race but Teen 2 is GCSEing this summer and i dont want to be away for the first exam.


  • 5th to 16th June cover our sprogs GCSE's
  • It'll depend on the subjects, but it could easily be before 5th June. From memory, ICT was May 28th last year may help

  • Ok well that helps a bit.

    I want to do a half on the 7th May but not if the exam is just after or within the next few days.

    So what about the language orals? they are the 1st ones aren't they?

    Any dates on them?

    Oh and thanks to those of you who answered!
  • It depends on the exam boards.
    If you go to their websites, the provisional timetable should be there somewhere. Language orals are completed in a block of time. The school decides when exactly they take place. For AQA, for example, the dates are 27th March to 12th May.
  • websites for the main three boards are:

    orals do tend to be earlier, and practicals for sciences etc can be too
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