support socks

Do they work and are they just like scholl flight socks?


  • see the post i left on 'gear' support hosiery really works - the guys and girls who may laugh at you may well be having the last laugh on them. Just wear it and do it. Unfortunately just up to the knee isn't good enough - can cause problems - you avtually need full length compression hosiery - support tights in other words - sorry to say - but your legs, circulation and running will thank you for it. Anyhow lots of top sportsmen are getting into it - see or call up expensive maybe but try them and you won't regret it, believe me.
  • I've brought the ones that Paula Radcliffe wears and another male sprinter also uses them. These are Nike Compression socks and currently sell for £10 per pair. Quite expensive but works great. I wore them after recovering after shin splints and it keeps your lower half of your leg in a nice position. My mate kinda laughed at Paula when she wore them before calling them pop socks! He he! But i didn't care and just bought them.

    They work a charm and keeps the circulation around your leg even and correct. They may also be cheaper than flight socks as they basically work the same way.

    Good for winter as well; cos i like wearing shorts so - even though they don't keep your lower legs super warm - but they do seem snug and sucure.

    Anymore questions e-mail me or post a reply.

  • Where did you get them from? i've only seen them for £12 alsothe sizes are 2h-5 and 5h-8 what are these sizes i'm a 9.5.
  • I got them from Nike Town in Oxford Street, London. So to say they are exclusive to Nike Town anyway; i could'nt find them anywhere apart from there!

    You could also order them online for your specific size via a link from the Nike UK site. Mine were size 8 1/2 - 10 1/2. I'm size 8-9 so a perfect fit.

    £12 is the RRP, but from Nike Town as i said are a tenner! Try there if your close to one, for all the sizes and colours.

    (Lol! I seem like i'm a Nike representative)

    Happy to help and any more Qs are welcome as ther're great!

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