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Um, it would appear that after Saturday's long ride on the road bike, I've got cystitis. Yes, I know there are other ways of getting it - but the bike is the only factor this time! Anatomically ladies' urinary equipment is in the firing line of the harshness of the seat and so the urethra gets crushed and causes some temporary inflammation. You ladies who have been doing this cycling thing for a while, how do you reduce the chances of this happening and what do you do to improve it when it does...? Am I the only person who this happens to..? At the moment I'm drinking lots and the pain is settling but I'm a bit wary of going out on the road bike again just yet. I'm going to get my ATB out and sit on the sofa that has!


  • Cath, it has happened to me too. I think you just have to drink lots, take cranberry supplement (more concentrated than the juice) and your body gets used to it in the same way that it gets used to lots of sex!!

    Now, if anyone can recommend a good pair of cycling shorts/comfortable saddle that doesn't leave me swollen after long rides...
  • never happened to me Cath.
    Wearing cotton helps to prevent it and may be a pee stop during your ride as peeing flushes the toxins away?
  • it's ladies only let me be the first to reply.

    Got saddle and good shorts. Maybe Cranberry juice in the water bottle too ;~)
  • Not a lady, but have you thought about saddles with cutouts in the middle to relieve the pressure? Specialised do a bunch in the body geometry range, as to selle italia, and most other manufacturers too probably.
  • SezzSezz ✭✭✭
    Cath, speak to Debster about those saddles with the cutout. She cycled Lands End to John O'Groats on one and don't believe she had any such problems.
  • Thankyou ladies and gents!

    blech... cranberry juice.

    So okay, I give in - good suggestion there Count will put cranberry juice in the bottles and I probably need more fluids actually. Do you guys drink even if you don't feel thirsty out on a ride...?

    I've got a decent saddle I think - it's got a groove down the middle... I think what happened at the weekend was it was so wet and muddy the saddle groove had filled with particles of mud (only just recalled that when reading 2T's suggestion). Hhhm.. might need mud guards.
  • Sezz -- it's already got one strangely enough..!!
  • Sorry to hijack your thread, Cath, but as you're talking about those sort of problems.....

    I was cycling on the turbo on Saturday and after about 40 minutes I realised that I had absolutely no feeling in my bits. I've never had that much loss of sensation before. I've just started getting used to my aero bars so could it be due to me adopting a more aero position? I do feel like I'm stretched out a bit too much. Would a shorter stem allow me to sit back on my bottom a bit more or is a different saddle the answer?
  • Mister W --- oh yes do come and hijack... tis all your fault anyway! ;o)
  • Mr W - it's common on the turbo as you don't move around as much on the road - try standing every so oftem, and shifting about long enough to let the blood flow.

    Cath - the cystopurin things are quite effective (if a little rank tasting), and you should be drinking even if not thirsty. You'll sweat more in winter than you'd expect, and you use the water for the riding anyway.
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭

    I got lots of good advice here. Haven't done much cycling (er, any acksherly) since, so I haven't tried the tips out, but there may be something there to help.

    [passes Cath large soft cushion]
  • Cath...I drink loads of fluids, 3 hours would see me drink at least 1.5 litres if not more.

    Make sure you hydrate properly when you finish too.

    A good (£50+) pair of shorts is worth the cash, so invest in a decent pair. Don't know what girlies do for under their shorts...but blokes go comando.
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    ... and persevere with the cranberry juice. I used to hate it, and now drink almost nothing else. It's lovely once you get a taste for it. Mix it with some orange juice if you like.
  • once again, you people are NOT selling this cycling thing to me very well AT ALL!
  • I've never got sisteritis - so its not that common !
  • These saddle with holes in the middle... Please use the correct cycling terminology - "flap gaps"
  • or willy well?
  • Cougie - the clue is in the name. "sister"itis. You is a boy.
  • Cougs! Silly boy mens bits aren't in the right place to get cystitis (well, I bliddy hope not anyway!) but they get (hang on... checks FB's word) BARSE ache.

    ROFL.. sorry had to get that in somewhere!

    Thing is this cystitis thingy started today a day or so after the bliddy bike ride. The actual position on the saddle seems okay because I've not had any chafing or any inner-thigh aching (not like I get on the ATB anyway). Will increase fluids when out on the bike - think that might have been part of the problem. Will have to try the cranberry supplements though and something in the drink to take the bitterness away.

    cheers chaps!

  • [bets Cougie says he's never had problems with his Barse either]
  • DM - hasn't got a hole in the middle... has got a groove down the whole thing... is that a flap groove..?
  • I think cougie was born with a saddle up his backside ;-)
  • I find that cycling hurts me neck more than me clackerbag. Am I doing something wrong?
  • Your neck shouldn't be anywhere near your saddle.
  • ps. Cath, if it's a groove, then it's called a slit-bit.
  • So in future, in addition to drinking more fluids, I need to keep my slit bit clean to prevent this happening again then.

  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    FF - try raising your handlebars. You are straining your neck to look forwards.

    (The alternative of not looking forwards is not something I'd recommend......)
  • ewwwwwwww!
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