Off-road for high-archer?


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    Hi all

    I'm considering getting a second pair of shoes so that my current ones get more time to dry out naturally after a run, rather than leaving them too close to a radiator.

    I haven't been at this long, but I run 5 or 6 days a week, almost exclusively off-road. My feet are high-arched and I tend to underpronate somewhat. At the moment I run in New Balance 871s, which are pretty well cushioned as well as being grippy. I don't know whether I ought to stick with these, or give something else a try. Does anyone have any bright ideas?

    Money, by the way, is a significant consideration!


  • High arches usually mean that you need cushioned shoes.

    Remember that off road shoes tend to have the cushioning removed and aren't recommended for longer (5m+) runs.

    If you want to run off road what about NB 781 or Nike Air Storm Pegasus (which has retained the cushioning)
  • PS

    Longer ROAD runs
  • Cheers, Mr Librarian! I'll look into those two.



    PS - the chances of my doing a five mile road run are slim... ;)
  • A TP fan ??

    5M is not excessive, it's something to be working towards

    Cheers Oscar
  • Or should I say Ernest ?
  • Yes, I know, I'm just being unnecessarily roadist. I'll get over it, I'm sure!

    A TP fan indeed. I'm a librarian myself, so the orang-utan has a special significance....

    Just don't ask a wizard about his staff.


  • Some of the best races are off road, discourages the gym bunnies too. I live on the edge of the city so I can be out in the fields in ten minutes. Perfect running for me is no bloody cars and people.

    You'll feel different once the lighter warmer night return. I look forward to spring seeing nature waking up, sounds almost poetical dinnit?
  • "Some of the best races are off road.....Perfect running for me is no bloody cars and people."

    I couldn't agree more! That's one of my major reasons for running off-road, the other being the fact that I'm an outside sort of person and would far rather look at green living things than concrete and tarmac. Fortunately, I live next door to a park which leads into the countryside.

    Five miles on trails sounds brilliant, when I'm fit enough; five miles on roads....nah.


  • Some of the smaller races tend not to get much publicity outside the club circuit.

    I'm sure if you ask around (and check the events up top) you'll find something appropriate.

    Where are you based ?
  • I'm based in Sheffield, which is great, as in my opinion there are few places in UK that come close to the Peak District for scenery. I can't think of anywhere better for trail or fell running.

    I'm not at the racing stage yet, but I fully intend to get involved when my fitness is better.

  • We have some great races in the Pennines, Cheviots, Keilder forest and of course along the coast/beaches.

    Dare I mention the dreaded F word - Fell running. The most fun I've had since my impacted wisdom tooth :>) but something to think about ??

    Join a club, it helps considerably especially for structured training and the odd medicinal pint
  • "Dare I mention the dreaded F word - Fell running."

    Absolutely! I have to admit that it does sound like my sort of thing. I've got my eye on it as something for the future, certainly.

    As for joining a club - I intend to, though I'm rather shy, so I think I'll wait until I've reached a halfway acceptable level of fitness first.



    Stick with it and check your local clubs
    clubs zone

  • Cheers!

    Wisdom teeth aside, that looks strangely appealing. Probably says something about me.

    I'm looking into local clubs, in a preliminary sort of way.


  • If you want a gentle introduction trail/fell ....not too far away from you

    You might find some specialist fell clubs at
    clubs zone
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