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  • Hi folks, in another thread SY3 mentioned meeting in the school hall by the stage at 12.15 as he has to pick his number up at 12.00. I've looked on the race info and can only assume the community centre and race HQ is the same place. In the absence of any other suggestions and subject to confirmation of it being the same place, shall we make that the time and place for those who want to meet up?
  • Sounds fine to me.
  • I may have to pcik my number up too as only entered just in time for the closing date - haven't heard yet. Will try to make it for then, but I've got a long way to travel from Malvern. I'm sure I'll find you all anyway.

    Hello Mij - I thought it was you but you'd dropped your 000s. Nice dog! Wish I could run with you and Johnny in Ludlow. Sigh. Maybe one day.
  • This will be the first time I've done it. I've heard its a pb course and that's what I'm going for - 1:38:30
  • Well I'm definitely going for a PW! Doing it as a training run for GNR and Stroud and for the thrill of meeting all my forum friends!
  • LBD - what do you mean you've got a long way to travel ??
    I'm coming from Glasgow :)
    Looking forward to meeting some of the southern forumites after the (wet) outing in Glasgow last weekend.

    Keep an eye out for the club vest, c/w 'HAGGIS'.

    See you on the day.
  • What's all this longdistancebadger - fat face - oldbones love-in stuff going on. Nice to see a couple of other runners on this thread. I shall be at Vyrnwy on Sunday (you can't miss me, I shall be the bald hamster with glasses next to the big mouse with "DM" on his chest). I'm number 131 and I shall be in my blue vest with yellow stripe together with about another 25 runners from Village Road Runners on the Wirral - should be a good day out.
  • Hi all - yes sorry it is a community centre, not a school. LDB - I guess you'll pick up your number there too. Incidentally do allow plenty of time to get there as the road to Vyrnwy is very twisty, narrow and hilly (the course is not) and if there's a tractor coming the other way it's back up time. Vyrnwy is about 28 - 30 miles from here (Shrewsbury) and I'd allow an hour and a half. Also the car park is in a field and last year there was a lengthy queue to get in by about 12.30, so another reason to get there early.

  • Love-in, Fatface amd me? He's just about to get married!!!

    SY3 - my mistake, you said hall and I interpreted that as school hall. Its the old several dimensions coming back! Thanks for the tip about allowing enough time. We should all try to get together for the group piccie so the rest of the forum can see how dashing we all are!
  • Sythree - my number arrived in the post yesterday. I know it takes me 1 and 1/2 hours to get to Bishops Castle, and probably another 1/2 to Welshpool which is 22 miles from the lake apparently so I was going to allow an hour for that. Do you think that would be sufficient? Thanks for the advice. Will try to get there early, but have to drop kids off in BC en route. I used to be SYeight fourbn. Sigh.

    Glad to hear you are all converging from far and wide but Penfold I can't love you if you don't post now, can you. And respect to you Haggis for representing the bonny land.
  • I've just followed v-rap's advice and discovered I can log on at work. Yippee!

    LDB - yep an hour from Welshpool should do it. Vyrnwy is, er, rather remote but it is really stunning once you get there. And the course is definitely a PB one, apart from the short hill at the start up to the dam, but the reward is a terrifically fast downhill finish.

  • Sythree - which way are you planning on going if it takes that long from Shrewsbury?

    The route the organisers give from here is A5 through Nesscliffe then left onto B4396 to Knockin (yes, there is a shop there) keep going until Llynclys cross roads and then straight over to A495. At Llansantffraid take right fork B4393 to Llanfyllin joining A490 after approx. 4 miles. Then pick up B4393 again to Vyrnwy. I was allowing an hour at most for this - am I mad?
  • I take the A458 (the Welshpoolroad) and turn right shortly after Ford, following the brown signs - I don't know the name of the road. It goes behind Rodney's Pillar and gets really twisty. I don't know the way that the organisers give - may be that an hour is OK that way but as there are likely to be a good few cars headed out that way I would definitely allow a bit more time.

    Having said that no doubt I'll be lynched for getting everyone there far too early...

  • I'm allowing plenty of hopefully but I don't like this heat - I like running in cold & drizzle!!!
  • But Vyrnwy is in Wales, so there should be plenty of that
  • I wouldn't count on it - sod's law applies. I did race the train last month and got sunburn. Good luck to everyone on Sunday.
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