Treadmill Belt Alignment

I have a Kettler Marathon treadmill and cannot for the life of me get the belt to run straight.

It is forever moving to the right, meaning I am always having to re-adjust, which means I cant concentrate on running as I'm always worried the belt is going to get damaged.

At times I can get the front of the belt dead centre, but then the rear is to the left!

I've also adjusted it so many times I dont know if I've overtightened it now!

Anyone have any experience of this and any "idiots guides" on how to put it right?



  • i think kettler is a good solid make but that sounds really wrong doesn't it?

    i just searched and got
    "if belt is often poorly aligned it may be that the treadmill is not being kept on an even surface.
    On many treadmills there are level adjustments at the back so that you can compensate for an uneven floor. If this isn’t possible with your treadmill you will have to try to level the floor instead or move the machine to a more suitable space."
  • Thanks LOK,

    I emailed Kettler and they sent quite a long reply detailing (in more understandable language than the manual) how to align the belt. They also mentioned that an uneven surface would cause the belt to move and also that running stlye can affect it.

    They also explained how to tell if the belt is too tight or too loose.

    I also went into the sportsshop today to see the person I bought it from, but he wasn't in today - he is going to contact me tomorrow, so I'll see what he says.

    I havent tried the advice yet - will wait to see what the sports man says tomorrow - hopefully he'll be able to come round and check it out for me.

    I dont think I can adjust the levels, so might have to put some form of support to level it out. At the moment its in the garage on a piece of carpet.

    Will let you know what happens.

  • Sports shop phoned back - they're advice is to check that the thing it level!!

    So off to buy a spirit level tomorrow!

    They did say they could visit to adjust if necessary, which gives me some hope.
  • Update:
    My floor was about 1mm out, so am getting it levelled, just in case.

    Been in touch with Kettler who have offered to send an engineer around to check it out. Hopefully going to arrange this soon.

  • Think I've got it fixed now. I had the floor levelled but the belt still seemed to run slightly diagonal.

    Bought a cross trainer from the same sportsshop as I got the treadmill from. When they delivered the cross trainer they looked at the treadmill for me, but insisted there was nothing wrong with it.

    By now Kettler had been in touch to say an engineer would be visiting to look at my treadmill. He came on Friday.

    He immediately diagnosed the front roller was mis-aligned, and as this was not a user-adjustable part he suspects it was not done right in the factory.

    It took him about 5 minutes to fix it!

    The belt now runs completely parallel - just as it should! He said the belt might've been stretched on one side due to the front roller being out - if I still need to constantly adjust it they will change the belt under warranty.

    The guy that cam out didn't work for Kettler - he has his own company servicing gym equipment etc. He was really good - if anyone wants his number email me!
  • please see my guide for treadmill belt alignment here at:


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