Brain & Spine Foundation

I had a subarachnoid brain haemorrhage in O ctober '05 whilst on holiday in Italy. I was due to run for Children with Leukaemia but I thought I needed to run for a more personal charity.
Are there any more of you out there.


  • Nice piece in the telegraph Dave
  • Fame at last, now maybe the fortune will follow.
    Cheers rio xx
  • Maybe you will get to run with the celebraties?
  • If I can work out hoe to do it I will send you a photo of Kirsty Gallacher & I taken at the foundation meeting. As for funning with the celebrities I would sooner run with my friends like you & the guys at the gym
  • Whoops, I ment to say running. Sorry
  • I ran a couple of miles of my first marathon with Lorraine Kelly - she was lovely and was not in the least bit cheesed off that I was chatting to her (probably when she least wanted it). But I know what you mean. Friends are much nicer than celebs xx
  • you got mail, I hope?
  • great pics Dave xx
    you look very fit!
  • Hey, you dont look half bad
  • thank you xx lol
  • I got to say, I really get very board at home all day on my own with only the dog for company. My wife & kids are at work & school, there is only so much training, washing, ironing & cleaning one can do. I need something else to occupy my time?!"
  • I understand that. Do you want to come and do my housework?! I work from home so find it hard to do it all.

    You need to find a hobby! What about painting? Or do some study - something you could enjoy but doesn't need too much committment for when you get back to work.
  • What do you do for a living? Hey, I would love to come & do your chores for you but I live too far away. lol. What about Mr Rio?
  • I am a civil servant!! At the moment I am working on a project looking at our information storage and email policy!! (all rivetting stuff!)

    Mr Rio works long hours as a commercial fitter (lorry mechanic). He is good and does what he can but is out of the house 7.30am to 9.30 pm most days so cant ask any more of him than that!
  • No I guess not. I do all the house stuff just to do my bit, I cant sit on my arse all day & let my wife do it all when she comes home. It wouldnt be fair. However, I would rather be cooking & earning a living, but that will come in time.
    I will catch you later my love (ive got too hoover up before my mrs comes home @ 3pm. Dxxx
  • Ok have fun. Shame you cant cook for me too!! Sound like a perfect man!! lol xx
  • You say the sweetest things. As I said if I lived nearer...x
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