Trent Park Running Club

Being a norf londoner - This would probably be one of my nearest club - I'd like to give their upcoming 10k run a bash (31/08/02). Anyone know the course? connected with the club? Running in it?

I seem to remember there is more than one race a year, but I was too hungover to get up after my birthday the last time I saw one advertised.


  • I hope somebody replies to this question soon. I'm of the opinion that this is a mistake and it's meant to refer to the monthly 5k handicap race. The Triffic Trail 10k was held on the 24th July...and there's not usually two of them. Perhaps It'd be a good idea to look on their web site.
  • Turned up along with other runners this morning to run the 10k only to be told there was'nt one. This race has been advertised in the August edition of Runners World available at the beginning of July and again in the September version available at the beginning of August so in effect advertised for two months. The race also appears on Runners World web-site. Advised at Trent Park this morning that it was a mistake by Runners World in their race listings and it was their fault and basically tough.

    Perhaps someone from Trent Park could advise why:-

    No cancellation message was put on Runners World web-site that there was no race?

    No cancellation message was put on the answer machine of the Trent Park registration entry number?

    Of course if a race is cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances then fair enough. However when you make a round trip of 70 miles and on the face of it there has been no effort to communicate the non-running of the event which has been misadvertised for two months then it's no wonder people are pretty hacked off.
  • Erm, I actually suffered hangover and didn't go myself. Thanks for the reply colin and richard - will be running windsor which i believe is day after the next 5k - might run for a laff
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