Spatone - iron supplement


I have seen references to Spatone on some threads before, and have just been to my midwife (I'm 15 wks pregnant), who told me that if I felt tired and a bit dizzy (and who doesn't during pregnancy!), I could take Spatone.

My haemoglobin levels are OK - 12.8 (not sure where that fits in the scale as not sure how high the scale goes, but I know that 11 and below is considered a bit dodgy during pregnancy).

Of course, I didn't think to ask the midwife at the time whether I could take Spatone safely even if I didn't actually really need the iron - just to be on the safe side and to build some stores for the second half of pregnancy when apparently the requirements for iron increase dramatically.

Does anyone know whether it's OK to take it in this situation? I haven't got another midwife's appointment until 17 March now, which is a bit of a pain, as it means I can't ask her until then!

My running has decreased from a pre-pregnancy level of about 45mpw to around 10-15 now as I've been having a lot of nausea, but I'm doing lots of swimming and other stuff, but probably not enough to make a significant impact on my iron requirements.
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