One for the docs...

Very occasionally(maybe once every couple of months), my eyesight goes a bit funny during a run.- It's kind of like looking through pieces of bathroom glass or looking at the "invisible predator" effect.
Yesterday I had one major patch of it which gradually grew to the point when I couldn't see any edges and my vision returned to normal.

I assume it's something like a migraine pattern there's no pain with it, but it is a bit disorientating. I'm treating it as nothing to worry about, but Alex wanted me to check.- Any thoughts?


  • It does sound a bit like a migraine optical effect. They are not always followed by the headache, I am pleased to say.
  • am doing my dissertation on visual effects of distance running - weird things happening are fairly common due to oxygen deprivation (or so my supervisor reckons!). Yours does sound unusually extreme though.
  • Yes it is a migraine optical effect but painless.

    I get them but not whilst running. It would be a problem if you were running on a tradmill as you may become disoriented and fall off causing injury.
  • Thanks everyone.- I will go tell Alex to stop worrying about me :-)
  • The description sounds very similar to a pre-migraine "aura". I get these occasionally (2 or 3 times / year).

    Sometimes a migraine will follow, sometimes it won't. Generally it doesn't, because I've learned to recognise the symptoms and go and find somewhere quiet to lie down for an hour.
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