Help and advice needed urgently!

I have just come back from the 6 mile run I said I would do for my Thursday session. It has been the most appalling run ever. I spent most of it with legs which I swear belong to the TinMan from Wizard of Oz and not me, felt completely washed out and dehydrated despite drinking pints of water and carbo-drink this morning. For half of the run I had to do run one min, walk one min just to get home. Now I feel really washed out.

On Tuesday I ran the fastest I have ever run over 5 miles (8.5 min miles: I normally run 9.5/10). Does it sometimes take 2 days to recover fully from a hard session? What would be a good recovery session to do after a run like that?

I am also suffering from diarrhoea at the moment. Not the usual runner's trots: this effects me after I have eaten and drunk something but never whilst running. I put it down to swallowing chlorine in the swimming pool but I have noticed that it tends to be prevalent after I've eaten lots of pasta. Does anyone else suffer from anything similar and is there anyone who could suggest an explanation and remedy? I'd rather not resort to taking Immodium on a regular basis although I know other runners do.

Please help me...I'm feeling really tired and washed out at the moment.


  • First of all - WELL DONE on Tuesday's run - you must be thrilled! I'd love to be able to run 10 min miles - but am stuck at 10.34 - and then not for many! Serious congratulations!

    I guess there's loads of possible reasons for today's run, though. Yes it could be the after effects of Tuesday still - it can take 48 hours to get over a hard session - and that's with complete rest or a gentle 'recovery' session - swimming still takes effort and you need a gentle session to push the lactic acid out of your legs.

    It's also got really hot and clammy again where I live - and we've often noticed on the forum's how warmer weather slows many of us down - so that could be another reason. I nearly gave up completely about a month ago when we had a week of bad (sorry - 'good') weather - I was walking round chunks of my usual 6.5 mile run and hating every step of it.

    And getting an upset tum will knock the stuffing out of you as well ! I've got friends who don't run but who have started to feel so much better since cutting wheat out of their diet - they're eating rice instead mainly - and potatoes - they've both lost weight - look better and have far more energy. People tend to like best the food they are intolerant to - so maybe you should try a week without excess pasta / wheat and see if it makes a difference ?

    BTW :- Arrowroot (powdered or even loads of arrowroot biscuits) is a 'natural' alternative to Immodium - not as quick - but maybe worth a try ?

    One things for sure - now you've done that pace you'll be able to do it again - but don't expect to do it every time you run!
  • Thanks SS! I was really thrilled with tuesday's run. I've been running (slowly) on and off for a couple of years but this is the first time that I've done any speedwork and it really has paid dividends. I guess I assumed (stupidly) that after one day's rest I could go out and do the same again, over 6 miles! It is hot and clammy here too and I think you're right that it does make a difference.

    A week without pasta sounds like it might be a good idea....although absolute hell as I adore pasta. I'll give the rice a try instead. Arrowroot...would never have thought of that but will get some.

    Thanks a lot. And keep going with your running. 10.34 min miles is really good...substantially better than most of the population and lots of runners! I was a lot slower than that when I started running.
  • SS is absolutely right - it is often said that it's two days after a hard effort that you feel the exhaustion most, rather than the day after when your body is still "pumped" up from having done well. I've certainly found this to be the case and plan for in these days - even though it still seems odd that it works that way.

    Two things occur to me as well -

    a) did you make sure to replenish carbs and fluids and most importantly proteins after your hard session? cos failing to do so adequately can have the effect of slowing you down. I've this year discovered the virtues of a protein supplement immediately after hard runs (especially long ones) and I mean immediately (i.e. within an hour or so at most) - I take a fairly pleasant milk chocolate type one from High5 which does the job for me.

    b) the second point is did you cool-down sensibly after your hard work-out? Ten minutes gentle effort to flush the toxins out, and plenty of stretching makes all the difference to how well you're going to recover.

    I can't comment on the stomach problem cos luckily I don't seem to get it (touch wood), but I think you're very sensible in looking at alternatives to Immodium.

    Just feel good about your great work-out - I'm sure you'll be back to form in no time. Sadly, we can't always run as fast as our last best time every time we lace up our shoes, and usually it's your body's way of telling you to cut it a little slack! best. s.
  • RR

    I'm not an expert on food tolerances however if you are getting tummy trouble after eating pasta that may suggest some intolerance to that food. If it continues I would get to a dietician.
  • i have tonnes of food intolerances (dairy, beef, colourings, preservatives) and only found it out when i eventually got myself to a homeopath after i had a really bad rash all over my body. i also feel really sluggish if i eat too much of these in a day. it's a really simple test that they do to figure out what you should be avoiding so i'd reccommend it if you're interested in it.
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