Funny but irritating.

I am running in between 25 & 30 miles a week and 5 miles is enough now to make my nipples sore - I am wearing running gear and have resorted to a large blob of vaseline beneath a plaster.

If I forget, it is murder and I put fullers earth on them after but they get really sensitive.

Do they harden up and not get sore or will I have to do this everytime I run?

My wife really suffered soreness whilst breast feeding and she says "Now you have some idea what it was like for me". She even offers to rip the plasters off after hairs 'n' all - such love!

Any advice?


  • I've always had a problem with it.

    Out of interest, how did you discover about putting Fuller's Earth on them - isn't that a type of plant compost?
  • My nips were getting sore lat year when running, but have been Ok now. I think the top you wear makes a big difference.
    M&S do a View From Long sleeve thermal top that talks about silver somewhere in it for some dodgy reason. I wore that for a couple of 10 milers and my nips were just fine.

    If you can find pics of the Nike London 10k - you'll see 100's of blokes with red stripes down their t-shirts where the Nike material has really aggravated them. Ow !
  • Fullers earth is a gypsum like material beloved by the British Army etc

    I believe they also compress it to make kitty litter
  • And having that stuff smeared on your nipples is better than having sore nipples?!!!

    I always have a problem with this,especially if cold/wet/windy. If the weather is like this, then I use plasters on each nip. Technical running gear doesn't seem to make any real difference.

    Even Antonio Pinto gets this. His FLM run a couple of years ago, had him covered in blood at the finish. Wearing white, is not a good idea.
  • (Note to lurkers: no point lurking on this thread guys, in my experience only blokes complain about sore nipples. If one of the girlies so much as hints at a problem, they are immediately directed towards thereby depriving us all of a stimulating discussion.)
  • I wear either Adidas, Asics tech' shirts or Helly Hensen thermal long sleeve top. The Helly is probably the least irritating. It all began by increasing milage in cotton! I don't know why but my left gets more battered tha my right - wiered!

    When my wife was breast feeding Fullers earth cream helped the healing and ouch - I am glad that I never had to do it! I just use the same coz I reckon she knows best from experience. I am a country lad and it has always been used in our family as long as I can remember.

    Fullers earth cream is excellent stuff. Cracked skin, sore patches chapped hands etc etc.

    try it!
  • Oh noooo - cotton bad - just gets v wet and soggy. Much better off with the Helly etc...

    I do put plasters on for races - just in case.
  • I use Harry Potter Kids Plasters for my Nips on all runs however short.

    I also use liberal amounts of vasaline in the groin area to prevent chaffing.

    (Well thats the excuse anyway)
  • I used to get sore between the legs until I started putting my cycle style sorts on inside out and now the seems don't rub coz there on the outside. PS Brian - don't run in the rain - your nuts n neck bolts will rust! You could always have your nuts galvanised - that may save on the vasaline.
  • Try using BodyGlide, better & less messy than vaseline.

    Available from

    Works fine for me, although I've only found this to be a problem when venturing over half marathon distance, so perhaps I'm not that sensitive.
  • my nipples bled like a bugger on my first few runs. The number on my hockey shirt really hurt them so I resorted to plasters. When i bought a Ron Hill long-sleeved runnign top, it was so much more comfortable and i've not bled since. Still have to be careful what I wear on top of that and I may well tape up when I do my marathon just in case
  • Scotty4Scotty4 ✭✭✭
    Micropore surgical tape. £1.49 from Boots (5m x 1cm). Put a couple of cms on each nip JOB DONE!. Been using it since last summer and haven't had a nip problem since. Better than plasters, vaseline, nip guards (can't comment on BodyGlide 'cos I haven't used it....but then I don't need to anymore).
  • cns,

    for a marathon protect anything and everything. The smallest things will aggravate you.

    I wore nipguards and running short tights, but didn't put any vasline on the inside of my arms. By the time I realised how sore they were, Vaseline was only of marginal relief.
  • How right you are Stompy! I once made the mistake of wearing a vest for a marathon on a hot day and didn't think to grease inside my upper arms.I took advantage of all the showers and hose pipes I could find - result? A nasty 3inch sore on both arms! Now I use Bodyglide on any parts that might chafe.
  • I find a sports bra prevents any such problem!

    (Sorry, couldn't resist :-D)
  • er i can recall getting very sore in wales after a very hot day then then the very chilly wind later! Ive done elastoplast on them in the past!
  • My Bodyglide arrived in the post today.

    I'm looking forward to wearing shorts for long runs, so I hope it's as good as it's made out to be.
  • Boing - For Paul
  • Agree with everyone who commented on the shirts - even technicalones vary - I personally find the Nike ones I've tried to be quite abrasive, Helly Hansen to be fine and Concurve to be best of all.
  • technicalones = technical ones, sorry
  • Hey Scotty! Tried the micropore today. Sick of spending a fortune on nip-guards that may or may not fall off.

    It worked a treat! Good call fella!
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