Painful Arch

Hi can anyone shed any light, on Sat I went for a 12 mile run, the first half was mainly down hill the second half was mainly uphill "strange that", on the way out my right foot felt uncomfortable in my trainers I could not seam to get the laces and tounge sitting comfortably over where my anckle bends on the front of my foot, after about 8 miles I began to feel a pain in the top of my arch so Islowed down and made my way home, I rested sunday and tried a short run on monday and still have the pain, any ideas ?


  • Is it a sort of stabbing pain, like being stabbed with a sharp, pointy knife in the arch of your foot? I get that and it reallly hurts, aside from my other foot problems (ingrowing toenails etc.) it is probably the worst one. Seeing a Chiropodist on monday so i'll report back if its anything serious...

    Rohan :(''
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