Standish Hall Winter Trail Race

Well, I've got the worst of the mud off my legs from the weekend's race in stockport, and looking ahead to the next muddy, hilly (and therefore great fun) offering.

Who else is coming out to play?

This is a great race, really enjoyed it last year and looking to knock a good few minutes off my time. If you like hills and mud, this is the one for you.


  • yep i'l be there
  • Me,I'll be there....just fits in nicely with my training programme and it's localish.
  • any time targets?

    I did 61 last year (my first 10K) and aiming for maybe 55/56 (PB is 49)
  • What shoes? studs or road shoes.
  • Loki -- nope sorry. Got a half marathon next weekend..!
  • hi ya,

    Can anybody tell me the best way to go to the starting point from the Wigan Wallgate train station? Coz i have no idea where it is.. THanks alot ! ^_^
  • blimey,that was hard.I was hoping for sub 50 but that was before I'd seen the course, think I did 54 mins in the end.

    Shoes? I think stilts would have been a better bet, haven't seen that much mud since the Tough Guy.
  • dbh - snap, even though I'd done it before I had this mad idea I'd get close to my PB, that went out the window at the top of the first climb. Tactics were to cane it on the downhills and tailgate, trying to keep something like 170 bpm on the uphills. Worked quite well until I got a stitch just before the dogleg on the second long downhill and that cost me some time when I was planning to really go for it and try to hang on up to the finish.

    Still pretty pleased overall with 56 mins, five minutes quicker than last time, and didn't feel too knackered at the end. I was passing people for most of the second half of the race, made it all the way up the long climb without walking (which I couldn't do last year - hill training paying off again) and finished ahead of quite a lot of club vests (again better than last year).

    Will be back next time and going for low 50s in earnest. Cheers to the phoenix folk for another cracking race.
  • I thought the worst bit was the field.The inclines in the wood softened you up then you had The Somme to navigate, with a nice big hill at the end of it.....TWICE!!

    Couldn't believe when they sent us back for a second lap.In fact,my bottom lip quivered.

    Judging by some of the other runner's times I reckon you can put 10% on to your road 10k time for that course.
  • yeah, the field was great fun, trying not to get stuck in one of the huge holes (what sort of rabbits do they have in wigan?).

    I'd say more than 10%, definitely for me - I did 49 on an undulating road course in December.

    I lost a huge chunk of the climb in the wood in my mental map on the second lap, was gutted when I turned the corner, thinking I only had the field to cope with and realised there was still the steep bit with the switchback at the top and the climb up to the steps. all them trees look the same.
  • DBH & Loki You can definitely take much more than 10% off for comparison with a road 10k - for starters I reckon the approx 10k for this one is some way short of the mark & as you all pbserve, the Somme was interesting to say the least.

    And Loki - in Wigan we have big, pie-eating rabbits of course!
  • More than 10%? There'll now be a spring in my step for my sunday run, despite the sore legs.

    I notice the turn out for this one was way up on last year's.The results are now online at
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