Running shops - Northern Ireland

Does anyone know of any specialist running shops in Northern Ireland? I started running a couple of months ago and I have two pairs of trainers - when I wear one pair I get a sore left calf and when I wear the other I get a sore right foot! Everything I've read stresses the importance of getting proper footwear so I'd like to be able to go somewhere that they will give me some decent advice.



  • Looks perfect - will give them a try. Thanks!
  • There are a number of running shops in northern ireland, more specifically belfast. There's a shop called up and running which allow you to try on as many different shoes as you wish and even allow you to run in them to see how the fit/feel. There's also vi-sport and athletic stores. All will give you good advice and are central in town, except vi-sport which is in east belfast
  • Thanks fuzzybear. My friend and I are thinking of giving Up and Running a try next weekend.
  • Could also try David Gotto on Stanmillis Rd, Belfast.
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