Exam results

Well she got the minimum she needed to stay on at 6th form for her A-levels.

I dont know where she gets her love of sport tho! She's going to be doing PE, after getting a B in GCSE. She's always been good at sport, so I didnt tell her I was going to start running...she'd just laugh!

As for running with a cap on.. sounds a good suggestion! V-rap advised not running past the kids school in skimpy top and shorts...

Remember the new job I mentioned? Well Im going to be teaching Maths at their school! And seeing as we live near the school... the cap seems a good idea in the hope the kids I will be teaching dont recognise me!

Roll on tomorrow and my first run/walk. Just need to decide whether to make it morning or evening!



  • Let me be among the first to congratulate her, Sue. And what a good choice of subject. PE in schools is long overdue a higher profile and it will probably get it over the next few years as the reality of the childhood obesity problem starts to bite.

    A maths teacher - yes, I'll give that VERY high stress points - in fact, teaching in secondary school comes well up on my list of "jobs I'd prefer to leave to other people" (although I have a sister who teaches physics in a less than salubrious school and thinks it's the best job in the world). Which part of the country are you in?

    Look forward to an update after you've pounded the pavements tomorrow.

    Cheers, V-rap.
  • Sue, that's excellent news about the exam results. Now all we need is some excellent news from you about your run! Hope it goes well.

  • Sue I bet if you asked your daughter to go out running with you she would do so with pride.
  • It's a lovely day Sue (Well it is here) Time to start loving that hill! Good luck anyway.
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