Music to Fartlek By

Now, I'm not new to running (ran for Hampshire schools at 13), but I am new to this whole training and science behind it. Been doing a little bit of reading into fartlek training and actually realised I do this inadvertently already to my music!

My music is divided into slow, pace and run ya t&ts off!!

Thought I'd post a thread to see what music you like best for each pace. Some of my examples are:

Slow: 'I want to break free' by Queen

Pace: 'Sunday Girl' Blondie

Fast: 'Karma Killer' Robbie

I have a varied taste in music and there is also the classical version of the above but was interested to see what archives you guys have dug up to run with!!


  • My run to work (slow/recovery) this morning was to Tubular Bells.

    My run home tonight (intervals) will be to Kaiser Chiefs.
  • Easy running to Audioslave, Him, Creed.

    "dig deep" music - Dio.

    I haven't tried any others yet but its interesting to see what other people like to run to.
  • Kaiser Chiefs are always good for a bit a pace work.

    Although, I am really into 80s pop at the moment whilst on the run, for some reason it seems to work. A selection of my playlist from last nights speed reps:

    Kraftwerk (the model), Flock of Seagulls (wishing), Specials (ghost town), Blondie (call me), Men at Work (down under).

    I have only had my iPod for a short while but am seriously loving it. It certainly can help when trying to push those last reps.
  • Ghost town!!! love that one moo kid, 2nd to the lunatics are taking over the asylum!

    When i've had a barny with the old man and go out for a destressing scamper, I like:

    Shut up - Black eyed peas
    Leave right now - Will Young

    and wait for it....

    My Life - Billy Joel!! (can't believe I admitted that!)
  • For any kind of speed work:

    Johnny B Goode - (original or the Brian Setzer cover)

    Teenage Kicks - Undertones

    Respect - Aretha the Godess

    Ace of Spades - Motorhead

    Cash Machine - Hard Fi

    Mr Cab Driver - Lenny Kravitz

    My iPod has a playlist called ruinning which has about 170 songs on it but I better stop there...!
  • i've got an old Nine Inch Nails album which is great for fartlek - fast & slow bits mixed in.
  • Few up-tempo songs for fartlek/pace ...

    Dandy Warhols - Bohemian Like You
    Aerosith - Janie's Got a Gun
    Guns & Roses - Ain't it Fun
    Counting Crows - Mr. Jones
    Greenday - Boulevard of Broken Dreams
    Judas Priest - Breaking the Law

  • Celebrity Skin - Hole

    Just a Day - Feeder

    Run to the hill - Iron Maiden

    All My Life - Foo Fighters

    All great for the hard bits
  • For fartlek, you need 'Gangsters' by the Specials, good change of pace!

    There's always 'Take Five' (Dave Brubeck) but you have to remember to hop every fifth step.

    For warm-ups - Zorba the Greek - starts nice and slow, then slowly winds up...
  • Personally I've got Bob Marley for the slow runs, Foo Fighters for the normal pace and Metallica when I'm putting my foot down.

    I've just started running with music having not tried before and I'm finding it a great distraction. It is definitely improving my training. Do you guys also use an MP3 during races or do you like to be able to hear everyone else/ the atmosphere etc. Reason for asking is that I have a half marathon in 2 weeks and am toying with the idea of keeping the MP3 on for that.
  • sod listening to the wheezing of other contestants get the metallica pumping and overtake em!

    I have some music by Bond (a string quartet that has been popped up a bit) which is based on Zorba the Greek and its really cool.

    McFly's latest album is pretty mixed with slow and fast bits too.

    'Don't stop me now' by the Queen though gives one shin splints *warning*

  • One to start off slow but determinately and to exhume mental toughness, gently building up the pace to be followed by an all out sprint followed before you know it with a thoroughly cathartic recovery - all in about 4 minutes:

    Suicide is Painless by the Manic Street Preachers.

    Had this on whilst I was elliptical training last week. Was never so consumed by a song whilst exercising in all my years. Highly recommended!!
  • Anything with a decent tempo - so not anything with Simon and Garfunkel in it (as I discovered last week)!

    Anything from System of a Down and yes, Iron Maiden. I need to dig out 'The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner' (Iron Maiden also) as it sounds appropriate for the task.

    DG's Nine Inch Nails is good, and anything from The Prodigy is good for me also! It stops you from hearing the chanting scrotes as you go by!
  • Completely agree FL! I always turn the volume to max when going passed building sites!!!

    Shall dig out my manics cd Go, haven't listened to them in ages. Always good to change you're music around a bit I think.

    I actually listened to Rocking All over the World by the Quo whilst running today. Made me smile : )

    And I like it I like it I like it I like it .....
  • Can't beat 'Lovers on the sun' on repea, great sprint fartlek

  • NayanNayan ✭✭✭

    Grunge is quite good for this, given its characterisic loud-quiet-loud dynamic.

    Pixies (Doolittle), The Breeders (The Last Splash) and anything by Nirvana of course.

    For particular tracks for each pace these are on my playlist at the moment, 

    Easy: Phoenix - You Can Blame it on Anybody;  Lauryn Hill - Ex Factor, Oasis - Live Forever 

    tempo: Foo Fighters - Everlong; Snoop Dogg - The Next Episode

    Hard: Rudimental - Waiting All Night; Sigma - Nobody To Love 

    I do however use an app that speeds up/slows down tracks to hit some target beats-per-minute that you preselect.


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