St Georges Day Langdale 10K

Anyone up for this again? did it last year and have to admit it's my favourite 10k sent my entry off this morning. They have a decent website aswell (biased cos my photo's on there a couple of times!)hope the weather is as good as last year as it made the scenery even more stunning.


  • Sadly I'll be doing some minor road race in London that day - but you're right, it's a great race, and I'll be there for my pudding in December!
  • Clashes with the new Hawkshead Trail Race so I can't make it. It's a great race though for anyone thinking about it.
  • I'll be there!!!

    Did the Xmas Pud last Dec and loved it so cant wait to get back.

    Is it the same route as the Xmas Pud?
  • Clashes with the Hawkshead Trail Race? I'm coming to Cumbria for the Hawkshead race and am planning to do this 10K the next day too!

    Will I need to get my entry in soon? Does the 10K fill up before the day?

    Yes, two races in one weekend is pushing it, but they're both in the Lake District and I'd much rather be there than in London...the scenery is so much better.
  • Yes the hawkshead is on the Saturday and I was planning to do that, then the Sunday to motivate Brother in Law who needs a race to focus on, Wondered if anyone else doing both!
  • Phil - I ran the Xmas pud 10k which is the same route, and that filled up way before the closing date so I'd get your entry in soon. The scenery is great and hopefully it won't be snowing in April (my hair froze in December!)
  • Right, I've got my race number through - looks like no going back on my two-races plan! Actually, was in Cumbria the past weekend, went running over Hampsfell nr Greange over Sands...but in deep snow and that was both cold and hard work. I'm sure the weather will be booked for us for this one though....
  • I will be doing both races, sat and sun so you wont be the only mad one out that weekend headsgone!
  • SV, not sure if im doing Sunday or not, have had a couple of weeks out with injury and brother in law not ready yet, will see how it goes, can you enter on the day?

    PS have you seen the hawkshead thread, very entertaining
  • Headsgone - dont think you can enter on day, Postal closing date is Saturday 1 April, so theres till time if your wanting to run. Hope you got your entry for the Sat Hawkshead though, think its full now!?
    Will have a look at the hawkshead thread, not been on it yet (I hope its not all tales of how evil the course is going to be!)
    Hope you are over your injury soon!!!
  • SV - please drop into the Hawkshead thread. I can assure you that the only recent discussion regarding the route is a debate about the wisdom of siting a drinks station OUTSIDE the pub at half way.

    I'm a wimp and therefore unable to do both the Hawkshead Trail race and the Langdale 10k. I am sure, however, that this will be a great day out and hope everybody enjoys themselves. If you do, please consider the Langdale half or full marathon at the end of September - now there is a route that could be described as evil! ;)
  • CumbriAndy - I appreciate your endeavour to cause me even more pain then I am currently able to inflicting on myself hahaha... but will have to hang back with your race suggestions as I am entered to run the Edinburgh Marathon in June (and therefore I am consequently unsure of how my mental and physical condition will fair after such a run - I could be emotionally scared for life)!

    However, I am always up for a challenge and if I manage the 26.2 I will be looking into both options of either the Langdale half or full marathon at the end of September (most likely the half).

    Will definitely be looking in on the Hawkshead thread as I read the word 'PUB' but for now - many thanks for thinking of suggesting the Langdale half/full marathon!

    I must be crazy!!!!!!! :-P
  • Spoke with Rod Berry.. there are still plenty of places left. This is a super event, along one of the most beautiful valleys in England (Rod says it is the best valley!)and well worth an entry. Free car parking, a lovely atmosphere, good organisation and comment from Rod and usually the Spring race has a good t-shirt. Pub at the finish! Go on, have a go!
    Entry forms at or
  • Well, could be an 'interesting' weekend, I'm due to do both races but due to an old injury to my right leg haven't run for over 2 weeks! Methinks I'll be using an old remedy of analgesic cream, massage and perhaps painkillers by the Sunday. Oh, and the bottle of beer from Hawkshead may just help numb the discomfort too.

    Hope everyone else is fit and raring to go....
  • definitely raring, not too fit, haven't done much in the way of training recently, last run I did was the Burnley 10k nearly 2 weeks back, so at least I'll be well rested!! hopefully the weather will be fine as the missus and kids are coming up with me.
  • Have put an entry list on my site - this will become the results page tomorrow after I get back home from the race (can't get a mobile signal at the Stickle Barn)

    Whilst it's a no EOD policy, we will try to accommodate anyone who actually travels to run BUT I understand from Rod that such entries may be strictly limited (he only has a certain quantity of numbers!). So FCFS!
  • Great weather, great scenery, great race - congratulations to the organisers and everyone who chose to run. Impossible not to enjoy the experience, can't wait till next year. Shame about the maniac tractor driver who seemed hell bent on taking out a few runners.
  • Really enjoyed the whole day - thanks to everyone involved!!

    I finally managed to break the 50 min mark coming in at 49mins 55 secs (by my watch) so Im a happy bunny today and thanks to John once again for a brilliant results service!
  • Agree with all the above esp the tractor driver, figured he didn't like visitors much.

    PT looking at your photo I was a couple of seconds in front of you wearing a Cleethorpes vest. I remember your vest 'cos it's unusual.
  • Glad you recognised the vest and not the look of pain!! Hopefully you'll see more of our vests next year. I'm trying to get the race included as one of our club away trips. See you next April maybe, and I'll try to make up those couple of seconds!!
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